Does Dominos Pizza Offer Senior Discount? (Explained)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Senior citizens are eligible for their share of discounts at restaurants and eateries. Fortunately, Domino’s Pizza considers the matter and cherishes its customers.

Seniors are fond of take-outs, and fast food cafe’s because they lack the strength to cook. So, does Dominos Pizza offer various percentages of discounts for their senior citizen customers?

Yes, Dominos pizza offers senior citizens discounts because they deserve all the love and might not have the strength to cook. They have discounts ranging from 10% to almost 30% during special occasions or seasons. It’s their way of showing affection for the elderly, especially those who fancy a box of Domino’s pizza daily.

Does Dominos Give a Senior Discount?

Dominos Pizza Offer Senior Discount

Dominos pizza does offer special discounts for senior citizens and the elderly at special times of the year. The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting businesses and the elderly badly.

As a result, there has been a rise in demand for discounted fast food, especially Among the elderly stuck in the lockdown.

Seniors citizens can get a special discount while redeeming their pizza coupon codes. Some of which are awarded from their website or after purchasing some pizzas like the extra-large topping pizza.

Seniors citizens can also get discount coupons by regularly checking the dominos website for new offers.

Apart from Domino’s website, other retail sites are responsible for updating their customers on the following available discounts.

Seniors citizens can ask or apply for a senior citizens discount whenever ordering Pizza from Domino pizza.

Applying beforehand would ensure they get the best deals and discounts whenever available.

Like most fast-food chains, Dominos pizza has different definitions of what can be described as elderly.

Some branches classify the elderly as 55yrs and above, while others classify seniors as those above 60yrs.

Senior citizens must meet each branch’s Standard age requirement before applying for a senior citizens discount.

No two dominos pizzas might offer the same amount of senior citizens discount. Some branches might offer better discounts than others within your locality.

Discounts start from 10% to 30%, so it’s best to find which branches offer the best discounts.

You can also subscribe to this website to receive notifications on coupons and discounts available at dominos pizzas nearby.

In addition, there are other coupon provider websites like,, etc.

Why Does Dominos Not Give Senior Discount?

Presently, Domino’s Pizza does not have any senior citizens discount available. But that’s not to say they won’t be a possible offering in the future.

So be rest assured that this future can be tomorrow, next week, or even next month as it depends on the turn of events.

Fast food retailers like dominos pizza regularly give discounts but mostly during celebrations and festivities.

That means you are more likely to see special discounts during the fourth of July celebrations, easter, and yuletide seasons.

The student discount offer is the only discount readily available at Domino’s Pizza.

Domino’s Pizza student discount offer called “Unidays” offers up to 35% discount on purchases made by college students.

It is excellent for college students tight on cash and perfect for those planning to throw parties on the cheap.

Other well-known brands like Pizza Hut offer a 10% discount on all meals for seniors above 55. So unless you are a loyal customer, you can search for better offers from other well-respected brands.

Some fast-food retailers offer discounts to ex-military and disabled veterans. For example, Dominos pizza used to offer special discounts to veterans, but they are presently not offering them.

However, this might change in the future, hopefully. Also, checking during special occasions like world veterans day and parades would increase your chances of getting a senior citizen discount.

How To Get Available Discounts At Dominos?   

There are plenty of ways to get discounts on your pizza orders from dominos pizza. I’ll go ahead to discuss a few.

#1. Install Domino’s Pizza App

You can start by downloading the official Domino’s pizza app and enjoy exclusive discounts and offers.

Dominos Pizza updates its offers and discounts weekly; you can check-in for good deals and discounts not available anywhere.

Other food delivery apps like Zomato, UberEATS and Swiggy offer various discounted vouchers.

Ordering through these apps can help save some dollars on small orders and tens of dollars on larger ones.

#2. Subscribe To Coupon Hunting Websites

Some sites offer free coupon codes, and you can purchase discounted vouchers from them for a small fee.

You can also register on them to get notifications whenever coupons or vouchers are available. These sites are free to subscribe to and update their offer regularly.

You can also sell your unused coupon codes and vouchers.

#3. Visit Your Nearest Domino’s Pizza Establishment

One can argue that the surest way to get the best discounts is at your local Domino’s store.

Visiting Your Nearest Establishment is also a sure way to get never seen before discounts as high as 50 percent.

Regularly buying from a particular store can make you eligible for special discounts. You can also get time-limited flash sales that are not available online.

#4. Purchase Goods At Select Stores

Domino’s Pizza regularly partners with some retailers that offer customers discount coupons when they buy certain goods.

So when next you are shopping, look for stores that award discounts, coupons, and vouchers.

#5. Pay With Your Pay Wallet

For retail transactions, cashless transactions and payments are encouraged because they avoid the hassle of transacting with cash.

In addition, it is fast and secure for the customers, and retailers won’t have to worry about counterfeits and armed robbery.

Paying for your orders with your Paytm Wallet can get you cashback points you can redeem when making orders.

Does Domino’s Have a Free Pizza Policy?

Domino’s Pizza does have a free pizza policy, and you can get it as a buy one get one free promo. Their buy one gets one free policy is available when you purchase a medium classic Pizza.

So ordering a medium classic Pizza means you get double the Pizza at one price. This option is perfect for those looking to get more Pizza at cheaper rates.

Senior citizens in New Zealand are eligible for free Pizza once a week. Due to the pandemic and lockdowns, senior citizens have been hard hit, with most losing their source of livelihood.

This method is Domino’s pizza’s way of helping the less privileged in our midst.

Where To Get Dominos Pizza Discount Code?

There are several ways of getting Domino pizza discount codes. Both through official and non-official channels. You must determine if your local store accepts coupon codes or vouchers.

You can get Various discount codes from these places below;

  • Dominos Pizza Establishments near you.
  • Online retailers and shops that sell coupons.
  • Subscribe to websites that notify you whenever there are new coupon offerings.
  • Buying goods from retailers in a partnership with Domino’s pizza and awards coupons for patronizing them.


Domino’s Pizza regularly offers discounts to senior citizens, but there are no such offers presently.

However, you can check their website for available coupons, download their official app, and get notified of new coupons.

You can also check other fast food establishments for better deals and offers available in your region.

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