Why Was Pear Red Bull Discontinued? (Read This First)

Crisp Pear is one of many flavored drinks made by Red Bull. The company offers different flavors of its original energy drink.

Crisp Pear is one such and has become a favorite of many.

However, there has been some confusion about Red bull discontinuing the drink. And consumers of the drink are seeking answers. 

In this article, you’ll find as much information as you need and discover answers to your underlying questions.

Yes, the red bull pear sugar-free, originally released in 2019, is being discontinued and is getting incredibly difficult to find in stores. So, if you’re a fan of this flavored drink, it’s time to say goodbye.

No doubt you’re a fan, and this is sad news. However, by the end of this article, you’ll surely have found some new flavored variants to try.

When Was the Pear Red Bull Discontinued?

Why Was Pear Red Bull Discontinued

The company hasn’t officially discontinued the sugar-free Pear.

However, from its scarcity in the market, it’s obvious that the company will stop the production of the drink soon.

Also, the crisp pear edition isn’t the only sugar-free product that seems to be getting discontinued by Red Bull.

Some other sugar-free editions Red Bull offers are being taken off the market. 

The company has announced that Red Bull will not offer some of its sugar-free, low-calorie, and reduced-sugar organics for the time being.

Additionally, Red Bull has discontinued several of its flavored drinks over the years, some of which have been the personal favorites of most consumers. 

It is a tendency for many brands to discontinue some of their popular products. 

However, it has become regular for these companies to bring back these flavors in different packaging and names. 

So, this is where the speculation of the crisp Pear getting discontinued stems. For example, Red Bull total zero, which the company discontinued in 2017.

And released as Red Bull Zero, a different formulation but designed to taste like the original Total Zero.

Although  Red Bull hasn’t officially discontinued the sugar-free Pear, consumers of the drink are complaining about it getting more difficult to find in stores.

Additionally, some consumers of the flavored drink are expressing concern after not finding the drink on the shelves but rather the list of discontinued items.

Though many consumers think the company has officially discontinued the product, it hasn’t.

You can even find them online. But hurry, they might sell out soon!

Will Red Bull Return the Pear Flavor?

It’s unknown if Red Bull will be producing any more of the sugar-free Pear in the future or if they’ll be returning to the shelves any time soon. 

And unless there’s an official statement by Red Bull, we can only hope that the company isn’t discontinuing the drink or that they’ll produce more.

There have been situations in the past where companies bring back products due to the rising demands of consumers.

So, if there’s popular demand for the drink, there’s a possibility that you’ll find them again on the shelves someday. 

And if there’s any luck, the company might have it replaced with an even better flavor.

If this is the case, we just have to wait to see what red bull has in stock for us. But in the meantime, you can check out these other flavors ranked best by Spork.

Why Is Red Bull Discontinuing Drinks?

The company is known to discontinue the production of a particular drink when there’s declining popularity.

Over the years, Red Bull has stopped the production of some of its most popular flavored drinks. 

The drink’s high price point is one of the most likely causes of these discontinuations.

Similarly, Red Bull is known to discontinue its products that don’t sell well.

An example of a Red Bull drink discontinued due to its low performance in the market is the green edition red bull.

Red Bull is a privately owned company. And as such, they’ll have to make decisions that align with their business and profits. 

And since different people have different tastes, some red bull products become popular, while some don’t. 

So, Red Bull can choose to identify the less popular ones and replace them with the ones with the best market potential. And which their consumers enjoy more.

Here, you’ll find some popular Red Bull flavored editions that are no longer in the market. They are;

  • Cranberry
  • Tangerine
  • Beach breeze
  • Grapefruit
  • Plum twist
  • Silver lime
  • Arctic berry
  • Peach

Please note that this isn’t an official list of the most popular Red bull drinks the company discontinued, but a list we’ve done our best to compile from research and online people forums.

2 Pear Red Bull Alternatives

The crisp Pear falls under Red Bull’s sugar-free edition drinks. Plus, you can find them under different categories, such as;

  • Energy drink mixes 
  • Carbonated can ready-to-drink beverages.
  • Work out supplements
  • Niche brands (that come with limited availability).

The top energy drink brands are the best-selling sugar-free products of some widely known companies. 

Let’s look at some of the most popular alternatives to a sugar-free crisp pear.

#1. Red Bull Sugar-Free

This drink is one of red bull’s zero-sugar energy products.

It contains artificial sweeteners like aspartame and acesulfame-k. And it is available in large size ranges.

It contains a caffeine amount of 80mg, which makes it moderate. And a 10g calorie level. 

#2. Red Bull Zero

Although Red bull Zero and Red bull sugar-free contain the same ingredients, Zero Sugar has different sweeteners. 

Additionally, Red Bull states that sugar-free products share similar ingredients.

But Red Bull Zero allows its consumers to choose and enjoy this product with a different taste.

It was popularly known as Total Zero. However, the new formulation has ten calories; this addition is likely one reason why the company renamed it Red Bull Zero.

But, if you’re not quite getting that feeling with either of these energy drinks by Red bull, we’ve sourced some other alternatives for you by popular brands. 

You can find them in the table below.

NameCaffeine (mg)CaloriesPer Size (Fl oz)
Monster Ultra1401016
Monster Zero Sugar1401016
Rockstar Pure Zero2402016
Rockstar Unplugged 80008
Redline Xtreme31608

There are many energy drinks to suit your taste and preference. You can find any of these drinks at your local store. And many other variations.


#1. When Was Sugar-Free Pear Released?

The crisp pear edition came into the market with red bull announcing its launch on Wednesday, February 6, 2019. It’s supposedly a valentine’s special.

#2. Did Red Bull Get Rid of the Peach Edition?

Although the Peach edition is one of Red Bull’s most popular drinks, the company isn’t producing any more of this flavored drink. 

However, red bull is hitting the shelves in new flavors, one of which is the strawberry apricot, which is part of the summer edition.

#3. Are Sugar-Free Drinks Good For Weight Loss?

Consuming sugar-free energy drinks won’t mess up your weight loss goals, nor will it help in weight loss. 

However, if you aren’t doing much to lose weight, consuming too many energy drinks may do more harm than good.

#4. How Many Cans of Sugar-Free Should You Drink In a Day?

Safe doses of caffeine vary by individual. However, a recent study recommends limiting your caffeine intake by 400mg daily, or even less; it’s the most healthy option for an adult.

Therefore, as a can of Red Bull provides you with 75mg of caffeine, consuming more than five cans daily will put you at risk of caffeine overdose. So, drink healthily!

Final Thoughts

Although there are speculations that the crisp Pear is discontinued, there’s been no official announcement by the company to back this up.

And even if it has, the company might have to bring it back if there’s a popular demand for it. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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