This is How Many Cups is A Bunch of Kale!

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Kale is an invaluable plant that harbors many species that contribute to human health and the environment. This plant comes in different forms and sizes. 

In this case, many consumers often wonder if it’s measurable in cups. On that note, how many cups is a bunch of kale? 

A bunch of kale will give you 2 cups. Superstores and supermarkets do not measure kale in cups. Instead, they make use of a weighing scale. So, you can only measure the cups of kale in your local market or at home. 

How Many Kales Make a Bunch? 

How Many Cups Is a Bunch of Kale

Approximately 10-15 kales, including the stem and the leaves, make a bunch. Kale is widely known for its edible leaves, which contain many benefits. 

The leaves are usually green, purple, or blue. Unlike its counterparts(cabbage, broccoli, and sprouts), kale is a non-heading vegetable

In other words, kale leaves grow without a base/head. Hence, this makes it difficult to measure the leaves singly. 

Therefore, store owners tie the kale leaves in a bunch and sell them to customers.

However, the number of kale leaves in a bunch differs from store to store. For instance, a bunch of kale at Walmart might consist of 15 leaves.

On the other hand, a bunch of kale at Costco or Amazon might consist of 12 leaves. 

Nevertheless, you can purchase a bunch of kale in a nearby market at a lower price.

Alternatively, you can plant and harvest kale on your farm or outdoor vegetable garden. 

Awesome, right? However, kale has different species that come in unique forms and sizes

Some of these species are edible, while some serve as ornamental plants that homeowners cherish for their aesthetic value. 

Hence, you must know the right species to plant in your garden. You can consider some edible kale species like Red Russian, True Siberian, and Lacinato

Furthermore, you must consider some factors before planting kale in your garden. Without further ado, I’ll highlight the factors below. 

#1. Type of Soil 

You must always consider the type of soil to plant your kale as it determines its productive growth and development. 

Kale will thrive in well-drained soil that’s rich in nutrients.  Supplement the soil with organic manure if the soil doesn’t contain the necessary nutrients. 

You can use cottonseed meal and blood meal which are rich in nitrogen. 

#2. Temperature Conditions 

Your kale will blossom rapidly in a sunny environment. The temperature must be at least 30°F. Plus, it grows well under cold temperatures as it brings out unique flavors.  

#3. Water Supply 

Kale flourishes when you supply a good amount of water. Expose your kale to consistent rainfall.

However, you can supply 1 gallon of water per square foot if there’s no rainfall. 

How Many Kales Is a Cup? 

You can get seven kales in a cup. However, this depends on the size of the kale and the cup you want to use. Edible kale leaves are usually green and broad. 

Hence, it’s quite difficult to fit the leaves in a cup, especially if you’re using a small size. And that’s where the size of the cup comes into play. 

The reason is that it determines the number of kale leaves that can fill the cup. Many consumers are often curious about the measurement of kale leaves in cups. 

Unfortunately, the supermarket/superstore doesn’t offer to satisfy their curiosity. They use a weight balance instead. 

They do this by weighing the bunch of kale on the weighing scale for accurate measurement.

Fortunately, some nearby markets sell fresh kale leaves that you can measure in cups. Alternatively, you can purchase kale leaves and measure them at home.

Below are some steps to measure kale leaves. 

#1. Step 1:

Purchase fresh kale leaves from the market or supermarket. 

#2. Step 2:

Use a knife to chop the kale leaves to any size you choose. Alternatively, you can use it without chopping the leaves.

#3. Step 3:

Use any cup of your choice and fill it with the kale leaves to the highest level. Remember to count the number of kale leaves that fill the cup. 

Afterward, you can take down your measurements to satisfy your curiosity. This measurement method enables you to know the right amount for any dish. 

For instance, you can use 2 cups of kale to prepare a full kale dish with other ingredients.

This way, you can avoid adding too much kale to a dish that requires kale in small quantities. 

How Many Ounces In a Bunch of Kale? 

A bunch of kale consists of 2 ounces without the stems. It weighs up to 4 ounces with the stems

Note that this depends on the number of kale leaves, as a bunch could weigh 1 ounce.

In other words, the higher the number of kale leaves, the higher the weight in ounces. 

This measurement method is not 100% accurate as many stores do not have a consistent number of kale leaves in a bunch.

Knowing the right number of kale leaves in a bunch is crucial. It helps you to determine the specific amount of kale leaves to consume daily. 

Without this measurement, you might consume more than the right amount. This could be fatal if you continue, as kale leaves harbor some side effects. 

Nonetheless, you can consult your doctor to know the right amount to consume.

Interestingly, kale is highly nutritious and supplies the body with antioxidants that perform a specific function. 

Therefore, I’ll briefly outline some nutritional facts about kale in the table below. 

Nutritional Properties % of Daily Value 
8.8 grams of carbohydrates 9% 
4.3 grams of protein 4% 
0.9 grams of fat 1%
120 milligrams of vitamin C145%
0.27 milligrams of vitamin B621% 
1.54 milligrams of vitamin E10% 
150 milligrams of calcium 15% 
1.5 milligrams of iron 12% 
47 milligrams of magnesium 13% 
0.6 milligrams of zinc 6% 
kale’s Nutritional Facts
kale's Nutritional Facts

You can use it to prepare mouth-watering dishes that require a lot of vegetables. For instance, you can make a kale caesar salad and add other fresh vegetables. 

Furthermore, you can add it to your pasta sauce or smoothie. Plus, you can make healthy and delicious snacks out of kale and eat them at your convenience. 

How Many Cups of Chopped Kale Are In a Pound? 

You can get 2 cups of chopped kale in a pound. This amount varies depending on the state of the kale leaves. Let me explain vividly! 

When you chop raw kale leaves, it gives you a certain amount, and you measure it in cups. Therefore, the same thing applies to cooked kale leaves. 

Cooking the chopped raw kale leaves increases the proportion of the leaves. Say you measure your chopped kale leaves in cups, and get 2 cups. 

Cooking the chopped kale leaves will give you 2½ cups or 3 cups. Notwithstanding, you can measure your chopped kale leaves in any state (raw or cooked). 

Furthermore, it’s best to consume kale leaves while it’s still fresh as it supplies more nutrients.

Meanwhile, overcooking kale leaves reduces the nutritional value of the vegetable. 

In addition, kale is rich in vitamin A and improves vision. It also prevents the inflammation and replication of cancer cells. 


Kale is undoubtedly the best vegetable to consume, and you can measure it in cups, ounces, and pounds. 

You can easily measure the market. Alternatively, you can purchase the vegetable and measure it in the comfort of your home. 


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