How Much Is A Venti Dragon Drink? (Let’s Find Out)

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It takes a lot of determination to drink beverages, especially if you’re making a new purchase.

However, drinks such as the Venti Dragon drink are ones that you’ll want to try. Moreover, knowing the price would solve a lot of your anxiety.

If you’re looking for a little extra boost, a pink-colored drink made from mango recipes is the best option.

You’ll find detailed information about the cost of this dragon drink in this article.

Venti Dragon Drink ranges between $3.45 to $4.95 in different shops. These prices differ due to the size of your drink and most often due to your location. The drink comprises creamy coconut milk, dragon fruit, caffeine, and mango juice.

How Much Is a Venti Dragon Fruit Drink at Starbucks?

How Much Is Venti Dragon Drink

The price of a Venti Dragon Drink at Starbucks goes from $3.45 to $ 4.95. And this price varies because of location and the size of the drink one orders. 

The Venti dragon fruit drink consists of dragon fruit, mango juice, coconut milk, and caffeine.

However, the price can be costly to some, and they will look for ways to get it at all costs.

I’d be showing you how to maneuver your way to get the drink prepared for you.

Now that you know the price of the drink, it’s great that you check this out yourself. However, distance is not a barrier as you can order from your location. 

When you order at Starbucks, it’s important to know that they’ve got lots of drinks on their menu that you could order, not necessarily a dragon drink.

Starbucks produces drinks such as smoothies, tea, hot chocolate, coffee, and many others. 

How Is the Venti Dragon Prepared?

You can prepare this drink yourself, but you’d need some ingredients before proceeding.

With these ingredients below, you can prepare it yourself:

  1. ¼ cup of mango juice
  2. ¼ cup of white grape juice
  3. One teaspoon of dragon fruit powder
  4. One teaspoon of green coffee extract
  5. 1 cup of coconut milk
  6. 2 cups of regular ice cubes into
  7. Simple syrup, or you can use white sugar, optional.

Now that you know the ingredients, these three steps below are the steps to prepare Venti Dragon Drink:

  • Combine all the ingredients in your cocktail shaker, after which you use 1 cup of ice cubes and add sugar.
  • Next, mix it thoroughly so the sugar will dissolve with the powder.
  • When you’ve mixed it well, you can add fresh dragon fruit and serve it chilled.

How Much Is a Venti Dragon With Lemonade?

The Venti dragon fruit drink mixed with Lemonade goes for $4.25 at most stations.

Depending on the company producing it, you can get a different price if you get it through delivery. 

Dragon drinks with Lemonade are a great drink mixture you should try anytime.

The purpose of the dragon fruit powder is to give it that pink color, while the Lemonade adds extra flavor to your beverage.

You can walk into a coffee shop to place an order or use digital apps to get them to your doorstep. 

How Is Vent Dragon With Lemonade Prepared?

When it comes to preparation of this drink, you’d need these ingredients: 

  • Dragon Fruit powder
  • Mango juice
  • Lemonade
  •  White Grape juice.

Now that you’re ready to know how to prepare this drink, follow these simple steps:

  • Get your grape juice and dragon fruit powder into a cup or bowl and whisk them together until they dissolve well. It takes just a few minutes. 
  • After this, you get your glass halfway filled with ice and an optional diced dragon fruit.
  • Next is to pour your dragon fruit powder into it.
  • Pour in your mango juice.
  • After this comes to Lemonade as you pour it into the mixture.
  • Mix well, and you can add optional diced dragon fruit, after which you serve and enjoy.

Starbucks is one of the leading companies that produce beverages of any type, making them easy to get at any time.

With this procedure above, you can get your dragon fruit with Lemonade processed by you and save money.

However, if you’re not interested, you can check with your favorite beverage store to make an order.

How Much Is a Trenta Dragon Drink at Starbucks?

The cost of a Trenta dragon drink at Starbucks is $5.25. The cost of your drink would increase when you place an order through the Starbucks digital app. 

Trenta Dragon drink from Starbucks is great because you can place an order wherever you’re, making it convenient for consumers.

In the morning, all you’ve got to do is to enter the Starbucks app on your phone and place your order.

One thing I love about ordering from Starbucks is that you can choose what you want.

Although most drinks come with a specific recipe, you have a say in your taste with Starbucks.

It’s important to know that Starbucks Trenta Drink comes with 270 calories and 79% of these calories are carbohydrates.

Below, I’ll be putting up a table to show the nutritional values you’d be getting from a Trenta Dragon Drink.

 IngredientsAmount Per ServingDaily Value* %
Saturated Fat5g25g
Trans Fat0g 
Total Fat6g90%
Dietary Fibers1g40%
Total Carbohydrates51g17%

With the above table, you should have a brief idea of the nutritional values of your Trenta Dragon Drink.

How Do I Order a Dragon Drink From Starbucks?

With the invention of the Starbucks digital app, customers can place an order at any nearby Starbuck store.

Below are ways to order your Venti dragon fruit drink at Starbucks:

  1. The first step in ordering your drink is downloading the Starbucks app from Apple Play Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Next, click the order button and select your favorite. You can also customize your order.
  3. Once you’ve done this, the app will search your location and place your order at the nearest delivery station. When you place an order, an estimated time is given for your drink to be ready.
  4. You must ask the barista for your drink when it’s ready for pickup. You don’t need to pay extra charges when getting your drink.

With this little development, you don’t need to run to Starbucks to get a drink. And with this, you can get a well-nourished drink right where you are. 

Like I said earlier, the cost of Venti Dragon Fruit Drink differs because of location and drink size.

Ordering at their shop is different from delivery prices, so choose that which suits you.


Dragon drinks are good drinks you can try anytime and be happy that you got the best.

However, producers of these beverages made it possible for anyone to get this on their doorstep at any time.

Such development comes with an extra cost, and that is what this article highlights.

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