How Much Is A Bushel Of Green Beans? (Explained)

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Green beans are a well-sought-out staple for many meals. There are wide varieties of green beans, some more commonly known than others.

You can buy fresh green beans at a U-pick farm or directly at the farm. They are also available in grocery stores, packaged as frozen or canned green beans.

So many people enquire about the cost of a bushel of green beans.

You can get a bushel of Green Beans for $40. However, prices might vary for several reasons, including an increase or decrease in demand during seasons and the availability of green beans in your location.

How Much Does a Bushel of Green Beans Cost 2022?

How Much Is a Bushel Of Green Beans

In 2022, the cost of a bushel of green beans is 40 dollars, with an average price of 24.25 dollars.

The table below illustrates the average prices of green beans in the years from 2015 to 2021.


From the table, we can see that the average cost of a bushel of green beans was the highest in 2018, with a gradual decline by 2021.

How Much Does a Bushel of Green Beans weigh?

A bushel of green beans weighs 30 pounds, give or take. It means a bushel of green beans can weigh anywhere from 24 pounds to 32 pounds.

In 2021, a bushel of green beans weighed 28 pounds. You can find canned green beans in all shapes and sizes, but the most common is 14 ounces.

16 ounces make a pound. A bushel of green beans can make from 12- 20 quart jars of canned green beans.

Canned green beans are preserved in a combination of oil and water in cans and can be transported long distances.

It is the most common way green beans are exported or imported, as fresh green beans would not last very long while frozen green beans require high maintenance.

How Much is a Bushel of Green Beans Worth?

A bushel of green beans can be worth the price of 24.25 dollars up to 40 dollars.

Like any other farm produce, the worth of green beans varies and depends on a chain of conditions. 

The worth of a bushel of green beans depends on factors like the cost of farm labor, how far the farmer transports the green beans to the consumer, the variety of green beans, and the season, among others.

#1. Cost of Production

The cost of growing green beans varies from farm to farm and in each location.

How far the farmer has to transport the green beans to the target area also has a role in determining their worth.

Capital, ranging from a lot to a little, has a lot of influence on the cost of producing green beans.

The more effort that goes into producing green beans, the higher their worth.

Land clearing, input from the farmer and farm workers, harvesting, crop preservation, and transportation, especially with highly perishable produce like green beans, all determine its sale worth. 

In most small farms, farmers produce green beans with minimal effort and low cost; you can buy green beans directly from the farmer at a meager price.

Therefore, although the green beans are also of high quality, it is worth less because of the low cost of production.

#2. Seasonality

During winter, green beans are worth much more compared to summertime. It is because people spend more time indoors and have more homemade meals.

As a result, the demand for warm soup in the cold season rises dramatically. In the same vein, the worth of green beans, a typical soup ingredient, also increases.

In winter, vegetables like green beans are no longer produced, just like many other crops.

As a result, fresh Green beans become very scarce, and their canned or frozen counterparts experience a rise in their worth.

In the summertime, people use green beans less. It is because the warmer weather does not call for the need for warm soups, and more people are outdoors.

Ironically, summertime brings on the massive growth and production of vegetables, green beans included.

In this situation, the worth of a bushel of green beans drops. Again, it is because there is a lot of produce but few consumers.

To resolve the situation, factories store green beans in water or oil as canned green beans or freeze them before winter.

These frozen green beans are usually crisper and fresher than the canned ones, and you can find them in the frozen section of grocery stores.

#3. Variation In Green Beans

Less common varieties of green beans like Romano, Blue lake, and scarlet runner green beans are sold for lower amounts to encourage sales.

In addition, farmers and businesses boost their worth by using the uncommon variety of green beans as extra packages when a customer buys a product.

These other varieties of green beans are not as expected; thus, their market worth would be low.

#4. Quality and Quantity

The higher the quality of green beans, the higher their worth. The lower its quality, the lower its worth.

It is because green beans are highly perishable and go through different viability stages. It occurs mainly in fresh green beans.

Freshly harvested green beans are usually at the highest worth, while old ones are worth a little lower. However, you should be aware that this is not always the case.

#5. Demand and Supply

In an area where the production of green beans is low, due to few farms or the geographical position and weather elements in such a place.

The worth of a bushel of green beans would likely be higher, especially when the demand for it is high.

The supply of green beans coming into that area from other places already has a high cost, so a low supply with high demand will raise its worth.

In contrast, when there is a low demand for green beans but an overabundant supply of them, their worth drops, and so does the cost of the green beans.

What’s The Average Price for a Bushel of Green Beans?

The overall average price for a bushel of green beans is 24.25 dollars. The average low price is 10.92 dollars, and the high average is 45.33 dollars.

As of 2021, the average low price was 11.20 dollars, and the high average price was 42.70 dollars.

Green beans from farms affected by pests or diseases can attract low average prices, even if the green beans on sale are of good quality.

Some spend a lot of time on display in stores and rot.

How Much Does a Bushel of Fresh Green Beans Cost?

Fresh green beans Cost 40 dollars per bushel. However, they are cheaper than their Frozen or canned counterparts because they have barely undergone any processing.

In buying fresh green beans, look out for ones with slender pods, as this shows that it is tender.

Fresh green bean pods are crisp enough to snap when bent in half. They are also smooth and have no bulges or blemishes.

The most brightly colored green beans are usually of the highest quality. Fresh green beans are handpicked from the pods after you buy them.

For any reason, should you not want the option of handpicking your fresh green beans, get the ones packaged in vacuum-packed bags.

Fresh green beans also work best with a slow-cooking meal, but a quick dish, like a stir fry, would work best with frozen or canned green beans.


As necessary as it is to know what price a bushel of green beans is going for, you should make sure only to buy high-quality green beans.

It might cost more than usual, depending on the conditions explained in this article.

Despite this, watch out closely for cheap green beans, which might be dry, withered, or old.

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