Why Does Pizza Hut Not Have Spinach? (Read This First)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:12 pm

Millennials and Gen Z enjoy pizza’s sweet and salty taste, especially because there are different options. 

Pizza Hut satisfies everyone’s cravings by producing one of the best pizzas available in various flavors.

Apart from having a lot of pizza-making experience, they make other foods like pasta, breadsticks, and desserts.

Recently, pizza with spinach as a topping has been absent from their menu, and it is normal to wonder what happened.

Pizza Hut does not have spinach because the owners removed it from the menu. The Hut keeps a diverse selection of foods on its menu, and every Hut customer has a favorite. The menu remains the same until the owners upgrade it with the newest item meant to keep customers coming back. 

In this article, I’ll highlight the reasons Pizza Hut doesn’t have spinach and much more! 

Why Did Pizza Hut Remove Spinach Pizza From its Menu?

Why Does Pizza Hut Not Have Spinach

Spinach pizzas and a few other toppings are no longer available for sale at Pizza Hut. 

The choice to remove spinach pizza was not for a negative reason but to focus on the regular toppings its customers usually go for.

Pizza Hut earns a profit by sticking with the more common toppings that its customers prefer. 

But, as with any restaurant, the menu has expanded over time to reflect the diverse tastes of its consumers.

Some of the common toppings on the menu include beef, chicken, bacon, etc. The menu also has vegetables like olives, jalapeno peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc.

The owners of Pizza Hut always make the menu in a way that meets everyone’s diet needs.

They have crust pizza, specialty pizza, and healthy pizza with many vegetables.

#1. Crust Varieties

There are a few interesting crust variations on the Pizza Hut menu. Pan pizza has a thick, crunchy crust on the exterior and a soft, chewy center.

Stuffed Crust Pizza is a cheese-filled crust. This type of pizza is for those who enjoy a lot of cheese in their pizza.

#2. The Specialty Pizza

Pizza Hut specialties are there for those who want to avoid the hassle of deciding the kind of pizza to get.

They include;

  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Meaty Pizza
  • Hawaiian Luau: This is a combination of pineapple and bacon
  • Cheese Lover’s Pizza
  • Spicy Sicilian
  • Hawaiian Chicken Thin’ N Crispy and many more

#3. Healthy Alternatives

A few items on the Pizza Hut menu can help you keep healthy.

The Veggie Lover’s Thin’ N Crispy Pizza is good for avoiding meat. In addition, it has less dough, so you can cut back on calories. 

Green peppers, tomatoes, and olives are among the popular veggie selections at Pizza Hut.

Pizza Hut makes the multigrain crust with whole-grain bread, which is healthier than white bread.

Trends and taste buds keep changing, and Pizza Hut updates its menu to ensure that it serves its customers and is cost-effective.

Even though Pizza Hut provides these different options to meet the hunger needs of its customers, it is important to know the pros and cons of consuming too much pizza.

Below is a table showing the pros and cons of eating pizza.

Pizza with Mozzarella cheese can provide your body with calcium, potassium, and protein.Pizzas have a high carbohydrate content which does not digest easily, leading to constipation.
Olive oil in pizza lowers cholesterol and increases antioxidant levels in the body.One of the downsides of eating pizza is weight gain. 
The tomatoes in the topping include Lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant. Daily pizza consumption can stimulate sebaceous glands’ formation, leading to acne.

Was the Spinach on Pizza Hut Cooked or Raw?

No, the spinach on Pizza Hut was always raw and not cooked. Spinach is mostly used raw in most dishes, including salads.

Fresh spinach has the delicate texture and vibrant color that processed spinach loses. 

When cooked, spinach’s flavor becomes more acidic, but when it is raw, it has a mild, somewhat sweet flavor that can be pleasant to taste.

You do not have to cook spinach and other delicate vegetables before adding them to meals. 

Because it helps retain its flavor, and this is what Pizza Hut always did to keep the natural nutrient intact.

Even though spinach is available all year long, its prime months are from March to May and from September to October. During these times, they are the easiest to find.

But if you want to preserve some at home for use in other food preparations, here’s what to do;

  • You can keep spinach for usage within three to five days by loosely wrapping it in a wet paper towel. 
  • Store it in the refrigerator in a resealable airtight container or plastic bag.
  • For long-term storage, blanch the spinach for two minutes in boiling water.
  • Remove and place right away in freezing water.
  • When the spinach is cool, drain it.
  • Place blanched greens that are cool into appropriate containers like freezer-grade plastic bags.
  • Buy spinach with deep green leaves and stems that show no signs of yellowing.
  • Do not accept withered leaves; avoid those with a slimy coating, as this indicates deterioration.

Best Alternatives for Pizza Hut Spinach

Pizza Hut may no more be making spinach pizzas, but you can still get it if you want it because there are alternatives.

Spinach is a leafy vegetable abundant in nutrients. Therefore, spinach on pizza has a lot of health benefits, especially for people trying on a special diet or trying to eat healthily.

But since Pizza Hut no longer makes spinach pizza, there are other alternatives that you can try.

#1. Lettuce (Butterhead)

Crunchy lettuce may not have the same feel as spinach, but the softer lettuce kinds, such as butterhead lettuce, sometimes known as bibb lettuce, are a good alternative for spinach.

Butterhead lettuce has a delicate feel similar to spinach. It also resembles large-leaf spinach species.

Butterhead lettuce is high in vitamin K and folate, which helps with cell division and Gene regulation in the body.

For pizza or any dish, use butterhead lettuce like you would spinach.

#2. Kale

You can swap kale for spinach, but the type you use will vary based on the dish. 

For example, if you’re going to use kale to replace raw spinach for making spinach pizza, use baby kale because it’s softer than mature kale.

You can rub mature kale with olive oil to make it softer. Kale has a high nutritional value; it contains folate, vitamin C, fiber, and other vitamins and minerals. 

In addition, eating green vegetables can help prevent various health issues.

#3. Mustard greens

When you’re out of spinach, mustard greens can help you out. Unlike spinach, raw mustard greens have a peppery taste, but when you cook them, it becomes mild.

Due to the peppery taste, mustard greens have the potential to alter the flavor of your food. It is also a good source of minerals and vitamins.

Do Any Pizzerias Still Make Spinach Pizza?

Yes, some pizzerias still make spinach pizza. If you’re looking for spinach pizza, you should check out Dominos Pizza. 

They use baby spinach rather than mature one because they believe it enhances the richness and flavor of pizza.

Papa John’s Pizza also makes spinach pizza. They also have more options for pizza toppings.

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