What Happened to Monster Hydro? The Full Story!

Finding a bottle of an exciting drink with a distinct taste punctuating your routines is always satisfying. 

Monster Hydro, a brand of  Monster Energy drinks, is one such drink that offers such a level of convenience.

It is one of the few good drinks that is effective at hydration. While this may be true, the non-caffeinated drink has recently attracted more questions than praise.

With the conspicuous changes in the Monster Hydro, you might ask, “What happened to the Monster Hydro?”

The Monster Hydro resurfaced in a size smaller than what we knew but at the same price. It now tastes slightly different, probably due to its increased sodium content. In addition, consumers are now finding it difficult to find this sports drink in the market. 

This article highlights what happened to Monster Hydro and the release date for all Monster Hydro flavors. 

It also explores the difference between Monster and Monster Hydro, Monster Hydro’s pros and cons, and more about the drink.

What Happened To The Monster Hydro?

What Happened To The Monster Hydro

Monster Hydro resurfaced in unimaginably smaller 20 oz bottle sizes and is less tasty than what we remember in the usual 24.5oz bottle sizes.

Now, one would expect the changes to be due to a recall. But no, Monster Hydro was not on the use of recalled Monster Energy drinks.

It doesn’t have excessive propylene glycol content.

Also, Canada’s Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) reported that Monster Energy Canada Ltd. recalled its drinks due to suspected glass fragments contamination. 

However, Monster Hydro was still not part of the recalled drinks. Yet, Monster Hydro is now like sunshine behind a cloud, becoming difficult to find. 

Traditionally, when a company discontinues its drink, a publication addresses the need for the discontinuity. 

But up to this moment, no such publication from Monster Energy Company regarding Monster Hydro exists.

Although you can find it on Amazon, there is no adequate reason for the drink shortage at convenience stores.

Considering that Monster Hydro is neither discontinued nor recalled, it’s best to say the drink is in short supply.

When Did Monster Hydro Come Out?

Monster Energy Company launched the Monster Hydro line of energy drinks in 2017. This product range targeted a specific group of consumers. 

It targets consumers seeking energy-boosting drinks without the carbonation common in typical energy beverages.

The company introduced Monster Hydro in response to changing consumer preferences.

These consumers sought a more refreshing and hydrating alternative to carbonated options.

Monster Hydro comes in various flavors, each offering a blend of caffeine, electrolytes, and B vitamins to provide energy and hydration.

The flavors typically include options such as “Mean Green,” “Manic Melon,” “Tropical Thunder,” and “Blue Ice,” among others.

Here’s a more detailed review.

#1. Mean Green

Monster Energy introduced Mean Green as part of their Monster Hydro line. The exact launch date might vary by region, but it was generally available in 2017. 

This flavor offers a blend of kiwi, Apple, and cucumber, providing a refreshing and slightly tangy taste.

#2. Manic Melon

Manic Melon is another variant from Monster Hydro that came out around the same time as Mean Green, likely in 2017. 

It combines the flavors of watermelon and honey, aiming to deliver a sweet and fruity profile.

#3. Tropical Thunder

Monster Energy launched Tropical Thunder about the same time as Mean Green and Manic Melon, approximately in 2017. 

It offers a mixture of tropical fruit flavors to provide a more exotic and refreshing taste experience. 

#4. Blue Ice

They describe Blue Ice as having a blue raspberry flavor with a hint of citrus.

It is one of the more recent flavors in the Monster Hydro lineup, with an introduction date possibly around 2019-2020.

Monster Hydro’s non-carbonation aimed to cater to consumers seeking a less fizzy alternative while still benefiting from the energy-boosting effects of caffeine.

Was Monster Hydro Recalled?

Monster Energy Ltd. did not recall Monster Hydro. Until now, there’s no reliable information communicating the recall of Monster Hydro.

Nonetheless, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland recalled four different varieties of Monster Energy beverages from the market

The recall was due to their excessive propylene glycol content.

The recall still did not include Monster Hydro. Instead, the recall affected Ripper Juice Monster Energy and Lewis Hamilton Monster Energy. 

Others included Espresso Monster Vanilla Triple Shot and Espresso Monster Salted Caramel Triple Shot.

Nevertheless, the affected beverages should not induce any adverse consequences.

In a similar view, in 2019, Monster Energy Canada Ltd, a division of the corporation., began recalling an unspecified quantity of its energy drink. 

The recall was due to possible glass fragment contamination. The CFIA reported that the company initiated the recall.

However, no government has yet to provide any additional details regarding the situation or the method for determining the potential issue.

While this may be true, only “Caffé Monster,” the salted caramel energy drink, had a link to the issue, not Monster Hydro.

Is There A Shortage Of Monster Energy?

Monster Energy products are in short supply due to difficulties acquiring aluminum cans and certain ingredients.

This situation had an impact on the company’s ability to meet demand in North America and Europe.

