Can You Do Half And Half At Pizza Hut? (Read This First)

Half and half are prevalent in some eateries, and before choosing to go with half and a half at an eatery, you should make inquiries first. 

Half of half is the best way for a lot of people because they get to pick two different flavors of their favorite meal, all in one pack. 

So, if you’re a pizza fan and want to opt for half and a half at pizza hut, the real question is, “can you do half and half at pizza hut?”

Yes, pizza huts provide you with half and half of two of your favorite pizzas and then get them to you in a pack. You do not have to worry about the price because you would get each of these sides at ½ of the original price for the type. 

In this article, we will guide you on ordering a half and a half at a pizza place and also provide you with several other pizza places that offer half and half. 

Does Pizza Hut Still Do Half and Half?

Can You Do Half and Half at Pizza Hut

Yes, pizza hut still allows you to choose two of your favorite pizzas and opt for a half-and-half. 

Also, you get to pick whatever topping you want, so you do not have to worry about that. 

Half and half are a fantastic option, especially for events like family get-togethers where some family members may have their preferences. 

The half-and-half option at pizza hut saves you the stress of paying for more flavors when you can get them at a cheaper rate in a single pack. 

How Do I Order Half and Half Pizza Hut? 

Ordering a half-and-half from a pizza hut is very simple. You can order your pizza from a nifty mobile ordering system which would also calculate everything for you. 

To get half and half of your favorite pizza flavors, all you need to do is pick two flavors and ask for the price of half of each and add them together. 

You are charged for your pizza based on the individual price of both sides.

For instance, ½ of the cost of the first side plus ½ of the price of the second side equals your original price. 

The table below shows the sharing formula for half-and-half pizzas:

Combined Prices of Pizza Price Of the First Side The Price Of The Second Side 
½ poor man remarkable and ½ of I’m hungry is $19.38Half of the poor man’s remarkably is $7Half of I’m hungry is $12
½ of mushrooms, spinach, and pineapples with five toppings is $15.50Half of the large pizza with five toppings is $9.50Half of the large pizza with one topping is $6
½ of cannibal plus ½ of Peggy’s supreme is $19.50Half side of cannibal is $9Half side of Peggy’s supreme is $10.50

As you can see from the table, some prices are not even numbers, and when you round them up to the nearest cent, the prices are a few cents higher than in the list. 

You should also note that you cannot split pizzas into 1/3 and ¼ because it is time-consuming and very complicated. 

Also, you should be conscious of food allergies before making your half-and-half order. 

For instance, splitting a different pizza flavor with pepperoni pizza would be bad if you have a pepperoni allergy. 

What Other Pizza Place Does Half and Half? 

Apart from pizza hut, several other pizza places offer you half-and-half options.

Some other places include; 

  • Papa johns. 
  • Papa Murphy’s. 
  • Costa’s pizza. 
  • Pizza express. 
  • MOD pizza. 
  • Little Caesars. 
  • CiCi’s pizza. 
  • Papa john’s international. 
  • Sbarro. 
  • Marco’s pizza. 

All these pizza places listed above can offer you the half-and-half option, but to be on the safer side, always make inquiries before making your purchase. 

The idea behind the half-and-half pizza started during the lockdown period.

Around that time, half-and-half pizzas were easier to satisfy the food needs of two people. 

If you are not a strict vegetarian, you can get a pizza with one side vegetarian and the other side meaty and still enjoy it with your non-vegetarian family. 

Reasons Why Some Pizza Places Stopped Offering Half and Half?

For over a year since the covid-19 pandemic, some top pizza places, like dominos’ pizza, stopped offering half-and-half pizzas. 

Many menus were cut down from Domino’s pizza, and a half-and-half pizza was one of them. 

The manager at Domino’s pizza said they took down a few menus due to the Covid-19 guidance instruction, which led to a tighter kitchen and just a few chefs. 

Half and half pizza will be available at pizza hut once more, but the date has yet to be set because the lockdown affected the work rate. 

Apart from the half-and-half deal, there are other fantastic deals that pizza hut offers its customers. 

These deals include; 

#1. Getting Free Pizzas with The Hut Rewards 

This offer is eligible for customers who can make orders every six months, and you keep getting points that do not expire. 

So, you can get two points per dollar you spend on pizza hut. 

#2. Earning Points on Delivery Fees 

So, for every delivery you make and every delivery fee you pay, you get the point also. You can get two points per $1 you spend on deliveries. 

#3. Get a Free Birthday Treat on Your Birthday by Joining the Pizza Hut Reward 

You can join this reward before entering your birthdate, but along the line, you would have to input your birthdate. 

After setting up the hut rewards, scroll to your profile, enter your birthdate, and save. 

#4. You Can Still Make Use of Your Expired Book-It Coupon

Even after a little while, your book-it coupon expires, and you will still be able to use it. 

It would be best to consider several other essential factors before ordering your pizza from Pizza hut.

These factors are stated below: 

  • Five bucks can only get you a medium-sized pizza, a boneless wing, or a Tuscan-style pasta. 
  • A hot pizza blog exists, and it is imposing. It would be best if you tried it’s fantastic. 
  • Ensure that you get yourself a stuffed crust. It has been a best seller for a long time now. 
  • It would help if you kept the hot crust pizza crust. Despite the criticisms, it was terrific. 
  • You can save a good amount of money by getting the dresser of treats. 
  • Pizza hut would offer you unique combos and also amazing half-and-half deals. 
  • They did not offer their pizzas with additional flavorings and colors and were also the first national pizza place to do that. 
  • You can get amazing deals for a free pizza, like the” read a book and get a free personal pan pizza” deal. 


Does Pizza Hut Still Do Half and Half? 

Yes, pizza hut still offers half and half to their customers. All you need to do is know the prices of each side of both pizzas, divide them and sum them together. 

Can I Do Half and Half Dominos? 

Previously, Domino’s pizza offered the half and half option, but after the lockdown, they cut down some offerings, and half and half pizzas were part of the. 

What Is Half a Pizza Called? 

Half of a pizza is a calzone. Any part of a pizza that is either cut half or folded in half is a calzone. 

Can You Order Half and Half Pizza from Dominos Online? 

You can order from domino branches around you online. 

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