Is Boar’s Head Meat Processed In China? (Explained)

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China is one of the top countries where meat, especially pork, is gotten and processed.

The Chinese specialize in the rearing of these animals for consumption and sale. Boar’s Head meat is a delicacy consumed worldwide, so one may wonder where exactly this meat is processed. 

China is not responsible for producing and processing the Boar Head meat. While the boar head meat is from China, it is moved elsewhere for processing and later transported to China and other countries for sale and consumption. 

Where is Boar’s Head Meat Processed? 

Is Boar's Head Meat Processed in China

Boar’s Head meat is processed in the United States in Brooklyn, New York City.

Although the food is from China, the processing is elsewhere. Distribution is then from New York to different places for consumption. 

Boar’s Head meat procession also occurs at the Boar’s head brand headquarters in Sarasota, Florida.

Also, the founder has added a new plant for processing Boar head meat in New Castle, Indonesia, thus increasing the number of plants for the process and making it easier for more excellent production and supply. 

It is easy to believe Boar head meat procession takes place in China because they are the leading suppliers of the animals used, but the parade takes place in the US.

It is because China produces most pork in different countries, including the United States.

However, the production of boar head meat in the United States does not limit its supply to needed places.

Transportation is easy and always available to move the boar head products to other sites for worldwide supply and consumption.

How is Boar’s Head Meat Processed?

Processing Boar head meat requires much attention and care because the process is not easy.

In addition, it deals with edible products, so hygiene and proper maintenance are needed.

Meat processing entails using spices and other ingredients to turn raw meat into other finished products, e.g., sausage, ham, etc. 

Whole muscle beef, pork, and poultry are the various types of meat available for Boars head products.

The processing of boar head meat involves the detachment of flesh from bone; this flesh further goes through a series of techniques.

Here are a few listed in the table below with the importance of each method;

Salting and curingIt serves as a preservative method and improves the taste greatly
Grinding, Chopping, and SlicingIt has to do with size reduction to get the desired size of the new product, e.g., sausages from beef. 
Addition of seasonings and other ingredients Necessary for a difference in taste from the original product to the finished product
Heat TreatmentIt is necessary for the elimination of microbiological contamination 
FreezingIt helps to maintain meat quality

This transformation extends the meat’s life, preventing spoilage and rotting. Also, it offers a new product that provides variety. 

Processors add the necessary ingredients during the process to improve taste and quality and make a difference since it is a whole new product.

For example, some wild boar head meats called boar head nitrates to contain nitrates added during the processing.  

The nitrates add color to these products and prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, prolonging their life.

While boar head nitrates are always available, others do not contain nitrates, as some people prefer no nitrates in their meals.

Boar’s head simplicity is all-natural, as the name implies, and is processed by the processors with specific natural ingredients.

It is also gluten-free and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives. These boar head products keep you healthy, and you want more due to their delicious taste.

The best part, it comes in different flavors, meat types, and quantities.

Patients with allergies to different cooking ingredients that may be present in food or meat should instead go for the Boar’s Head simplicity; all-natural.

The products are of a wide variety, and you would easily find one to match your health regulations. It is accessible and suitable for people without allergies too.

The processing of this meat is essential because it helps control spoilage by inhibiting the growth of microorganisms that can damage it. It also helps to tackle the issue of price problems. 

How to Know Where my Boar’s Head Meat was Processed

To know where your Boar head meat was processed, you need access to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) website pdf file.

This document lists all the harvesting and processing companies to which they belong.

Usually, your Boar head meat comes in a container or wrap. These containers or packages carry labels with the USDA Inspection and Establishment Mark (EST number).

With the EST number, you can go to the USDA website, where you will find two directories, the alphabetic and the numeric; type the number in the numeric directory.

The plant or point of procession is then searched and displayed. 

If you need more information, the USDA directory includes other registered businesses such as Storage, Import, and slaughter. 

Certain alphabets are attached to the end of EST numbers of boar head products just like other meat products indicating the meat type.

For Poultry, the EST usually appears with the alphabet P at the end or beginning of the number. For example, P007 or 007P. 

Other meat types like pork or beef carry an M along with the number to indicate Meat, for example, M662 or 662M.

Whereas sometimes, the EST number has no alphabet, whether poultry, beef, or pork.


Boar’s Head meat is of exceptional quality and is in very high demand by the nation as it’s the best deli meat.

It comes in different varieties and flavors. It is processed in the US and transported to other parts of the world.

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