Why Did Yeti Discontinue Roadie 20? (Explained)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Yeti coolers are incredibly durable and have superior ice retention capabilities.

The discontinuation of the Yeti Road 20 model has left many users pleased and some apprehensive.

The Road 20 was a unique, “indestructible” cooler with many benefits, yet, it had several flaws that users complained about severely. 

This defect prompted the brand to discontinue and replace the cooler with a better alternative. Let’s take a detailed look at why Yeti discontinued Road 20 coolers. 

The producers took action to discontinue Road 20 due to negative comments from users complaining about its heavy weight, too little retention space, and bulky handle. The alternative replacement is the Yeti Road 24, which possesses a taller, lighter, slimmer, sleeker build and a solid but flexible handle.

Did Yeti Stop Make the Roadie 20?

Why Did Yeti Discontinue Road 20?

The Yeti Roadie 20 cooler was discontinued as far back as 2020.

However, Yeti has stopped producing batches of the Yeti Roadie 20 coolers, and prices significantly dropped as stores seek to sell them out quickly before they go out of taste.

Yeti Roadie 20 coolers were discontinued due to continuous complaints from users about the cooler being too heavy, having a problematic handle, and a little internal space.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find Yeti Roadie 20 coolers; you can.

However, you should avoid buying or thoroughly cross-check before purchasing, as current ones are prone to be fake. 

The newer replacement, the Roadie 24, is a much better Yeti cooler alternative.

Below is a detailed comparison of the Yeti Roadie 20 cooler and the Yeti Roadie 24 cooler.

Comparative FactorsYeti Roadie 20 coolersYeti Roadie 24 coolers
SizeYeti Roadie 20 coolers have wider footprints compared to Yeti Roadie 24 coolers. They are bulkier but feature a more rugged build that goes a long way in durability. Yeti Roadie 24 coolers have smaller and slimmer footprints. It enables them to fit in well in your car trunk or within tight spaces, unlike the Yeti Roadie 20 coolers.
WeightYeti Roadie 20 coolers are much heavier than Yeti Road 24 coolers. Therefore, weight was a significant reason behind Yeti discontinuing the Road 20 coolers.Even though they have a larger capacity, Yeti Roadie 24 coolers weigh less than Yeti Roadie 20 coolers. 
HandleYeti Roadie 20 coolers handles can cause inconvenience while in use. Yeti Road 20 cooler handles are rigid and bulky.Yeti Road 24 cooler handles are sleeker and flexible. The contrast and ease of use when compared to Yeti Roadie 20 coolers are very noticeable. 
CapacityYeti Roadie 20 coolers can hold a maximum of 15 can drink with ice inside. Yeti Road 20 coolers also feature drains and drain plugs Yeti Roadie 24 coolers can hold a maximum of 24 can drink with ice inside. Yeti Road 24 coolers do not feature drains or drain plugs.

Reasons Why Yeti Discontinued Roadie 20

The brand highlighted reasons mainly for weight, internal capacity, and handle.

These changes were put in place when users complained about the highlighted issues.

Yeti also seized the initiative to improve the aesthetics and latch options of the new Yeti Roadie 24 cooler. 

The Yeti Roadie 24 cooler’s design is much sleeker, and the latches are noticeably easier to operate than those of the Road 20 coolers.

The old Yeti Roadie 20 coolers featured rubber T-Rex latches that required more muscle to unlatch.

However, the new Yeti Roadie 24 coolers feature simpler compatible lid latches.

Yeti Roadie 24 coolers are also 10% lighter than their predecessor. In addition, the brand claims they contain 20% more as well.

The brand also claims the new Yeti Roadie 24 coolers can outlast and outperform the old Yeti Roadie 20 coolers thermally.

However, the old Yeti Roadie 20 coolers are perceived to be more durable than the Yeti Roadie 24 coolers, considering their thicker, bulkier build and size. 

Places to Find the Discontinued Roadie 20?

As much as Yeti has discontinued the Roadie 20 coolers, there are still a few ways or places where you may still find them.

Of course, your first point of contact should be the company that manufactures the product. In this case, Yeti. 

The company is in a much better position to inform you on whether the Yeti Roadie 20 coolers have been permanently discontinued and, if so, whether or not you still have options where you can purchase them.

The company could assist you with a list of suppliers or retailers who still have the Yeti Roadie 20 coolers in stock. 

You could also try scouting for overseas retailers. The popularity and sales of a product vary from country to country.

Some companies could discontinue production in one country while continuing to sell in others. It is why scouting for overseas retailers can be very worthwhile. 

You can check out e-commerce apps like AliExpress and Tradeindia.

You could also try searching for the product’s name on the internet for auction sites, forums, or social media pages where people discuss or sell the item.

In addition, you can use the medium to connect with people who may share ideas on where you could find the discontinued product. 

Furthermore, you could try searching for discount stores around you. Discount stores usually buy products from discontinued lines.

However, it is essential to note that for a discontinued product, there is a high chance of fakes and knockoffs saturating the market.

Therefore, ensure to only purchase your Yeti Roadie 20 cooler from or through a reliable source. 

Yeti Road 20 Ice Blue Cooler Rare Discontinued Color

Yeti Roadie coolers come in standard factory colors, which are white and desert tan.

However, they also come in multiple limited release/seasonal colors. A few examples are Charcoal, Seafoam, and river green. 

Ice blue was discontinued as a standard color for Yeti coolers in 2019. Instead, Seafoam green replaced ice blue.

Therefore, seafoam green, white and desert tan are now Yeti Road coolers’ standard factory colors. 

Ice blue was originally Yeti’s first standard color option in July 2013 when they first released it.

But as the line grew exponentially, a need for color varieties became necessary.

So although ice blue is now unavailable as a standard Yeti cooler color option, you may still find some stocks on e-commerce platforms like Amazon. 

The alternative standard colors, which are White, Seafoam green, and Desert tan, have become very popular and have their perks.

Plain white Yeti Roadie coolers are the best for ice retention as the plain white color reflects the most light and heat, helping the ice last longer than darker-colored Yeti coolers. 

Desert tan is very popular amongst off-road campers as the color naturally blends with the environment better and isn’t as conspicuous as the other standard colors.

Seafoam green is the alternative most preferable for anglers and skiers. The color naturally complements the scenery and is very attractive to look at.


Yeti Road 20 coolers were discontinued due to their heavy weight, little internal space, and bulky handle.

Their replacement, the Yeti Road 24 coolers, have taller, sleeker builds that comfortably fit into vehicles’ interior and trunk spaces while featuring a strong but flexible handle.

You can still find  Discontinued Ice blue coolers on e-commerce platforms.

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