Chipotle Burrito Nutrition: The Surprisingly Healthy Truth Behind The Foil

You know the feeling—that warm foil-wrapped burrito calling your name after a long day. But before you dive in, have you considered what’s really inside? Chipotle’s famous burritos offer endless customization, but that means nutrition varies wildly.

Getting the scoop on caloriescarbsprotein, and more empowers you to make informed choices. We’ll explore how fillings like chickensteaksofritas, and extras impact your burrito’s nutrition numbers.

Read on to learn savvy ways to satisfy your craving without overdoing on fatsodium, or calories.

The Impact of Fillings on Nutrition

The star of your Chipotle burrito, the protein, has a big effect on nutritional values.

Options like chickensteakbarbacoacarnitas, and sofritas vary in caloriesfatcarbs, and more.

  • Chicken offers a lean source of protein at around 180 calories and 7g of fat. It’s a lower-calorie choice compared to beef and pork.
  • Steak clocks in a bit lower with 150 calories and 6g of fat. It makes a solid lower-carb choice when skipping the rice.
  • Barbacoa beef packs about 170 calories and 7g of fat in a typical serving. Pairing with beans gives a protein and fiber boost.
  • Rich carnitas pork supplies around 200 calories and 11g of fat. It’s on the higher side, but you can offset it with lower-calorie toppings.
  • For a vegetarian option, sofritas tofu has just 140 calories and 4g of fat. Bulk it up by adding veggies, salsa, and beans.

Of course, portion size impacts all the numbers. Here’s a calorie and fat comparison of two sizes from Nutritionix:

ProteinCalories (Regular)Calories (Large)Fat (Regular)Fat (Large)

No matter your selections, keeping portions in check is key for a burrito that satisfies without straining your calorie and fat goals.

Choosing Toppings for Balanced Nutrition

While protein makes up the base, toppings take your burrito’s nutrition to the next level.

Consider options beyond guac and queso for more balanced caloriescarbsfat, and fiber.

  • Swap rice for lettuce or skip it entirely to cut carbs and calories. A scoop of rice packs around 40g of carbs and increases calories by 100-200.
  • Load up on fiber-rich beans like black or pinto. They add protein, keep you full, and stabilize blood sugar.
  • For veggies, stick to fresh picks like lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and peppers. They provide nutrients and fiber without added calories.
  • Salsas incorporate veggies for moisture and flavor without significant calories or carbs. They also have less sodium than cheese and sour cream.
  • Light on cheese and sour cream, which quickly increase fat and calories. A sprinkle of cheese and a small scoop of sour cream goes far.

Here’s a calorie and carb comparison of burrito toppings from Thrillist:


Getting creative with produce and salsas amplifies nutrition without the excess calories of sides like chips and guacamole.

The Sodium Content of Burrito Ingredients

While not top of mind, controlling sodium intake should be part of your Chipotle burrito strategy.

The tortilla, salsas, cheese, and meat impact sodium:

  • Flour tortillas pack around 300mg of sodium versus corn’s 100mg. Consider corn or smaller tortillas.
  • Salsa ranges from mild at 10mg sodium per ounce to hot at 80mg per ounce. Skip salsa or limit the quantity to reduce sodium.
  • A sprinkle of cheese adds 140mg of sodium. Stick to a light sprinkle or skip entirely.
  • The proteins vary: chicken has 370mg, steak 330mg, barbacoa 380mg, carnitas 410mg, and sofritas 240mg per serving.
  • Extras like chips, guacamole, and sour cream also spike sodium. Use sparingly or eliminate.

Here’s a sodium comparison of two burrito orders from MyNetDiary:

Chicken, rice, mild salsa710mg
Carnitas, rice, medium salsa, sour cream1240mg

Avoiding salt-heavy fillings like queso and hot salsa keeps sodium in check. With mindful choices, you can keep sodium under 750mg for a standard burrito.

V. Strategies for Healthy Chipotle Burrito Orders

Building a nutritious yet delicious burrito is possible with some simple strategies.

Follow these tips for guilt-free Chipotle burrito enjoyment:

  • Choose lean proteins like chickensteak, or sofritas. Limit high-fat meats like carnitas.
  • Opt for a smaller corn tortilla to reduce carbscalories, and sodium. Or try a burrito bowl without the tortilla.
  • Skip the white rice or at least limit portions to reduce overall carbs.
  • Load up on fiber-rich beansveggies, and fresh salsas for nutrition without excess calories.
  • Use cheese, sour cream, and guacamole sparingly. They quickly increase fat and calories.
  • Avoid chips and drinks with hundreds of extra calories and low nutritional value.
  • Stick to water or unsweetened teas and coffees instead of calories in margaritas and sodas.