This shortage is likely a result of supply chain challenges and production delays affecting various aspects of the company’s operations.

Due to port problems and expensive shipping, Monster shifted to getting more aluminum cans from local markets to make energy drinks.

But because many people wanted the drinks, it was hard to control costs. Last quarter, they chose to pay more to import cans rather than have empty store shelves.

What Is The Difference Between Monster And Monster Hydro?

Monster and Monster Hydro are beverage brands offering different types of drinks.

Monster is known for its energy drinks, which are often carbonated and contain caffeine, vitamins, and other energy-enhancing ingredients. 

On the other hand, Monster Hydro comprises a range of beverages with subtle flavors devoid of carbonation.

By design, they provide hydration with added electrolytes.

While both brands are part of the Monster Energy Company, their products cater to different preferences and purposes.

Monster is for energy enhancement, while Monster Hydro helps with hydration and electrolytes.

Here’s a more detailed review:

#1. Monster

Monster is a popular brand of energy drinks under the Monster Beverage Corporation.

Introduced in 2002, Monster has become one of the leading energy drink brands globally. 

Monster Energy is known for its distinctive logo, vibrant packaging, and wide range of flavors catering to various tastes.

#1. Ingredients and Composition

What formulates Monster Energy drinks are typically a combination of nutritious ingredients. 

They include caffeine, taurine, vitamins, sugars or artificial sweeteners, amino acids, and herbal extracts. 

The caffeine content is notably higher than that found in regular beverages.

This ingredient is one of the key factors contributing to the energizing effect of the drink.

The composition aims to provide a quick burst of energy and alertness, making it a popular choice among individuals seeking a temporary boost.

#2. Flavors and Varieties

One of the defining features of Monster Energy is its diverse range of flavors and formulations. 

The brand offers many options, including Original, Ultra Sunrise, and Ultra Black flavors. It offers more adventurous options like Pipeline Punch and Mango Loco. 

This variety caters to different preferences and allows consumers to choose based on their tastes, preferences, and energy needs.

#3. Marketing and Branding

Consumers know Monster Energy for its edgy, dynamic, and bold branding.

The brand often collaborates with extreme sports, music festivals, and other youth-oriented events. 

The marketing strategy leverages the brand’s association with an active and adventurous lifestyle. 

The distinctive logo and packaging contribute to its recognizable presence on shelves and at events.

#4. Usage and Effects

Consumers typically use Monster Energy drinks to combat fatigue and increase alertness.

They also help to enhance physical and mental performance, especially during demanding situations. 

The caffeine and other ingredients in these drinks provide an energy boost and temporary relief from feelings of tiredness. 

Nevertheless, it’s worth highlighting that too much consumption can result in adverse effects like restlessness, elevated heart rate, and sleep disturbances.

#2. Monster Hydro

Monster Hydro is a line of beverages produced by the same company as Monster Energy, Monster Beverage Corporation.

Launched in 2017, Monster Hydro was designed to be a hydrating energy drink.

It offers a different experience from traditional carbonated energy drinks like Monster Energy.

#1. Ingredients and Composition

One of the key differences between Monster Hydro and Monster Energy is the composition.

Monster Hydro’s formulation makes it a better hydrating option, often incorporating electrolytes to help maintain the body’s fluid balance. 

It still contains caffeine and some energy-boosting components, but the focus is on delivering hydration in addition to energy. 

The non-carbonation of Monster Hydro also contributes to a smoother, less fizzy experience compared to traditional energy drinks.

#2. Hydration and Refreshment

The primary distinction that sets Monster Hydro apart is its emphasis on hydration.

Electrolytes in some varieties help replenish essential minerals lost through sweating.

It is a potentially appealing choice for individuals who engage in physical activities or need to rehydrate after exertion.

#3. Flavors and Varieties

Just like Monster Energy, Monster Hydro offers various flavors that cater to various tastes.

Some popular flavors include Tropical Thunder, Mean Green, and Manic Melon. The flavors are refreshing and enjoyable.

Plus, the energy-boosting elements offer a more subtle and refreshing taste profile.

#4. Marketing and Branding

Monster Hydro is still associated with an active lifestyle.

However, its branding and marketing approach often emphasize the balance between energy and hydration. 

The packaging design reflects the idea. It showcases the product’s focus on providing refreshment and electrolyte replenishment alongside the energizing effects.

#5. Usage and Effects

Monster Hydro is typically for individuals who seek a combination of energy and hydration. 

Athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and those who engage in physical activities that lead to dehydration often go for it. 

The drink’s effects may provide an energy lift while helping to rehydrate the body.

Hence, it’s a versatile option for those who want to stay energized without the intense carbonation of traditional energy drinks.

The table below conveys the pros and cons of Monster Hydro drinks.

Hydration with an energy boostHigh caffeine content
Variety of FlavorsHigh sugar content
ElectrolytesPresence of artificial ingredients
CaffeineCaloric intake
Convenient packagingEnergy imbalance

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