Can You Air Fry Frozen Pizza? Defrosting Myths Busted

Fancy a tasty, crispy pizza in no time? That frozen pizza in your freezer might be your quick fix! But hold up, you need to know if you can air fry it directly from its icy state.

You also need to know if it will affect the taste or overall appearance.

Let’s debunk those defrosting myths and discover if we can truly air-fry a frozen pizza while saving time and energy. Roll up your sleeves; we’re about to get cooking!

You can air-fry frozen pizza, it will come out perfectly. There are many things you can cook with an air fryer. Luckily, placing frozen pizza to cook is at the top of the list. All you need to do is to set it at the appropriate temperature, 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit, and set the time to 10 minutes.

In this article, you’ll find out if you can air fry a frozen pizza, among other things. By the end, you’ll know everything concerning frozen pizza going in an air fryer. Just stay tuned!

Guidelines for Cooking Frozen Pizza in an Air Fryer

Can You Air Fry Frozen Pizza

How do you use your air fryer to cook a frozen pizza? Here are some handy tips for creating a perfect air-fried pizza.

However, with this quick air fryer meal, you’ll enjoy a crispy crust and the convenience of air frying.

#1. Preheat Your Air Fryer

Always start by preheating your air fryer. The optimal temperature for air-frying pizza lies between 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Preheating ensures evenly cooked and golden crispy results when cooking frozen pizza.

#2. Cooking Time

Depending on the size and thickness of your pizza, the cooking time can vary:

A Personal-sized Pie or Individual Slices should cook in the preheated air fryer for 6-10 minutes until they turn golden and crispy.

Larger or Thicker Pizzas need a few extra minutes in comparison to smaller pieces.

Just remember there’s no need to thaw your frozen pizzas before cooking them – one of the great things about using an air fryer is that it can heat frozen pizza directly from its icy state!

Remember these handy guidelines as you cook, monitoring your deliciously heating treat. 

Plus, you’ll never run out of ideas with multiple great recipes tailored just for those who love using their trusty appliances.

How to Handle Oversized Pizzas in an Air Fryer?

Sometimes, you crave a large frozen pizza, but it’s simply too big for your air fryer. Fortunately, there are still ways to achieve that perfect air-fried pizza. 

Follow this simple guide and enjoy the convenience of air frying.

Step One: Slice the Pizza

Cut the uncooked oversized pizza into individual slices. This technique allows you to easily fit each piece into your air fryer without compromising on the quality of your meal.

Step Two: Utilize Air Frying Techniques

You don’t have to miss out on great-tasting meals because of an oversized frozen pizza. 

Once sliced, put each piece in the air fryer one at a time. While cooking times vary depending on size and thickness, 6-10 minutes is generally enough for crisp slices.

From Margherita to BBQ chicken pizzas or any other large-sized variety, these quick air fryer meals can accommodate them all.

Even with larger pizzas, there’s no need to vary from traditional techniques when using temperature settings for frying pizzas or calculating cooking time for frozen pizza in an air fryer.

Remember, while dealing with oversized pizzas might seem daunting initially, it doesn’t have to compromise your love of delicious crispy-edged pizzas straight from your kitchen.

How to Cook Frozen Pizzas with Toppings in an Air Fryer

Prepping a frozen pizza in an air fryer has never been easier. But you should take a slightly different approach to air-fried pizza with toppings. Let’s help you out there.

#1. Cooking Time and Temperature

Preheat your air fryer to around 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit to begin with your air frying techniques. Then, cook the frozen pizza in the air fryer for roughly 6-15 minutes.

This cooking time largely depends on the size and thickness of your delightful pie.

A small-sized pizza or individual slices usually take about 6-10 minutes until they reach that enticing golden crispiness. 

However, larger or thicker pizzas may require additional cooking time. Additionally, you don’t need to thaw the food before cooking.

The convenience of air frying lies in its ability to cook directly from frozen. 

#2. Toppings Expectation

Things can differ slightly here – pizzas piled high with toppings require longer than bare-bones pies. Around four to five extra minutes will do the trick for most loaded pies.

In essence, mastering these quick air fryer meals and achieving crispy crusts using an air fryer couldn’t be simpler. There is magic in experimenting with temperature for air frying pizza. 

What Are the Optimal Temperature Settings for Air Frying a Pizza?

Temperature control is crucial when it comes to the convenience of air frying, especially when preparing an air fryer pizza. 

Indeed, achieving that crispy crust with an air fryer significantly depends on the right temperature settings.

#1. Phase One: Preheating

It’s crucial to preheat your air fryer before you start cooking frozen pizza. This process prepares your appliance for the task ahead and ensures optimal performance.

You should set the temperature to around 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This duration is best at approximately 15 minutes.

#2. Phase Two: Cooking

After preheating your air fryer, you must switch the mode from oven setting to air frying. It would help if you switched your oven mode at 400 degrees Fahrenheit over to the air fryer mode.

The temperature for air frying pizza stays within 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit. This quick air fryer meal technique helps keep your frozen pizzas golden and crispy.

Remember, these are general guidelines. You can also check out more specific air fryer recipes.

Additionally, each type and brand of frozen pizzas might require slightly different cooking times for frozen pizza in an Air Fryer.

How to Reheat Pizza Leftovers in an Air Fryer?

Turning last night’s pizza into today’s crispy delight is now quick and easy. Of course, you have to preserve the leftovers in the refrigerator.

Then, you can follow a few simple steps for reheating your pizza leftovers in an air fryer:

Step 1: Preparing the Pizza

Add your refrigerated pizza slices directly into the basket of your air fryer. There’s no need for thawing!

Step 2: Setting The Temperature

You can heat your frozen pizza in the air fryer at around 330°-350 degrees Fahrenheit. This ideal temperature ensures you don’t end up with a soggy or burnt slice.

Step 3: Time to Heat Up

The cooking time for frozen pizza leftovers typically ranges from about 5-10 minutes until it’s perfectly heated.

Crispy on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside – this is what an air-fried pizza should look like.

You can also use this method to heat frozen pizzas directly from their packets, making it one of those go-to quick air fryer meals during rushed lunch hours or unplanned dinner nights.

The convenience of air frying shines through when you can have leftover slices tasting as good as (if not better than) they did originally. 

Plus, who doesn’t love a crispy crust with an air fryer?

Note: Always remember that temperature settings and cooking times may vary depending on different models of Air Fryers and the size/thickness of your Pizza slices. 

Therefore, ensure you follow instructions specific to your type of Air Fryer for the best results.

Here is a table showing the pros and cons of cooking frozen pizza in an air fryer.

All round crispy slicesRetains less moisture
Keeps its shape intactLimited space for slices

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