Does Ooni Come With Peel? (Explained) 2022

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:11 pm

Inventors have created many Ooni pizza ovens that assist homeowners and chefs in baking pizza outdoors.

However, to enable the smooth flipping and baking of a mouthwatering pizza, you need to make excellent use of a pizza peel. On that note, does Ooni come with the peel?

Ooni does not come with peel. Nevertheless, you need to purchase a pizza peel to bake your pizza in the oven. Subsequently, you can settle for other types of equipment to bake your pizza easily and quickly to avoid burns and produce amazing results. This equipment includes a cutting board, parchment paper, and a rimless cookie sheet.

Does Ooni Fyra Come with Peel?

Ooni Fyra is one of the best and most affordable Ooni pizza ovens; its exceptional features.

Unfortunately, this fantastic pizza oven does not come with a peel. Therefore, you need to purchase a pizza peel if you intend to use your Ooni Fyra pizza oven.

Preferably, pizza peels that come with wooden handles are the best as they enable you to maintain your pizza’s consistency and flavor.

Admittedly, the Ooni Fyra pizza oven produces outstanding results and can bake approximately thirteen pizzas and more.

Ooni ovens get very hot, it preheats up to 500°C(932F) in twenty minutes, and it maintains the internal heat for a long time. Due to this fact, your pizza will bake faster and easier.

For instance, you can bake your pizza entirely for two minutes, and you’ll get that aromatic fragrance and luscious flavor.

The oven’s temperature is often easy to control, and you can utilize it to produce the best texture of your pizza.

Unlike most models of Ooni pizza oven, Ooni Fyra manages wood pellets economically, thereby reducing the massive loss of heat and energy.

Additionally, a strong steel shell with thick ceramic fiber insulation makes up Ooni Fyra; therefore, it can combat harsh conditions.

It is very portable and weighs about 10kgs. Plus, it is straightforward to clean and maintain, and its durability is simply remarkable.

Your Ooni Fyra pizza oven is suitable for any outdoor event. So, for example, you can bake delicious pizzas for your guests at a bit of get-together in your garden.

Surprisingly, your Ooni Fyra pizza oven is not only limited to pizza; you can bake and roast different kinds of food.

Excellent examples of these foods include vegetables, fish, steaks, flatbreads, and many more.

Does Ooni Karu Come with Peel?

Ooni Karu is also one of the best creations of Ooni pizza ovens as it possesses unique features that are similar to Ooni Fyra. Sadly, just like the Ooni Fyra, Ooni Karu does not come with a peel.

You cannot overemphasize the importance of a pizza peel as it plays a crucial role in the baking and outcome of your pizza.

Most models of Ooni pizza ovens come without a pizza peel, and you must purchase them for proper use of your oven.

Alternatively, you can get a cutting board or a serving platter to substitute your pizza peel. Your Ooni Karu can heat up to about 500°C(932F) in twenty minutes.

And this temperature is retained for a long time in the oven. So you can bake about ten pizzas and more, and you will get the same texture and taste.

Due to its ability to retain heat, it bakes pizzas faster and easier than a standard oven. It takes roughly three minutes to bake thoroughly in the Ooni Karu pizza oven.

Although Ooni Karu is not as fast as Ooni Fyra, it still yields tasty and crunchy pizzas. Interestingly, you can fuel Ooni Karu using, wood, charcoal, and gas.

It minimizes the loss of heat and energy and maximizes the production of delicious pizzas. Your Ooni Karu is slightly heavy and weighs about 12kgs – 28kgs; additionally, you can maintain it for a long time.

It is composed of a stainless steel shell with ceramic solid fiber insulation. This means that it is highly capable of thwarting any harsh conditions.

Well, you can use the Ooni Karu pizza oven in your restaurant, garden, and outdoor parties.

Furthermore, you can also bake, grill, and roast other foods in your Ooni Karu pizza oven. For instance, you can grill your fish, bake flatbreads and barbecue your steaks.

Does Ooni Koda Come with a Peel?

ooni koda

Ooni Koda is another model of Ooni pizza oven, and it is more expensive than Ooni Fyra.

In addition, Ooni Koda does not come with a peel, so you have to purchase it along with your Ooni Koda pizza oven. Subsequently, you can buy a wooden spatula or a serving platter.

Although your Ooni Koda has some similarities to Ooni Fyra and Ooni Karu, it still has impressive features that make it stand out among other ovens.

First, it heats up to about 500°C(932F), and the heat keeps on for some time. After that, it is extremely fast and can bake pizza for about 60 seconds, and this happens when you preheat the oven.

The heat control dial can easily regulate its temperature, and you can bake your pizza to your taste. Notably, the Ooni Koda pizza oven runs mainly by gas, which increases the oven’s baking speed.

It also saves up a lot of heat and energy that pushes the process of baking your pizzas. Ooni Koda is the lightest model of Ooni pizza ovens, as it weighs about 9kgs to 18kgs depending on the model.

It is very portable, and you can maintain them effortlessly. Its interior comprises fiber insulation that retains the heat of the oven.

In addition, it is durable and can resist any unpleasant condition. Notwithstanding, you can use your Ooni Koda pizza oven for a picnic and outdoor garden.

Plus, you can roast fresh veggies, steaks, fish, and many more.

What else is in the ooni pizza oven box?

Ooni pizza oven box comes with various components that assemble to form the pizza oven.

Apart from the pizza oven, other components make up the Ooni pizza oven box, including the propane tank and the oven door.

Other components encompass the gas regulator and hose, cordierite baking stone, fuel tray, fuel keeper, and a detachable two-part stainless steel chimney.

All these components mentioned above serve different purposes for the complete baking of your pizzas.

When you purchase your Ooni pizza oven, the box containing your oven usually harbors the manual that guides you through setting it up.

If you discover that one of the components is missing, it is best to return it to avoid complications.

With that said, it is best to settle for quality Ooni pizza ovens that can withstand any condition.

Additionally, it must be durable, and it must regulate the temperature of your oven. And it has to carry out all its functions.


Many models of Ooni pizza oven do not come with a peel. Nonetheless, you can easily purchase one in any available store as it is crucial in baking your pizzas.

In addition, many components such as the oven door, propane tank occupy your Ooni pizza oven box. These are vital in setting up your pizza oven.


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