How Long Are HelloFresh Meals Good For? (Explained)

HelloFresh is among the top meal kit services worldwide, with overwhelming recipes and out-of-this-world menus. 

HelloFresh’s menu includes several dietary lifestyles like vegetarian, keto, gluten-free, low-carb, and others.

They had the picky eaters in your family in mind with their broad scope of service. 

However, knowing how long HelloFresh meals last is crucial so you will know how long you can preserve them. 

HelloFresh prides itself on the excellent quality of the ingredients it uses. The ingredients they use are always fresh because HelloFresh gets them from local farms. Because of the ingredients’ excellent quality, they tend to have a longer shelf life. For this reason, HelloFresh meals can last for a few days to about one week, unlike other meal services. 

In this short piece, you will learn how long HelloFresh can remain in the fridge and how you will know when HelloFresh meals have gone bad.

You’ll also learn how you can make HelloFresh meals last longer and much more. So, let’s begin, shall we?

What Is the Shelf Life of HelloFresh In a Box?

How Long Are HelloFresh Meals Good For

Known to be the largest provider of meal kits in the U.S., HelloFresh meals can stay in the box for more than 48 hours without getting bad.

This time limit is due to the insulated liners that help to reduce the risk of spoilage to a greater extent. 

Food from HelloFresh usually comes in an insulated box packed with ice. They put the ingredients in vacuum packs.

For these reasons, your meals and ingredients can remain fresh for up to 48 hours outside the fridge and not get spoiled quickly.

This perk also helps to avoid air contamination. Even with these preservation measures, you must ensure some factors before leaving your food in the box without bothering to check them. 

The shelf life of HelloFresh meals and the ingredients in the box depends on the constituent materials. 

Foods like vegetables can last longer than 48 hours after the delivery date. These food varieties have fewer reasons for concern. 

However, protein-rich foods will not last this long in the box. They will not last long because such foods are subject to higher levels of degradation. 

They undergo the process faster than usual, and even the vacuum packs and insulation liners will not do much to help reduce the degradation process. 

HelloFresh meals usually have a fixed expiry date, depending on the meal.

Meals rich in protein, like meat or fish, should be put in the fridge before they expire. 

If they stay too long in the box, they will degrade quickly. So it is better to either put such meals in the fridge.

Another option is to put them to use when cooking as soon as possible. 

How Long Is HelloFresh Good For In the Fridge?

Due to the ice pack and insulation effect provided by the packaging, the meals can stay fresh for up to 48 hours after delivery

The ice packs also ensure that the food items are cool even when placed directly in the sun for a relatively long time. 

According to HelloFresh, you can place the box outside for 24 hours at room temperature.

After the ice melts, the cold air remains separate, and the food stays fresh. 

However, it is better not to leave the food materials in the box too long.

The reason is that, after some time, the ice packs begin to melt, and they cannot keep the food cool anymore. 

For this reason, you should consider putting the materials to use after they are delivered. 

However, if you have a change of mind and cannot cook them, keep them in the fridge. 

When preserved in a refrigerator, HelloFresh meals can last up to three to four days. You can put them to use after storage. 

However, you must be careful about the foods you preserve in the fridge. That is because refrigeration has different time frames depending on the food type. 

Some vegetables and foods rich in meat can lose their flavor, taste, and texture when you put them in the fridge.

However, they might still be safe, healthy, and edible to eat. 

However, refrigeration can cause some ingredients to lose their taste and become unable to be eaten.

For these food types, you should cook them immediately after they are delivered. 

How Do I Know When HelloFresh Meals Have Gone Bad?

If your HelloFresh package just got delivered and you are doubtful whether the food is still in good shape or has gone bad, cheer up.

There are various ways of knowing whether your HelloFresh delivery is still good.

If you seriously doubt the viability of your delivery, the best action is to throw away the ingredients and meals.

That is for meals that feel like they have gone bad. This action is the best measure so that you don’t fall sick. 

However, you can proceed to verify your doubts if you don’t want to feel aggrieved about having wasted your money. 

If the package was cold upon delivery with the ice pack, you could rest assured that the food is still in good shape. 

Although a cold pack might feel quite chilly and not be cold enough for preservation, you might have to measure the temperature. 

If the ingredients are wilted or browning, they have likely gone past their primes. You need not risk making use of them. 

Treat the meat with greater suspicion. It has gone bad if it has an awful odor, sticky surfaces, or even an off-discoloration. Cheese may be better since it lasts longer. 

How Do You Make HelloFresh Meals Last Longer?

HelloFresh ensures you get fresh and healthy food ingredients without going to the grocery store.

However, they might go bad before you get the chance to use the ingredients. 

The following practices will help make the ingredients last longer until you are ready to put them to use:

#1. Store Meat and Fish In Airtight Containers

Store meats and fish in an airtight container and place them on a tray before placing them in the freezer.

This measure will prevent spoilage and keep them fresh for longer. Make sure to separate the meat and fish from other foods to avoid cross-contamination.

It would be best if you placed them in the coldest part of your fridge. It would be best to keep the refrigerator’s temperature between 32°F and 38°F.

#2. Store Vegetables and Fruits In Your Fridge 

It is best to store vegetables and fruits in the crisp drawer of your fridge.

The crisper compartment of your fridge is the best location to store your fruits and vegetables.

That is because it has a different humidity level than other fridge components.

You should still put the fruits and vegetables in airtight containers before placing them in the crisper. This measure will keep them fresh for a more extended period. 

#3. How Much Does HelloFresh Cost? 

Depending on the number of servings you order per week, HelloFresh’s costs per serving vary.

For larger orders, the price per serving is relatively lower. For instance, two meals cost $47.96 for two people or $11.99 per serving.

However, six meals cost $191.76 for four people or $7.99 per serving. However, shipping costs $10.99 per week.

Below is a table for a quick comparison of what HelloFresh pricing looks like.

Recipes Per WeekCost Per Serving(Plan For Two People) Cost Per Serving (Plan For Four People) 


#1. How Can I Defrost Frozen HelloFresh Ingredients? 

There are several ways to defrost frozen HelloFresh ingredients easily.

The most popular method is using the microwave. You can also use a refrigerator or an oven. 

#2. Can I Put HelloFresh Ingredients In the Fridge or Freezer? 

Yes, you can store most HelloFresh ingredients in the fridge. Fruits should be kept at room temperature, while meats should be in the freezer. 

#3. Can I Use the HelloFresh Ingredient Packaging For Freezing? 

You can use the HelloFresh ingredient packaging for freezing. However, some ingredients may not freeze well, especially oil-rich ones. 

You can put them in an airtight container to avoid spillage and to provide better freezing. 

Final Thoughts

HelloFresh is among the best meal kit services in the world.

Their emphasis on customer interest makes them go the extra mile to ensure their ingredients and meals are top-notch. 

However, to enjoy your HelloFresh meal, you must know how to preserve it. Always check if the meals have gone bad before eating for health reasons.

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