Here is a comparison of two orders with calories and fat from Eat This Much:

Carnitas burrito, rice, cheese, sour cream111546g
Chicken burrito bowl, beans, salsa54012g

With smart substitutes and slimmed-down extras, you can satisfy your craving while keeping calories around 500-700 and fat under 15g.

Utilizing Chipotle’s Nutrition Calculator

Chipotle offers an excellent resource to analyze your burrito’s nutrition with their customizable calculator.

Available on and the app, this tool provides detailed caloriefatcarbprotein, and sodium information.

The calculator allows you to build your ideal burrito or bowl and see the nutrition breakdown, empowering informed choices.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Select each burrito ingredient like tortilla size, ricebeansproteinsalsas, etc.
  • Choose portion sizes from mild to extra. This impacts overall calories.
  • View the detailed nutrition data for your customized order. Compare options.
  • Experiment to create orders within your caloriecarbfat, and sodium goals.
  • Save your go-to orders in the app for easy reordering.

The calculator accounts for prep methods too. You can see how meats like barbacoa and carnitas influence nutrition versus grilled chicken or steak.

Here’s a comparison of two orders with calories and fat via the Chipotle calculator:

Carnitas burrito86535g
Chicken salad bowl63015g

With this tool, you can enjoy Chipotle while keeping nutrition in check. Calculate away!

Are Burritos from Chipotle Healthy?

With burrito options topping 1,000 calories, is it possible to consider Chipotle “healthy”? The answer is yes, with a strategic approach.

Chipotle uses responsibly sourced, high-quality ingredients. The food is fresh and customizable to meet your needs with the right choices:

  • Pick lean proteins like chicken or steak instead of heavy meats like carnitas.
  • Skip the huge flour tortilla or opt for a bowl without one to cut carbs and calories.
  • Limit rice portions and avoid chips and sugary drinks to reduce calories.
  • Use veggiesbeanssalsas, and a sprinkle of cheese instead of lots of full-fat cheese or heavy creams.
  • Stick to water or unsweetened teas and coffees instead of calories in margaritas and sodas.

With smart substitutes, you can keep the nutrition profile strong:

Swap ThisFor This
Flour tortillaCorn tortilla
White riceLettuce

Moderation and customization are key. While not everything on the menu is healthy, with mindful choices a Chipotle burrito can be part of a nutritious diet.

VIII. Comparing Nutrition: Burritos vs. Bowls

Beyond burritos, Chipotle’s burrito bowls offer another customizable vessel for your meal. But which has better nutrition?

Here’s a burrito vs. bowl breakdown:

Carbs60+ gramsLess than 50g
Sodium1000+ mg750+ mg

For lower carb and calorie options, burrito bowls edge out over traditional burritos. But with smart filling choices, burritos can also be nutritious.

Satisfying Your Craving with Healthy Swaps

Craving classic Chipotle but want to avoid going overboard on calories or sodium? These healthy swaps let you build a satisfying burrito or bowl to hit the spot:

Instead ofChoose
Flour tortillaCorn tortilla, lettuce wrap, or no wrap
White riceCauliflower rice
Barbacoa, carnitasChicken, steak, or sofritas
Cheese, sour creamExtra salsa

With thoughtful modifications, you can enjoy your favorite burrito or bowl while maintaining balanced nutrition!

Wrapping Up Chipotle Burrito Nutrition

When craving Chipotle, you can enjoy your favorite burrito or burrito bowl while still watching your nutrition goals. Keep these key takeaways in mind:

  • Chipotle offers fresh, customizable ingredients, but caloriesfatcarbs, and sodium add up quickly in oversized burritos.
  • Be mindful of picking healthier proteins like chicken and steak over fattier meats or skipping meat with sofritas.
  • Watch out for excessive calories from large tortillas, piles of ricecheese, sour cream, and extras like chips and guacamole.
  • Use the Chipotle nutrition calculator to build better bowls and burritos. Analyze your favorites.
  • Veggiesbeanssalsas, and lean proteins make excellent lower-calorie, higher-nutrition choices.
  • Portion sizes matter, so don’t overdo it on meat and rice. Share sides instead of getting extra.
  • Skip sugary drinks and stick to water or tea.

While not everything on the menu is healthy, with smart choices a Chipotle burrito can be rich in proteinfiber, vitamins, and minerals without derailing your calorie goals.

Understand the nutrition and enjoy your favorite Tex-Mex flavors in balance. For more on choosing the best Chipotle menu items, check out this guide on Chipotle burrito options.

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