Dominos Payment Methods (Things You Must Know)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Pizza Shopping at Dominos is quite easy as they have such amazing quality, and payment for their services requires no stress.

Furthermore, Dominos is well known for the efficiency and quality services that it renders to its clients. Therefore, knowing the various payment methods at Dominos would come in handy.

Various payment methods are accepted at Dominos, including cash and credit card payments. Payments can also be made to Dominos online through certain apps that directly access Dominos’ restaurants like PayPal, etc. However, Dominos does not accept mobile transfers for payment.

What Payment Methods Does Dominos accept?


While paying cash is common and accepted at Dominos, credit card payments are also accepted. 

Many people feel discouraged from using their credit cards for payments for fear of insecurity or theft.

Dominos works with the best and most secure payment platform partners. So using your card to pay for a dominos pizza order is very safe. 

 Dominos also accepts online payments from your mobile phones through certain apps like Google Pay, Paypal, and Apple Pay. 

Using these apps is quite as easy and effective too.

The best part is that you can do it from your home, office, or wherever as long as you can locate it by the Dominos tracking device for your delivery.

It also takes a short period to access, order, and receive your pizza. Not to mention it is very safe as all your information is well protected.

Can You Still Pay With Cash at Dominos?

Cash is acceptable at Dominos. This payment method is traditional and requires no stress at all. Initially, cash was the only payment method at Dominos.

Still, over the years, as technology grew and other ways of paying bills came up, Dominos made available other payment methods to suit her clients near and far. 

Even with the revolution of payment apps, the use of cash as payment has not been displaced. Cash payments are still very much accepted at Dominos.

It is by far the quickest and most satisfying method, as everything is done physically and easily. Cash payments are accepted even when you order for delivery.

But it is very important to get the cash ready before your order arrives so that you don’t keep the delivery man or lady waiting too long for the payment. 

How Do I Add a Payment Method to Dominos?

Adding a payment method to your Domino’s account is less stressful than one would think. You don’t have to download the app to fill in new information.

Instead, you simply add the new card to the already existing details.

The steps are easy to follow and can conclude in barely 10 minutes. First of all, ensure you have the app on your phone.

Then you follow the processes below;

  • Open the Dominos app
  • Click on the top icon(3 white lines)
  • Click on “Welcome to Dominos”
  • Click on “save payment information.”
  • Store your name and new card info
  • Click on save. 

This process is quite easy, but if you find it hard or cannot follow through, contact Domino pizza for directions on how to complete the process.

Dominos Online Payment Methods

Paying online is very easy and takes very little time. It is also highly accessible from any part of the world. There are certain apps available for online payments at Dominos.

These apps include;

#1. PayPal;

You can use Paypal freely on all Dominos orders. It is also a good way to buy pizza for friends and family and deliver it without you or them being close.

You could run the process from the comfort of your home in barely 15 minutes and be satisfied with the service. 

#2. Apple Pay;

with an iPhone, ordering and paying with Domino apple pay is as easy as four clicks. Your order is tracked live with Dominos live pizza tracker and delivered to you.

Although Dominos apple pay is very safe, quick, and easy to use, it uses security features built into the hardware and software of your device to help protect every transaction you make.

#3. Google pay;

Google Pay is a payment method that you can access from any android phone. So, for example, you could easily pay online for a Domino’s pizza order using Google’s digital wallet.

This app is a free mobile system that allows users to store their credit cards, loyalty cards, and debit cards electronically on their mobile phones.

Your information is entered on these apps, and the various apps are responsible for protecting personal data. All data protection guidelines treat the client’s information as confidential.

If you find it difficult using any of these apps for payment, you can contact Dominos pizza So they can guide you through the whole process.

Does Dominos take credit cards?

Dominos takes credit cards. In case of no cash, credit cards are very much accepted at Dominos as they have very good POS services and are easily accessible to all clients.

It doesn’t matter if you’re at the restaurant or ordered Dominos pizza delivery at a different location.

While placing your order, you inform the restaurant that payment will be via credit card, and the process goes well on delivery. 

Credit card payment is quite safe and used as a payment method at Dominos. It takes very little time and requires no stress.

Many people prefer using their credit cards for payment, so they don’t have to carry money around. As long as you have your card, you’re good to buy from Dominos. 

Why Can’t I Pay Cash for Dominos?

Unless you are at a different location at the time, cash payments are very much appreciated and accepted at Dominos.

However, this has to be in person, and you have to be in sight to give the money at the restaurant or point of delivery. 

Cash has been the traditional payment method since the birth of Dominos, every other method came after, and cash payment is still in use at the moment.

Dominos always takes cash payments, whether at the restaurant or when you place a Dominos pizza order and have it delivered to you.

Although not many people use it anymore compared to the safety and efficiency of credit card payments, it is still a payment method, and Dominos accepts it. 


Dominos Pizza makes amazing Pizza all over the country and beyond; that is why they make their services easily accessible to everyone.

You can make orders and payments without any stress from the current of your home, current, current.

That is why Dominos receives cash and credit card payments.

You can also pay for pizza online using your mobile phone with various apps such as PayPal, Google Pay, and apple pay. Transfers, however, are not accepted at Dominos.

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