What’s In A Dutch Bros Dinosaur Egg? (Must Know This)

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Famous for their various flavorful drink combinations, Dutch Bros is a place to stop for a fantastic drink.

However, if you’re looking through the menu and don’t know what to order, I suggest you try the dinosaur egg. 

The Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg contains a well-blended mixture of almond drizzle, white chocolate, blue raspberry, strawberry, and B-52 latte. Unicorn blood is another name for the mixture of almond, white chocolate, and strawberry. So, don’t freak out if the waiter says there’s unicorn blood in your drink. 

What is a Dutch Bros Dinosaur Egg? 

What's in a Dutch Bros Dinosaur Egg

Dinosaur egg is a weird name for a drink. Well, the Dutch Bros aren’t your everyday coffee café. You’d see why as you read on. 

A Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg rebel is a drink made from a combo of B-52 latte, blue raspberry, strawberry, and almond drizzle. This drink is perfect for you if you’re a coffee fan and cocktails. 

The Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg drink also contains blue rebel, the energy drink made by Dutch Bros.

So, they made theirs instead of using energy drinks from other brands. If you’re in any of the eleven countries with Dutch Bros, you’d want to go in for a cup of Dinosaur egg.

Due to the nature of the Dutch Bros menu, it can be quite tricky knowing what to order if you haven’t been a frequent customer of theirs.

In addition, the Dutch Bros menu contains unconventional names for drinks. So if it’s your first time, you might want to try the dinosaur egg rebel. 

Unlike conventional coffee chain shops, Dutch Bros offer many options, including their homemade sodas, coffee, of course, and other blends of flavor goodness.

Not to forget their signature energy drink, the blue rebel. 

They also offer customizable energy drinks, lemonade, smoothies, Italian sodas, and teas. Read more about Monster Drinks.

The whole vibe of Dutch Bros screams West Coast. Going in, you might want to have what you want to order. 

As much as the dinosaur egg rebel is terrific, it’s not the drink the Dutch Bros are most famous for having. That position goes to the white chocolate annihilator. 

What are Dutch Bros Dinosaur Egg Ingredients? 

Many people wonder if the Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg Rebel contains Red Bull, but it doesn’t.

Instead, Dutch Bros has a specially formulated substitute energy drink called the “blue rebel.” 

The Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg contains other ingredients such as;

  • Strawberry syrup 
  • Raspberry syrup 
  • Almond drizzle 
  • Ice(if you want) 

Let’s see what each of these ingredients adds to the drink.

IngredientNutritional Content
Strawberry syrupVitamin C and antioxidants.
Raspberry syrup Omega3 and fatty acids
Almond drizzleVitamin E and unsaturated fat 

These ingredients give the dinosaur egg rebel an almost rainbow color.

The colors are a mixture of white, green, and red giving it an enticing look, like something out of a power puff girls cartoon. 

A cup of 8.4 fl oz has a total caffeine content of about 80 mg. It is only about one-third of the total coffee recommendation for an adult. The daily dose is 400mg. 

You can also make a dinosaur egg drink home with the ingredients listed.

You need the Dutch Bros blue rebel, some ice, strawberry and raspberry syrup, and almond drizzle. Just mix everything, and you’ve got your dino egg ready. 

Dutch Bros can do any combo you have in mind, so even if you want it with a touch of alcohol, all you have to do is ask a “Broist .”

Other incredible drinks on the Dutch Bros menu are;

  • The white chocolate annihilator; is made with chocolate macadamia and white chocolate. You can enjoy this drink either hot, cold, or blended. 
  • Vampire slayer rebel is a fantastic mixture of sweet and sour drinks. 
  • Iced grand canyon OG contains dark chocolate, macadamia nut chocolate, and white chocolate. The iced grand canyon OG isn’t available on the regular menu. You must have learned about the secret menu for you to order it. 
  • Flapjack breve contains salted caramel, white chocolate, and vanilla. If you enjoy caramel, this is the drink for you. It can also be ordered sugar-free. 
  • Vanilla cold brew with a shot of cream. 
  • Dutch crunch breve is a combo of hazelnuts and strawberries. This delicious drink is ordered with white coffee and served iced or hot. 
  • White zombie mocha comes with mocha, chocolate milk, and white chocolate flavor. In addition, it has a sugar-free option. 
  • Snickers mocha for snickers candy bars lovers. Hazelnut, Caramel, and mocha are the most ordered flavors. So consider one of them. 
  • Aqua berry rebel comes in various flavors like blue raspberry, watermelon, strawberry, and kiwi. When you dream of cooling flavors, think aqua berry rebel. 
  • Kiwi, coconut, strawberry Italian soda. As the name suggests, they come in either of those flavors. They’re just sparkling water with the flavors added in the form of syrups. 

Dutch Bros Dinosaur Egg Rebel Calories? 

Whether on a diet or watching your weight, you want to be conscious of the number of calories you take in.

A medium Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg Rebel contains 440 calories.

To burn 440 calories, you’d have to swim for 42 mins, jog for 58 mins, cycle for 76 mins or walk for 140 mins.

440 calories is not a lot. So if you’re super conscious of your calorie intake, you have nothing to worry about. 

A medium that weighs 24 fl. oz would contain the following; 7g of fat, 93 g of carbs, 0g fiber, and 2g of protein.

The nutritional content points out that it’s packed with lots of carbs. You might be thinking about its sugar contents.

Carbs or carbohydrates are generally sugar molecules. Your body breaks them down into glucose to fuel your cells.

So taking a Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg Rebel is excellent when going for a workout session in the gym to burn calories, taking a hike, or going for a jog. 

Considering the nutritional values and calories, this drink isn’t ideal for kids due to its high sugar content and caffeine. So do well to keep kids off it. 

What Flavor is Dutch Bros Dinosaur Eggs? 

The Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg has a variety of flavors. While sipping it, you can discern the flavors. 

The sweet strawberry, raspberry, and almonds make an excellent drink flavor. Also, adding blue rebel gives the drink a unique taste and flavor. 

The Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg Rebel tastes like a Starbuck creme coffee with a burst of strawberry, blue raspberry, and almond.

Sounds tasty. The dinosaur egg Rebel ranks number 5 in the Dutch Bros best drinks list. 

That alone should tell you how amazing it must taste. I bet you want to have a try right now.

The blue rebel used in making the dinosaur egg rebel comes in different flavors such as electric berry lime, blue raspberry, and sugar-free. 

Depending on your preferences, your Dinosaur egg tastes quite different from the next person’s. E.g., Using the electric berry lime flavor would give it a slightly alkaline taste. 


The Dutch Bros Dinosaur egg is a unique flavored drink you should try when you visit any Dutch Bros shop.

As great as it tastes, there are various flavors for you to explore.

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