Is Reddi Whip Cream Bad For You? (Read This First)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:19 pm

With the increasing quantity of artificial preservatives, sweeteners, and sugar in canned foods, it’s difficult to determine which foods are healthy. 

Most people enjoy Reddi whipped cream because it’s sweet. And pairs well with so many desserts, but you must ensure it’s healthy and good for you.

Reddi Whip whipped cream is not bad for you. It has a very low carbohydrate content, no artificial flavors, and no cholesterol. Reddi Whip cream is also very healthy as it doesn’t contain any trans fat, is gluten-free, and is made with real cream. Reddi Whip cream has very low calories per serving and is nutritious.

Is Reddi Whip Cream Healthy?

Is Reddi Whip Cream Bad For You

Reddi Whip Cream has a lot of additives. But, it is healthy, especially if you don’t open it up and pour half the contents into your mouth at once. 

However, most ingredients used to make Reddi Whip are natural foods such as corn, wheat, and algae. As such, it digests easily.

Reddi Whip Cream also contains fewer calories than other brands of whipped cream on the market. 

Two-tablespoon of Reddi whip cream contains 15 calories. Meanwhile, a single tablespoon of regular whip cream usually contains more than 50 calories

Reddi Fat-free whip cream is also low in carbohydrates and has no fat content

Most people, especially healthy eating enthusiasts, tend to avoid whip cream because of the carbs, sugar, and fat content. 

However, Whipped cream has several nutritional benefits, and Reddi Whip especially does not contain cholesterol or artificial sweeteners. 

However, Reddi Whip, like any other whipped cream, is not a perfect mixture. It is natural, sweet, fluffy, and light but not completely healthy. 

It doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners, but there are chemical additives. Also, it is not keto-friendly because it has high sugar content. 

Also, Reddi Whip Cream contains nitrous oxide, an aerosol spray propellant. 

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a chemical compound with unaesthetic properties and can cause drowsiness and euphoria. 

Nitrous oxide is not harmful, but I’d you inhale it too quickly, the pressure and cold can cause tissue damage. 

Thus, there is a warning label on each Reddi Whip can that advises the customer against inhaling the nitrous oxide. 

Is Reddi Whip Cream Made With Real Cream?

The major ingredient in Reddi Whip whipped Cream is real cream. According to the manufacturers, they make their original whipped toppings with grade-A dairy cream

Reddi Whip Cream does not contain hydrogenated oils, unlike other Whipped cream manufacturers. 

Reddi Whip doesn’t just have one flavor or type, it has five flavors, and all the flavors have different ingredients in slightly different variations. 

However, Reddi Whip uses real cream, and it does not have any artificial sweeteners or artificial flavors. 

Also, the calories are very low, and you don’t have to worry about consuming too many calories if you have Reddi whip cream.

Reddi Whip doesn’t contain artificial growth hormones, and it is ultra-pasteurized, gluten-free and only contains 15 calories per 2 tbsp

It also does not contain any hydrogenated oils. However, to keep the calorie count, you must take only one serving at a time. 

An entire can of Reddi Whip contains about 600 calories, do not down the can at once. The recommended serving quantity is 2 tbsp. 

And per 2 tbsp., Reddi Whip Cream contains 15 calories, 0.5g of saturated fat (3% DV); 0 mg sodium (0% DV); less than 1 g of sugars

Reddi Whip Cream is low in calories, fat, and gluten-free. It’s as healthy as whipped cream can get. However, it isn’t keto free because it contains sugar and fat. 

Finally, Reddi Whip Cream also contains carbs; if you use it to eat other foods, the calorie levels will increase significantly.

What Is Reddi Whip Cream Made With?

The main ingredient in Reddi Whip Cream is real cream. Unlike most other brands of Whip Cream, Reddi Whip does not contain hydrogenated vegetable oil. 

And the specific ingredients differ as there are about four kinds of Reddi whip cream. However, the basic ingredients are the same.

Reddi Wip contains non-fat milk, cream, sugar, corn syrup, maltodextrin, natural flavors, carrageenan, inulin (chicory extract), cellulose, nitrous oxide, and diglycerides polysorbate 80. 

There are five flavors of Reddi whip; original, extra-creamy, light, non-dairy, and chocolate. And each flavor has slightly different ingredients. 

For instance, Reddi Wip Extra creamy whipped cream is made with heavy cream. 

Reddi Whip chocolate whip cream contains cocoa powder, cocoa butter, Soy Lecithin, Vanillin, an artificial flavor, and bittersweet chocolate. 

For the non-dairy flavor, the ingredients are also different. Meanwhile, the non-dairy flavor contains some common ingredients. 

It also has pea protein, Xanthan Gum, sugar, and coconut milk, a combination of coconut cream and water. 

Reddi Wip Original, Reddi Wip light, and extra-cream have the same ingredients. The only variation is the quantity and the composition. 

Only the chocolate flavor and the non-dairy flavors are composed differently.

Does Reddi Whip Have Sugar?

Reddi whip is a relatively healthy brand of canned whipped cream made with real cream and sugar. 

Reddi whip does not have any artificial sweeteners, but it contains sugar.

You may think that there is a lot of sugar in Reddi Whip Cream because of how sweet it tastes. 

However, the quantity of sugar in it is very small, and it tastes so sweet because of the real cream used to make it. 

The ingredients in Reddi Whip Cream vary slightly according to the flavor.

Original Reddi Wip contains real cream, water, sugar, corn, syrup, non-fat milk, and flavors. 

The dairy-free flavor also contains sugar in addition to almond milk, pea protein, and xanthan gum. 

The ingredients in different flavors vary, especially the dairy-free and chocolate flavors.

All Reddi Wip contain a small quantity of sugar, except Reddi Wip Zero sugar, which does not contain any sugar.

Since the sugar content is not very high, the whipped cream is healthy.

Some people even pair it with a keto diet because the sugar content is quite healthy. 

There is only 1 g of sugar in an entire can of Reddi Wip whipped cream, so if you only take one serving of Reddi Wip, there will be about 0 g in a serving. 

Also, there is Reddi Whip Zero Sugar which is very creamy and tasty. It is made with full cream. But Reddi Whip Zero sugar does not have any sugar at all. 

But, other flavors of Reddi Wip, such as chocolate, full cream, Reddi Wip original, non-fat, and extra-creamy, all contain one gram of sugar each.

How Much Is Reddi Whip Cream Too Much?

 Reddi Whip is healthy enough, as long as you don’t take too much of it. Like all treats, you must moderate your Reddi Wip whipped cream consumption. 

One serving of Reddi Wip is enough, don’t go beyond a serving of Reddi Wip.

Spraying Reddi Whip cream for one second will give you a serving of whipped cream

One serving is two tbsp of cream, about the size of a golf ball. That serving contains 15 calories and 0g of fat

Be cautious when consuming whip cream; don’t just open the can and spray it into your mouth. Take only one serving; more than that is too much.

The nutrition facts of the product are also important.

Nutritional Properties % of Daily Value/Amount In Grams 
Total fat1g (1%)
Saturated fat3g (3%)
Trans fat0g
Cholesterol5g (1%)
Sodium0 mg
Potassium 0 mg


Reddi Wip whipped cream is not unhealthy for you. It is low in fat, sugar, and carbs and has no artificial sweeteners. 

Reddi Wip is also made with real cream; if taken in small quantities, it is quite healthy.

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