Can I Buy Frozen Jack In The Box Tacos? (Must Know)

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Jack in the Box tacos features a nicely shaped tortilla shell filled with many yummies.

Furthermore, you might prefer frozen tacos over fresh ones to enjoy a crisp, frozen sensation or just, so it lasts you longer.

Whatever the case, you may wonder if it’s possible to buy frozen Jack in the Box tacos. 

You can purchase Jack in the Box tacos packed and frozen. However, you can only get the product at a few selected locations. Usually, most restaurants solely serve freshly cooked Jack in box tacos.

Can I Order Frozen Jack in the Box Tacos?

Can I Buy Frozen Jack in the Box Tacos

You can order frozen Jack in the Box tacos. Additionally, Jack in the Box performs delivery services in some areas in the United States.

Fortunately, you can easily order what you want with the Jack mobile app. 

Notwithstanding, frozen tacos aren’t exactly available online, but you can order frozen Jack tacos from a restaurant near you.

The regular Jack in the Box pair of tacos cost about $0.99 or $1.29. Apart from regular tacos, you can order frozen mini tacos too. 

Of course, Jack in the Box also offers a box full of 15 deep-fried, tiny tacos.

However, the main difference between both tacos is that the larger tacos come with a beef filling. Meanwhile, the tiny tacos contain chicken fillings, costing about $3 to $4. 

Furthermore, tiny tacos are the mini versions of the original, but that doesn’t mean they don’t taste good.

Do Jack in the Box Tacos Come Frozen?

Jack tacos often appear freshly cooked in their packs, although tacos do come frozen based on the customer’s choice.

Also, Jack in the Box tacos can come frozen depending on the store. On the other hand, you can quickly reheat the frozen tacos to feed your crew in no time. 

Normally, Jack in the Box tacos comes with meat fillings inside them. Therefore, keeping the tacos frozen when you aren’t ready to eat them is best.

Away from that, mini tacos more often come frozen than regular tacos.

Mini tacos tortilla shells are soft and crunchy. You could give the mini tacos a try if you love frozen tacos.

How Long Are Jack in the Box Tacos Good For?

Jack in the Box tacos can last for three to four days when refrigerated.

Notwithstanding, if there’re leftovers of tacos in your fridge, it’s only right not to keep them for more than two days.

Moreover, leaving them for more than a day can make the tacos incredibly soggy.

Apart from that, the nutritional value of the products decreases after a while.

Moreover, tacos can easily experience a quick drop in temperature when left at room temperature.

Therefore, leaving the tacos out for a long time can lead to high bacteria growth. When this eventuality happens, the item becomes unsafe to consume.

Also, it’s necessary to heat tacos properly before eating, not minding if the tacos come from the refrigerator.

Can I Freeze Jack in the Box Tacos?

You can freeze your Jack in the box tacos. But, taco meat normally lasts for three to four days, and it’s unhealthy to abandon tacos for long.

Also, the ingredients used to make particular tacos can tell how many hours they can last in the fridge.

However, after freezing the tacos, what’s the best way to heat them? Here’s a little tip on how to apply the heat; Preheat your oven to about 400℉ before putting your tacos. 

The tacos will heat up quickly at this high temperature, preventing them from steaming for a prolonged time.

Ensure to space the tacos properly on the baking sheet. This arrangement will ensure that each taco gets adequate ventilation.

Is Jack in the Box Tacos Healthy?

Generally, Jack in box tacos is healthy. However, you must watch your intake levels because they are high-calorie meals. Moreover, Jack in the Box sells different variants of tacos.

For this reason, let’s look at the individual nutritional details of these tacos.

#1. Regular Tacos 

Jack in the Box tacos is healthier than you may think. Usually, the regular Jack in the Box tacos come in pairs, each containing 172 calories.

Additionally, their tortilla encasing is made with white corn and signatures a beef filling.

Nonetheless, the nutritional value of the tacos may vary depending if ordered with meat, cheese, beans, or sauces.

Keep in mind that the regular tacos come in two in a box. Below are some nutrition facts about the regular Jack in the Box Tacos.

Nutritional Constituents Value
Carbohydrate6 g
Protein 16 g
Fat9 g
Sodium 362 mg
Sugar 1 g

#2. Regular Tiny Tacos 

The regular tiny tacos are normal but different from the real thing.

Unlike the regular tacos, the tiny tacos come with creamy ground chicken instead of beef. In addition, there are 15 tacos in a pack of Regular Tiny Tacos.

A box of regular tiny tacos contains 350 calories. Also, the regular tiny tacos don’t have additional toppings like the loaded tiny tacos.

The table below shows the nutritional details of the regular tiny tacos.

Nutritional Constituents Value 
carbohydrate45 g
Protein 12 g
Fats13 g
Saturated fat3 g
Sodium 780 mg
Sugar 3 g

#3. Loaded Tiny Tacos

The loaded tiny tacos are more like the regular Tiny Tacos but come with many extras.

The loaded tiny tacos come with shredded lettuce, nacho cheese, and taco sauce.

Similar to the normal tiny tacos, the loaded tiny tacos also come with 15 tacos in a box.

Furthermore, the additional toppings are the main difference between Jack’s tiny tacos.

Jack in the Box’s loaded tiny tacos comes with a creamy chicken concoction.

Equally important, loaded tiny tacos provide 470 calories because of the packs’ many add-ons.

Below are the nutritional facts about Loaded Tiny Tacos.

Nutritional Constituents Value 
Carbohydrate51 g
Protein17 g
Fat22 g
Saturated fat7 g
Sodium1340 mg
Sugar5 g

Is Jack in the Box Tacos Vegan?

Jack in the Box tacos is not vegan. That is because the ingredients used in making all Jack in the Box tacos aren’t vegetarian-friendly.

Usually, tacos contain beef, chicken, and Worcestershire sauce which are direct or indirect animal products.

Meanwhile, there’s a misconception about Jack in the Box tacos being vegan due to some plant-based protein they contain.

But this perception is wrong! Although tacos, to some extent, contain plant-based protein, Jack’s tacos’ main ingredient is meat.

Ordinarily, all Jack in the Box tacos come with either beef or chicken loaded in them. Simply having an animal constituent disqualifies the tacos from being vegan.

Also, Jack in box tacos contains ingredients like cheese and milk, which are inarguably non-vegan.

On the other hand, the tacos tortilla shell can be considered vegan. The ingredients mainly include Corn, Water, Soy, wheat, and Lime, showing that Jack in the Box tacos shells are vegan.

Unfortunately, shops can’t serve tortilla shells without including meat.

Besides, what are Jack in the Box tacos without their normal beef and chicken fillings? Therefore, it is best not to consider Jack in the Box tacos as a vegan. 


You can choose different versions of tacos at Jack in the Box, including frozen ones.

But, keep in mind that you may not be able to order frozen Jack in the Box tacos online.

However, buying or ordering frozen tacos from a Jack in the Box restaurant near you is possible!

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