Does Country Crock Go Bad? (Must Know This)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:19 pm

The country crock is one of the popular food brands managed by upfield.

They are known for producing margarine, spreads, side dishes, mashed potatoes, and pasta. Country crock butter is one of the people’s favorites.

It gives the perfect textures for your cookies and adds a delicious aroma to your baking. However, does the country crock go bad?

No matter how well you store a country crock, with time, the quality will reduce to the point where it will not be useful again. Country crock becomes sour when you open it to air, vapor, and heat for a long time. 

Can Country Crock Butter Expire?

Does Country Crock Go Bad

Country crock butter expires. The expiry date of country crock butter is nine months after its production. But the shelf life can extend when you store it the right way. 

Country crock butter will not show any spoilage for about two to three months after its expiry date when it remains sealed.

On the other hand, when you open the margarine, the shelf life reduces, and it will not last longer than one to two months after its expiry date.

How Do I Know if My Country Crock Has Gone Bad?

There are different ways to check if your country’s crock has gone bad.

#1. The Texture of the Butter

The country crock has a fine, smooth, and spreadable thickness.

However, when you notice moisture on the spread, it indicates that mold will soon grow on your butter and make it go bad. And once it’s bad, it will turn liquid and sticky.

Also, when one side of your country crock margarine becomes darker and thicker than the other parts, this is a sign that your spread has gone bad.

#2. Mold Formation

The country crock contains vegetable fat that bonds with oxygen very fast, creating a conducive habitat for molds when exposed to water. 

Mold spores are not visible to the naked eye and can hide in your butter. When you see a mold growing on your spread, it would be best to dispose of it immediately.

Resist the urge to scoop the part where mold is growing, so you can use the remaining spread.

#3. Taste and Smell

Country crock’s taste and smell is another factor that indicates if it has gone bad. Fresh margarine has the taste of butter and smells as such.

When your crock does not have the butter taste but a soapy, paint-like taste, your spread has lost its freshness. 

Furthermore, bacteria are feasting on your butter if your spread has an odor. 

Therefore, your spread is bad whenever you see any or all these three symptoms, and you should dispose of them immediately.

How Long is Country Crock Good For After Production?

When Stored properly, country crock can last about 180 days after production.

Always refrigerate country crock after use, and always use a clean knife when taking the spread.

Doing so will help preserve and prevent quick spoilage of the country crock. 

However, if you are not refrigerating the country crock, you should store it at room temperature in an airtight container.

Please don’t leave it out for more than two days. Before freezing country crocks, check the label.

Country crocks light products, calcium, and easy squeeze varieties are not to be frozen because they contain low fat, which could cause separation of ingredients.

Can Margarine Go Bad in a Refrigerator?

Margarine goes bad when stored in the refrigerator for a long period. Margarine’s shelf life depends on the following:

  1. storage process 
  2. The number of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats
  3. The number of antioxidants and emulsifiers that margarine contains. 

Some margarine has an increased percentage of antioxidants and emulsifiers, making them last longer than spreads with a lesser percentage of preservatives.

Margarine containing high polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats will not last long. The fat makes it get bad easily. 

The table below shows the shelf life of margarine in a refrigerator:

Type of margarine Refrigerator duration Freezer duration
Sealed margarineWhen margarine remains unopened, it will last for about four to five months after its sell date.Sealed margarine lasts six to twelve months.
Opened margarineWhen you open the margarine, it can only last for one to two months after the expiry date when you store it at 40° F.Opened margarine in the freezer will retain its freshness for about six to eight months when stored at 0°F.

Not all margarine can be frozen. So you’ll have to confirm if you can freeze the margarine you bought; the easiest way to do this is to check the label.

There are different methods of storing margarine in a refrigerator; they are:

#1. Put Your Margarine in a Sealed Freezer Bag

When you have opened the margarine, it’s best to put it in a sealable freezing bag to freeze.

Ensure there are no air bubbles in the bag in order not to aid the spoilage process of the spread.

#2. Use an Aluminum Foil 

Aluminum foil is a good material that prevents food items from being exposed to moisture and air and protects them from mold.

The aluminum foil is good for margarine sticks. Just roll the sticks in the aluminum foil and put it in the refrigerator till you want to use them.

#3. Grate Your Margarine 

Grating margarine blocks is another way to store margarine in bits. Grated margarine defrosts easily; you only need to take the quantity you want.

Some storage tips that will make you enjoy your margarine to the full are as follows:

  • Keep your margarine from other flavors. Although this will not spoil your margarine, it can affect the taste of the spread. 
  • It’s best to preserve your spread in a separate space in the fridge. Also, keep other pungent foods away so they will not affect the buttery flavor of the margarine. 
  • Always ensure you close the margarine lid tightly. When you close the lid well, it will prevent it from going bad easily.
  • Cut margarine blocks into smaller sizes. Doing so will make it easier to take just what you need.
  • When storing a stick spread, put the margarine in an airtight butter dish to reduce drying and prevent it from other food smells.
  • Buy margarine that will last you just about a month. Avoid buying excess margarine to reduce its spoilage.

Is Expired Margarine Good for Baking?

Since margarine does not go bad immediately after it expires, it’s safe to use it for baking.

But if you see that your margarine is bad or has mold, it’s best not to use it for baking because it will destroy the recipe due to its foul taste and smell.

When choosing baking margarine, always have the following in mind:

  • Don’t choose a margarine that is mainly for spreading. This spreadable margarine has higher battered air or a slightly different structure than firmer margarine that is suitable for baking. 
  • Always check the margarine description to know if it suits your recipe type.
  • Check for margarine that has a buttery or creamy flavor. This type of margarine adds a tasty layer of spice to your baking and makes it more fluffy to eat.
  • Choose margarine products that melt easily because this is an important part of baking. When your margarine melts easily, it blends with other ingredients and brings out the desired products you want.
  • Always opt for organic margarine, which is the best. The process used for cultivating organic margarine is healthier.


Whether you store your country crock in the fridge or freezer, if it has stayed for a long time, it will lose its quality.

And if it is not also stored properly, it will not last for long. So it’s best to store your country crock butter correctly, at the appropriate temperature, and use it before it goes bad.

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