Does Domino’s Pizza Have Salads? (Let’s Find Out)

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When you think of Domino’s, the first thing that comes to mind is their pizza. On a typical day, you may enjoy pizza and other fast food options, but we always crave something different once in a while. 

Some people don’t fancy the usual fried stuff Domino’s is well known for and want alternatives.

This leads to speculations if Domino’s offers healthier items on their menu like salads. So, do they have salads?

The classic garden salad and chicken caesar salad are two tasty salads in Dominos’.The Domino’s menu offers these two nutritious and delicious yet affordable and enjoyable salads. In addition, the tasty chicken apple pecan is also featured on their menu.

What Kind of Salads Does Domino’s Have?

Domino's Pizza Have Salads

Certain people enjoy having a salad at any time because of its nutritious nature. Domino’s provides a wide variety of tasty food and desserts, and their salads are no exception.

These salads provide not just nutrients but also leave you feeling delighted

For those who don’t fancy the usual fried foods they offer, then you’ll be thrilled by their salads.

The pre-packaged salads come in three varieties: chicken caesar, classic garden, and chicken apple pecan.

Domino’s chicken caesar salad is rich and tasty. This salad is made by adding grilled chicken meat to a blend of brioche garlic croutons and parmesan cheese onto a bed of romaine and iceberg lettuce.

This is combined with the classic caesar dressing served on the side, and you won’t want to stop enjoying it. 

The caesar dressing has anchovies, cheese, and garlic which enriches it further. It can be served with various dressings that add to its rich taste.

You can either go with their dressing or make a specific order for the dressing of your choice. 

The balsamic vinaigrette is another typical dressing used by Dominos. Another option is dressing with olive oil, lemon juice, grated cheese, and coddled eggs.

To add more flavor and make it healthier, you can add Greek yogurt.

This makes a beautiful side meal due to its protein-filled ingredients. You can take it without the dressing if you want to reduce this salad’s calorie content.

This is most especially for those being weight conscious. Another excellent way to enjoy this salad is by eating it with your pizza.

These two tastes coming together provide an unforgettable and satisfying taste.

This salad is a beautiful and delicious combo of carrots, red cabbage, red onions, grape tomatoes, brioche garlic croutons, cheddar cheese, romaine, and icebergs lettuce.

All these ingredients make up the crispy and unforgettable taste of a Domino’s classic garden salad. 

The everyday dressing for the classic garden salad is the creamy ranch dressing. Others prefer Ken’s lite balsamic with olive oil salad dressing for their classic garden salad.

You can also use the caesar dressing for your classic garden salad. It is also the best choice for vegetarians.

In addition to these two salads, Domino’s also offers the chicken apple pecan salad.

This salad is made with roasted white meat chicken, red and green apples, dried cranberries, cheddar cheese, and praline pecans on a bed of leafy spring mix.

This salad is not as well known or ordered as the other two, but it is pretty yummy.

How Many Calories Are in a Domino’s Salad?

Some people are very cautious about their calorie intake to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

However, excessive calorie intake often becomes a problem due to health reasons.

One of the significant sources of calories is the dressing used for your salad. These dressings are usually provided on the side, and you can take your salad without it.

As I mentioned earlier, the classic garden salad is the most nutritious item on Domino’s menu.

It has 80 calories, 8g carbohydrates, 4g fat, 3g protein, 2g saturated fat, 1g dietary fiber, 2g sugars, zero trans-fat, and 120mg sodium.

Therefore, this is a good option for those looking for the most healthy salad. It also satisfies you quickly because it’s made of fresh vegetables.

On the other hand, the chicken caesar salad is not your first choice when considering weight loss. This is because this salad has a high level of calories summing up to 220g.

This results from the dressing and the high amount of cheese used in making it. 

It also contains 14g carbohydrates, 18g protein, 8g fat, 570mg sodium, zero trans-fat, 40mg cholesterol, 4g sugars, 2g dietary fiber, and 3g saturated fat.

The caesar dressing has 220g of calories, mainly from the 96% of fat in it. In the case of the dressing, you can use an Italian dressing that is lighter.

This also serves to increase the nutritional value of the chicken caesar salad. 

The chicken caesar salad is said to benefit your heart and builds immunity. In the case of the chicken apple pecan salad, it contains 190 calories, with 50% of it gotten from carbohydrates. 

It also contains 13g proteins, 2.5g saturated fat, 40mg cholesterol, 5g fat, 350mg sodium, 23g carbohydrates, 4g dietary fiber, 14g sugars, and zero trans fat.

The pecans are the most enjoyable part of this salad and are very low in calories.

How Big are Domino’s Salads?

Domino’s Salad sizes aren’t as big as they should be, considering the price. However, the pre-packaged salad is usually tiny and just enough for at most two servings.

There are no standard sizes provided for these salads. Therefore, ordering for it may require you to specify the numbers of people it’ll be for.

This will provide a way of knowing how the servings will be.

This sometimes creates confusion because other items on the menu, like the pizza, have set sizes. This makes it easier for someone ordering it to specify the size and get an accurate price.

However, in the case of the salad, it is not so.

The pre-packaged salads available in their stores have been objects of various complaints. This is because the items in it sometimes do not meet up to the expectations of the customer.

The vegetables are not usually fresh and are little in quantity. So, it becomes hard to enjoy your salad thoroughly.

Did Domino’s Get Rid of Salads?

Although Domino’s is more associated with pizza, their salads are also an effective alternative for those who want healthier food.

The fast-food chain started featuring salads as a healthy option to attract veg customers. 

However, after a bad earnings report and decreased sales, they had to make another change.

Those that enjoyed the salads are sad because they can’t anymore and have to make their salads at home or purchase them elsewhere.

The pre-packaged salads did not meet up to their intended profit, and they had to stop them. Reviews from unsatisfied customers getting from stores were also another problem to tackle.

Most of the complaints focused on the fact that the vegetables lost their freshness after being packaged for a long time. The chicken was fresh but didn’t taste the desired flavor-filled way anymore.

All the menu features now are side salads which are a fair drop from the tasty ones you got used to.

Although most people loved and enjoyed the chicken caesar salad, it was replaced by a  “veggie lovers’ salad .”

This salad is delicious and includes grilled vegetables such as eggplant or zucchini. 

Domino’s Salad Price

One good thing about Domino’s is that it offers reasonable prices. Domino’s has made it possible to get a quality taste at low prices.

The salads are no exception as they’re very affordable. So many people flock to Domino’s outlets everywhere for delicious taste and affordable prices.

The standard price for the chicken caesar, classic garden, and chicken apple pecan salad is $6.49. However, there are discount options available for these salads and other items.

For example, when you pair your salad with a mix and match menu item like the stuffed cheese bread, pasta, sandwiches, or medium two-topping pizzas, it becomes $5.99. 

Other discount options are available occasionally to help customers enjoy and order more. 


Domino’s made it easier for health enthusiasts who want a salad when everyone else is getting pizza. All salads are cheap and mouth-watering with excellent nutritional value.

Homemade recipes are available if you feel up to making yours at home. You may not get the salad you want there, but you’ll get one that suits your taste.

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