These 4 Monster Drinks Are Discontinued!

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Monster Energy is one of the top energy drinks people turn to for their daily caffeine fix.

They have a diversity of incredible flavors you can pick from and contain other essential nutrients the body needs. 

But sometimes, you don’t see the flavor you want to buy, leaving you wondering if some monster drinks are no longer on the market.

The monster company discontinued the production of all monster energy drinks that contain too much propylene glycol. Propylene glycol is an artificial food additive in the same chemical category as alcohol.

List of Discontinued Monster Energy Drinks

Which Monster Drinks Are Discontinued

Food Safety of Authority(FSAI) revoked four monster energy drinks as a result of their high levels of additives.

These drinks include;

  • 500ml, Ripper juiced monster energy and juice
  • 500ml, Lewis Hamilton monster drink
  • 250ml, Espresso monster vanilla, and Triple shot espresso 
  • 250ml, Espresso monster salted caramel triple shot 

The company revoked all the batches of these four monster drinks. Even though these drinks will not cause fatal consequences, FSAI still advises the public to return all the sets they purchase to the store.

Is Monster Being Discontinued?

The discontinued monster energy drinks are just four flavors. The monster drink is a popular non-alcoholic drink containing caffeine with a sweet taste.

Each can of monster energy drink contains 220 calories, 0.005 oz (160 mg) of caffeine which is about two cups of coffee, and about 1.90 oz of sugar (that is equal to 13 tablespoons). 

Other lists of monster drinks that are available at any store for consumption:

  • Zero- sugar ultra Gold
  • Loca Moca java monster
  • Original green monster energy
  • Khaotic juice monster
  • Farmers oat java monster
  • Monster energy import
  • Green tea monster dragon iced tea
  • Purple passion monster hydro
  • The original low-carb monster energy
  • Watermelon monster hydro
  • Zero-sugar ultra rosa
  • Irish blend java monster
  • Papillon juice monster
  • Killer kiwi monster hydro
  • Chocolate muscle monster shake
  • Zero sugar ultra blue
  • Mango magic monster MAXX
  • Triple shot French vanilla java monster
  • Zero ultra monster energy
  • Peach tea monster rehab
  • The original zero-sugar monster energy
  • Zero sugar monster hydro
  • Raspberry tea monster rehab
  • Zero-sugar Ultra black
  • Irish blend java monster
  • Zero+sugar ultraviolet
  • Tea and lemonade monster rehab
  • Zero-sugar ultra fiesta
  • Pacific punch juice monster
  • Zero-sugar ultra watermelon
  • Ginger brew ultra mule
  • Swiss chocolate java monster
  • Monster energy assault
  • Zero-sugar ultra paradise 
  • Pipeline punch juice monster

Monster Energy offers different health benefits and also has its disadvantages when taken excessively.

Benefits of Monster Drinks Disadvantages of Monster Drinks
Monster energy enhances mental performance. When you take this drink, it affects your mood in a positive way which will improve the way you perform.Consuming excessive monster drinks causes a sudden change in your mood, affecting your behavior.
Regular and low-calorie monster drinks contain four Vitamin B (B-2, B-3, B-6, and B-12). Your body needs these vitamins to maintain good well-being. Too many of these drinks can cause irritation, vomiting, and heart attack, sometimes leading to death.
Athletes love this drink because it boosts their energy to perform wellHigh sugar content in the monster drink can cause diabetes, one of the most dangerous and common illnesses, and lead to weight gain. It can also lead to caffeine overdose.
Monster drinks help you stay awake when you want to work all night.Excess consumption can make you addicted to the drink; your body will become used to it and cannot perform well without it.

Why Is Monster Being Discontinued?

The discontinued monster energy drinks are because they contain an increased level of food additives called propylene glycol. 

Propylene glycol is a syrup-like liquid with a colorless, odorless appearance that is slightly thicker than water and does not have any taste.

It is mainly used as an additive in refined drinks and foods because it disintegrates substances better and faster than water and has a better capability of preserving moisture. 

Many companies use Propylene glycol as an antifreeze agent because of its low melting point.

As a result, it is very safe for consumption when taken in a moderate quantity in food.

Monster produces different flavors of energy drinks with different tastes.

Some have a sweet taste, and some don’t taste nice, depending on how you like your energy drink.

These are the best monster drinks with a delightful taste:

#1. Monster Original 

Monster’s original drink has a simple and delicious taste with no awful aftertaste. This energy drink contains 160 mg of caffeine, which is every monster lover’s favorite.

This caffeine content will enhance your energy output and improve your work performance.

#2. Monster Pipeline Punch

Pipeline Punch combines an assortment of fresh fruits that gives it an excellent taste. This taste is a mixture of guava, orange, and passion fruit.

#3. Mango Loco

A diverse range of people appreciates the mango Loco cocktail. It contains other fruits like guava and pineapple aside from mango to enrich the taste. Taking this beverage is like drinking a can of tastiness.

#4. Peach Tea

This flavor of monster energy drink contains a refreshing mix of brewed peach tea. It has a refreshing taste with an equilibrium of tartness and sweetness.

#5. Ultra-Red

This monster energy blend gives a tangy flavor that will soothe your thirst and refresh you.

This flavor contains cranberry, strawberry, and watermelon and does not have sugar.

#6. Ultra- Blue

There is a balance between the tanginess and sweetness of Ultra blue, which gives you a refreshing feeling when you drink it.

#7. Zero

This drink is the father of all monster drinks that do not contain calories or sugar. It has a more acidic taste than Ultra-blue but retains its tastiness.

In addition, it has a refreshing flavor good for increasing your strength throughout the day. 

#8. Ultra-Sunrise

This drink has a tangerine Fanta-filled taste with a monster energy drink blend. It leaves a bubbly feeling on your tongue.

#9. Ultraviolet

This drink contains a flavor like grape wine but doesn’t give an overbearing aftertaste.

#10. Ultra- Fiesta

Monster Energy Ultra Fiesta gives you a flavorful and sour mango taste with extra energy.

#11. Khaos

This energy drink has a fresh orange flavor without any synthetic flavoring. Due to the moderate content of caffeine, it offers an additional boost in energy.

#12. Ultra- Paradise 

This monster drink reminds you of green apple sweet flavor when drinking. This flavor is one of the recommended monster drinks and is very satisfactory.

#13. Assault

Assault has a flavor of fruit punch with sucralose, which adds to the sweetness of this flavor, giving it a soothing taste.

#14. Ripper

Ripper is a monster energy blend containing pineapple and guava juice that gives your stomach a summery sensation when you drink it.

Discontinued Monster Drinks 2022

The monster company stopped the production of some of their low-selling drinks like Monster energy Ultra black Khaos, Ultra citron, and MIXXD so they could replace them with new products.

 The new monster drinks produced in 2022 are:

  • Monster Ultra peachy keen
  • Monster rehab watermelon
  • Monster Aussie-style lemonade 

Is Monster Ultra Red Discontinued?

The monster company did not discontinue the monster ultra red drinks; they are limited because they are experiencing scarcity in 160 oz cans production.

However, you can buy monster ultra red drinks from the store since it is still in production. 

Monster ultra red is one of the ultra series produced. It has a red color and a fruit punch taste. In addition, it has a raspberry flavor, but it has an otter-pop taste.


Although some monster energy drinks are no longer available, you can still explore the taste of other monster flavors. 

Make sure you don’t make this drink excessively to avoid health-related problems. So it’s better to limit yourself to one monster in a day and ensure you don’t drink it every day.

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