How Much Does A Gallon Of Tea Weigh? (Read This First)

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The art of tea-making can be traced back to ancient China and was popular among the emperors of their time.

As time passed, the Chinese discovered advanced methods of preserving tea leaves, so they started exporting them worldwide.

Presently tea is a trendy beverage consumed in nearly every country. 

In America alone, there are almost 200 million Tea consumers, which will increase in the future.

Most countries use the metric system as a standard unit of measurement even when shipping to America.

This action leads to specific issues when converting to the imperial system.

A US Gallon of Tea weighs about 8.34 pounds, but this value might differ if you added milk. It is because the specific gravity of tea is almost the same as pure water at room temperature. The mass of tea dissolved in water is so tiny that unsweetened tea is approximately equal to pure water in weight.

How Much Does a Gallon of Iced Tea Weigh?

How Much Does a Gallon of Tea Weigh

Iced tea is one of the many variations of tea that is frozen or chilled before consumption.

A gallon of frozen or unsweetened ice tea weighs the same as water at room temperature, which is 8.34 pounds. Iced tea is trendy in warm climates and places with lots of sunshine.

Iced tea is consumed in different countries worldwide, especially during summer. You can prepare Iced Tea with some easy steps.

#1. Fill a Pitcher with a Gallon of Water

It would be best if you filled a large container or pitcher with water ( in this case, a single US Gallon).

Then, use clean water to make your iced tea, so there are no dangerous bacteria.

#2. Separate and Boil some Water

You should separate some water from the container into another pot, cover it and boil it.

Boil the water thoroughly. Boiling the water will kill germs and bacteria in the water.

#3. Add the Tea leaves or Teabags.

If you use tea leaves or powder, measure the preferred amount and allow it to boil for 4-5 minutes. Then, strain the liquid and pour it back into the container. 

Place the required bags into the steaming water and allow them to sit for some minutes. Then, remove the Teabags and pour the liquid back into the container.

#4. Put your Additives

A large number of people like their iced tea sweetened and spiced up. You can add corn syrup or honey to sweeten the tea.

You can also add fruits like lemon and oranges to give it a refreshing taste.

#5. Deep Freeze

After adding all your preferred sweeteners, it’s time to refrigerate it. Put the container in a refrigerator or freezer, allow it to cool to your taste, remove, pour out and enjoy.

How Much Does a Gallon of Sweet Tea Weigh?

Sweet tea is iced tea made from black leaves mixed with lots of sugar. Due to the large amounts of sugar used to make sweet tea,  a Gallon of Sweet Tea weighs about 8.7 lb.

That’s an almost 0.44 lb increase in weight compared to regular unsweetened tea.

You can trace sweet tea’s origins to northern America, but it quickly became popular in the South.

Sweet tea faced its share of hurdles before it became a southern staple beverage.

The South had short winters and long summers, so there was no way to store ice for long periods. 

With their long winters and short summers, the north had easy access to ice from frozen lakes and ponds.

So a thriving business of ice importation to the South began, where sweetened tea became a hit.

Sweet tea is heavier than average tea (8.7 lb compared to 8.34 lb) because of its high sugar content.

You can also add sweeteners like maple syrup and honey into the mix. 

#1. Methods of Making Sweet Tea

You can find different methods and ways of making sweet tea. Here I will tell you how to make a simple and easy gallon of Sweet Tea.

Heat a gallon of water. It would be best if you filled a suitable container with a gallon of water.

Heat the water till it boils to kill germs and bacteria, then turn off the fire and allow it to cool a bit.

You can now add the Tea bags and wait until the tea is sufficiently black. 

Spice it up. Even though it’s not popular, some ingredients will give your sweet tea an extra spicy feel.

These ingredients like peppermint leaves, thyme, and chopped lemons give the tea a more herbal taste.

Sweet tea without lots of sugar cannot be called sweet tea. A gallon of sweet tea needs at least a cup of sugar to sweeten it.

You can use regular granulated sugar, but it’s preferred if you use sugar syrup. Stir the mixture until the sugar properly dissolves. 

Time to Refrigerate the Tea. With the tea ready, it’s now time to cool it down. Place the container in a fridge and allow it to cool down sufficiently, but do not allow it to freeze.

After refrigerating, fill a tumbler with the tea, add some ice cubes and a slice of lemon and enjoy.

How Many Pounds Does a Gallon of Tea Weigh?

A gallon of pure unsweetened tea weighs approximately 8.34 lb. However, a gallon of tea that has milk among its ingredients will weigh higher. 

A gallon of milk is denser than a gallon of tea. That is because milk is not a pure liquid. Instead, it contains heavy proteins and colloidal material.

Tea is a trendy beverage consumed in different countries around the world. There are different types of tea consumed around the world.

Here is a list of the different kinds of tea we have 

  • White Tea. White tea is tea leaves that are not processed. The leaves are just dried and packaged.
  • Green Tea. Green tea is like white tea, but the green tea leaves are heated or smoked before packaging.
  • Black Tea. Black tea is the most consumed of all tea in the world. Black tea is fully oxidized. The oxidation gives it a refreshing and sweet taste.

How Much Does a Gallon of Arizona Tea Weigh?


A gallon of Arizona tea weighs 128 Fl Oz, approximately 8.35 lb. Arizona Beverages is an American manufacturer that produces several kinds of beverages.

They make things like iced tea, energy drinks, and cocktails. They are well known for their 0.99-dollar beverages. 

Arizona Beverages was founded in 1971 when its two founders opened a beer distribution business in  New York.

The company was a success, and they expanded and started producing bottled teas in 1992.

You can get a gallon of Arizona Tea for as low as 14 dollars on stores like Amazon.

How Much Does a Half Gallon of Arizona Tea Weigh?

A Half Gallon of Arizona Tea weighs ~4.2 lb or 62 oz. Using a measuring cup, you can measure out half a gallon of Arizona Tea from a whole gallon.

A standard US measuring cup contains eight fluid ounces when complete. 

Here is a way you measure out half a gallon of Arizona Tea using a US measuring cup.

  • Select the appropriate measuring cup, and avoid cheap cups that can have incorrect grading.
  • Place the measuring cup on a level surface.
  • Pour out the tea to the required measurement. In this case, a full cup.
  • Since half a gallon is 62 Fl Oz and a US cup is 8 Fl Oz, you will have to Measure 7.75 US cups to get half a gallon of Arizona Tea.

How Much Do 4 Gallons of Tea Weigh?

A gallon of tea weighs about ~8.34 pounds, meaning four gallons of tea will be 8.34 pounds multiplied by 4, which equals 33.36 pounds.

So four gallons of tea weigh 33.36 LBS.

¼ gal2.08 lb
⅓ gal2.78 lb 
½ gal4.17 lb
1 gal8.34 lb


A US Gallon of Tea weighs ~8.34 pounds or 124 Fl Oz. However, the weight might vary from gallon to gallon due to the addition of heavier sweeteners and milk. 

However, the differences in mass are minor and should not affect your measurements.

You can order a premade gallon of iced tea or sweet tea at your nearest retail store or online on sites like Amazon.

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