Why Does Pizza Hut Give Me Heartburn? (Explained)

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Pizza is a shared meal in many homes for the right reasons. The savory sensation from each bite gives ultimate pleasure. 

However, for some, the intense burning sensation that follows a few hours after eating your favorite pizza from Pizza Hut is a cause for concern. 

It reduces the overall pleasure and experience that should follow a nice slice of pizza. But why is this happening with pizza from Pizza Hut? 

Understanding the reasons help to avoid or prevent heartburn. 

Pizza causes heartburn for some people because of certain ingredients like onion, pepperoni, and greasy oil. These ingredients are known as triggers as they cause different reactions in the body. One such reaction is acid reflux which leads to this burning experience. 

In simple terms, this article explains the causes of heartburn and how you can avoid it. The good news is that you don’t have to cut out pizza ultimately to achieve this goal. 

By the end, you will understand the steps needed to avoid heartburn when eating pizza. 

Do all Pizza Hut Pizzas give Heartburn?

Why Does Pizza Hut Give Me Heartburn

Pizza Hut gives consumers a variety of options when selecting their favorite pizza. So it is important to note that not all pizza from this joint gives heartburn. 

Pizza is all about the ingredients. Though the base element is the same, there are various ingredients. So the word “pizza” does not automatically translate to heartburn. 

You can avoid heartburn if you pick the one with the right option. 

What Pizza Ingredient causes Heartburn?

Pizza combines many flavors and ingredients to give a wide range of satisfaction. These different ingredients give your taste buds a good time. 

The other side of the coin also means that some of these ingredients are the reason for your acid reflux. 

Here are the main ingredients that relate to heartburn:

#1. Tomato Sauce

One primary ingredient that causes heartburn in pizza is tomato sauce. This sauce is very acidic

Hence it has numerous effects on the stomach. In fact, at its level of acidity, heartburn is not the only possible trigger here. 

The alternative to this is to use fresh tomato sauce with low acidity. But the sauce common in pizza is high in acid content and contributes to pizza’s heartburn properties. 

#2. Greasy Olive oil

The greasy oil, including olive oil, used in pizza contributes to this experience. 

The oil has high-fat content, which relaxes the muscle that keeps acidic content in the stomach. 

This muscle, the lower esophageal sphincter, opens up and increases the chances of acid reflux. Hence, leading to heartburn.

#3. Onions

Onion is another primary ingredient in pizza that directly connects to acid reflux and heartburn. 

Raw or lightly cooked food, as you have in pizza, prolongs the food in the stomach. 

This condition activates the acid in the stomach resulting in heartburn. Cooking onions properly tends to reduce their effects but not significantly. 

How do you Prevent Heartburn after eating Pizza?

There are numerous options available when trying to prevent heartburn after eating pizza. It all boils down to certain lifestyle practices and routines

Some are simple steps, while others require considerable sacrifice on your part. However, the numerous options mean you can select the ones that work best for you. 

Here are simple adjustments when trying to prevent heartburn after eating pizza.

#1. Delay Lying down after Eating

Sitting upright for hours eating can be a simple trick to prevent heartburn. After enjoying two or three giant slices of pizza with your favorite milkshake, the tendency is to find a place to rest. 

Finding a soft couch with no clothes or children’s toys is usually tempting. Lie down on it and soar away to the dreamland. 

However, this routine or common practice contributes to acid reflux, leading to heartburn. The first simple step is to form a better habit after eating. 

The better option is to sit and maintain an upright position for hours. You should maintain this practice even after eating other types of meals.

It allows you to make it a habit quickly. Once you make it a habit, you can move to other practices that help prevent heartburn. 

#2. Elevate your Head

Elevating your head using pillows and other appropriate headrests makes acid reflux difficult. This habit is another step to him you prevent heartburn. 

Sometimes, pizza time is dinner time. So the next thing after this dinner is to sleep. Interestingly, you can still experience heartburn if you go to bed hours after eating. 

Sitting upright is sometimes not enough. Elevating your head is an additional measure to prevent heartburn. 

As a bonus, elevating the head improves sleeping patterns, so you enjoy your sleep as much as the guy next door. 

#3. Avoid other Foods that contribute to Heartburn 

Pizza hut is not the only meal that exposes you to heartburn. A simple trick is avoiding combining foods or meals that increase the chances of heartburn. 

There are other categories of food you can avoid when eating pizza. It is unnecessary to abstain from these foods; having them at another time is better.

They are as follows:

#1. High-Fat Content

Pizza is an excellent example of a meal with high-fat content. However, other common examples include fries and various greasy foods. This category of food increases the risk of heartburn. 

A study from the National Library of Medicine reveals that a reduction of fat food can reduce heartburn rate by up to 93%. Eating only one type of meal at a time is a good idea. 

#2. Citrus Drinks

Oranges and grapefruit are popular citrus fruits. When you convert these fruits to drinks, their composition might increase the chances of heartburn. 

Although the connection between citrus and heartburn is unclear, avoiding drinking these juices after eating pizza is best. 

#3. Caffeine Products and Drinks

A common trigger for heartburn is caffeine products. Chocolate is a typical example in this category. The drinks affect the esophagus and expose it to acid attacks. 

Hence, reducing or avoiding its consumption after pizza is a good idea. Coffee is another example in this category. 

#4. Alcohol

It is tempting to want to have a bottle after eating a slice of pizza. However, alcohol is not a good choice for someone experiencing heartburn. 

Alcohol relaxes the muscles that help prevent acid reflux. The relaxation increases the chances of suffering heartburn. 

#4. Wear Loose Clothing

Free movement of the body, especially the stomach area, ensures enough room for food.

Wearing loose clothing when eating will prevent constrictions that send food and acids back up through the lungs. 

Loose clothing gives your body room to operate and function properly. Hence, wearing loose or spacious clothing during and after eating your pizza hut is best. 

Does Pizza Hut Offer Healthier Pizza Options?

You can have healthier pizza options at Pizza Hut if you know exactly what you want. Pizza is such a wonderful meal. 

Unsurprisingly, you might find cutting it out of your diet challenging. However, several pizza options give you the same taste and pleasure without increasing the risk of heartburn. 

It’s all about the ingredients. Here is a look at the options before you: 

#1. Veggie Lover’s Thin’ N Crispy Pizza

High-fat content is a significant reason for heartburn. Hence the idea is to find ways to cut down the overall fat in your meal. 

That is precisely what Veggie pizza offers you. It has less saturated fats per slice compared to other options. More vegetables also serve as an added advantage. 

However, using onion in this pizza means there is at least one primary heartburn-causing ingredient. 

#2. Hawaiian Chicken Thin’ N Crispy Pizza

Another great option is the Hawaiian chicken pizza from Pizza Hut. This option stands out on the menu because it is not a regular Hawaiian pizza. 

It replaces pineapple and ham with chicken and green peppers. The latter options are healthier when avoiding heartburn.

Another added advantage is that you have less fat content. 

#3. Custom Pizza (Pick Your Ingredients)

Pizza hut offers another incredible option when selecting healthier pizza options. You have the power to choose what ingredients work for you. 

This provision is an excellent option, providing you with fewer heartburn triggers and healthier choices. You finally have a pizza that contains only the ingredients you want. 

Healthy Pizza Hut PizzasFat Content per 1 small slice
Veggie Lover’s Thin ‘N Crispy Pizza5g fat
Hawaiian Chicken Thin ‘N Crispy Pizza3g fat
Veggie Lovers Personal Pan Pizza5g fat

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