Can You Barbeque In A Pizza Oven? (Explained) 2022

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In favorable weather, cooking some food outdoors would be great. However, when friends and family join the fun, it makes the activity more exciting.

Furthermore, the action would need a mechanism to heat the delicacies, and that’s a barbeque.

But is this a possibility when you only have a pizza oven?

Excitingly, Yes! you can barbecue in a pizza oven. However, there are different designs and sizes of pizza ovens. So, depending on the kind of pizza oven, you could have to wait for the oven to heat up.

Can I Use My Pizza Oven as a BBQ?

You can use your pizza oven as a BBQ. However, not all kinds of pizza ovens are convenient as a BBQ.

In addition, some of the pizza ovens are small in size because of indoor users, particularly the modern pizza ovens.

Using these small pizza ovens as a BBQ makes things quite stressful, especially when you’ve lots of meat to grill.

Besides, these compact pizza ovens sometimes can not generate slow heat, low heat required for large muscular meats.

Also, the quantity of food portable ovens can cook at a stretch is less than a BBQ.

Additionally, many people consider a BBQ a heating device consisting of a large cooking grid.

This cooking grid can hold lots of food while the charcoal, wood, or gas heat those foods.

For this reason, many dislike the idea of using a pizza oven as a BBQ.

Notwithstanding, some pizza ovens are big enough to entertain more food and even provide enough heat.

So, it’s okay if you’re thinking of barbecuing some chicken or steak in a pizza oven.

And make sure all things are right before grilling because I’m sure you won’t want to serve burnt meat entirely.

However, don’t worry if you have a small pizza oven that can work the magic. Nonetheless, when using a small pizza oven as a BBQ, don’t choke up the oven with food.

Creating air space around foods and an oven or a BBQ is essential. The reason is that the gap around these foods allows them to absorb the hot air singly.

Pros of Barbequing in a Pizza Oven?

As we all know, a pizza oven isn’t initially designed for barbequing. Hence, barbequing in a pizza oven has drawbacks while introducing additional benefits.

With that said, let’s go through the advantages and disadvantages of barbequing in a pizza oven.

Below are some additional benefits you will likely experience when using a pizza oven for barbeque.

#1. Delicious barbeque

As a small pizza oven wouldn’t be able to contain many foods. Therefore, you can’t cook so much, and that would make you care for just a few barbeques.

For instance, if it’s just two legs of chicken in the pizza oven, this would make each of these chicken legs get enough spices, sauce, and turns needed to make it delicious.

#2. Portability

Irrespective of spending their summer indoors, many are fond of outside.

So, if you happen to fall under those that love going out or barbeque during the summer, there’s good news.

And here’s the excellent news, you don’t need to carry that big BBQ along; your pizza oven would do, especially if you’re going with a few folks.

#3. No need for a BBQ

Why buy a BBQ, while you know a pizza oven can do the job.

A pizza oven can serve as a multi-purpose device, functioning both as a BBQ and a device for preparing delicious pizzas.

Using a pizza oven for barbeque is cost-efficient as it offers two services for the price of one!

#4. Indoor barbeque

Some of us aren’t too comfortable cooking outside. However, all the smoke and heat that comes out of a BBQ makes us unable to keep it inside the house.

Notwithstanding, discovering you could use a pizza oven as a BBQ, you can do your cooking. However, ensure this is done close to a window to maintain proper ventilation.

Also, pizza ovens generate heat and smoke but can’t be compared to a BBQ.

#5. Temperature Detection

Many people would like to know the degree of hotness their ovens or cookers operate.

Thankfully, most pizza ovens are generally designed with a digital thermometer to measure heat during the grilling or barbequing process.

So, with this device, you would always know the level of heat you’re cooking with. How helpful this can be when you are following a cooking guide.

Cons of Barbequing in a Pizza Oven?

Only round pegs fit in round holes. Having this in mind, you should expect some discrepancies when using a pizza oven for BBQ.

Consider some disadvantages you should expect.

#1. Inadequate Capacity

Most pizza ovens do not have large grids like a BBQ. However, most pizza ovens don’t even have a grid, and some have small cavities for making pizzas.

Let’s say there’s so much meat to barbecue, but there will probably be grilled batch by batch because of space.

Thinking of that stress alone can be sufficient to discourage you.

#2. Inappropriate Delays

Using a pizza oven for barbeque is time-consuming not only because you get to grill at intervals but because of the time it takes the oven to heat up alone.

This result is usually obstruction in the order of events, especially when hanging out with family and friends.

Still, you can get around this by simply preheating the oven adequately.

#3. Less Action

Many see a barbeque as a gathering of close ones usually done outdoors.

Nonetheless, this activity is more fun for some people when they gather around the fire.

But, using a pizza oven as a BBQ reduces the excitement and fun that comes with having a barbeque. In addition, some individuals enjoy viewing the delicacy from the BBQ grid.

However, that vision would be blurred because a pizza oven isn’t as open as a BBQ.

Are there Specific Pizza Oven Brands for Barbecue?

As I said earlier, pizza ovens are not designed initially for barbecue. Nonetheless, wood fire ovens can do some delicious barbeque like the real thing.

So, it is safe to say that there are specific pizza ovens for barbecue. Nonetheless, this reason is because of their designs and cooking sizes.

However, some are more suitable to be used for barbecue than others.

Let’s see some of these preferable pizza ovens below;

#1. The Bar-Be-quick Original Grill & Oven

Bar-Be-quick Original Grill & Oven

Brand: Holland Plastics Original Brand.

This brand of pizza ovens is best for BBQ and a perfect combination of both a grill/oven.

The height of the grill is adjustable to control the heat. This oven can fit any garden design and in the backyard.

Also, it has an oven cooking compartment where the food can be cooked or warmed for everyone to have a hot barbecue at the same time when it’s served.

You can cook while using the grid right on top of the oven. The integrated oven and charcoal BBQ in bricks have a large cooking area of 62×32 cm.

This oven has three adjustable heights of grills for cooking different kinds of meat.

#2. Ooni Karu 16

Brand: Ooni.

This type of oven is fueled by wood, charcoal, or an optional gas burner attachment.

It’s one of the best ovens on the Ooni range so far and has enough to grill some steaks.

The difference between this Ooni oven and its predecessors is the digital thermometer front-mounted on the oven.

The Ooni Karu 16 oven has a full glass door that allows you to view how your barbecue or pizza is faring in the heat.

Also, they are portable and can be taken to camping sites or outings.

#3. Igneus Classico Pizza Oven

Brand: Igneus.

This oven has good space for grilling your food, and it is hand-made in Portugal.

However, the Igneus classic pizza oven is designed for preparing delicious pizza.

But because it has enough cavities for cooking, many also use the oven for different barbeque kinds of meat.

The oven is often fueled by wood and is regarded as a wood-fired oven. In summary, many other types of pizza ovens aren’t mentioned above.

Notwithstanding, that doesn’t exclude them from being able to barbecue. However, some ovens are roomier than other ovens based on cooking space.

Therefore, this advantage makes the above-listed pizza ovens and a lot of others more suitable for barbecue.


Barbequing in a pizza oven gives the food a delicious taste, like a BBQ. But I guess you may have thought of barbequing in a pizza oven before.

You could give it a try and see how it goes. However, keep in mind that some pizza ovens are more convenient to be used as a BBQ.


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