Why Did They Discontinue RavioliOs? (Read This First)

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We miss so many things from childhood – how can you not miss pizza with a lite cheese, a Pepsi bottle cap with a straw, or Ravioli?

So let’s stop for a moment and take a stroll down memory lane to remember that one time we went gaga over Ravioli.

The best part about eating Ravioli was slurping up the sauce at the end of each bite. 

Ravioli meat sauce has been famous for centuries in Italy.

Still, it wasn’t until American-made Ravioli appeared on grocery store shelves that Americans fell head over heels with these bite-sized bundles of joy. But why did they discontinue Ravioli? 

Beef Ravioli was discontinued from stores because of a lawsuit. Campbell sued Chef Boyardee in the case, claiming horse meat was in Ettore’s Ravioli. Unfortunately, it is illegal to sell horse meat in America. So, that’s why your favorite crunchy partner has been absent in grocery stores and markets.

What Happened to RavioliOS?

Why Did They Discontinue Raviolis

To prevent confusion in the sale and production of pasta products. For example, for many years, the Franco-American brand had the brand name Franco-American RavioliOS.

But in 2004, it became Campbell’s RavioliOs, but the Franco-American name still appears near the copyright symbol on the can.

The ravioli meat sauce collapse caused the entire ravioli industry to crumble. As a result, many of the original Italian ravioli recipes got lost.

RavioliOs, however, was a different story. RavioliOs were a small ravioli-like pasta popular in the 1930s under the Campbell brand.

They were made with a large round pasta stuffed with a small amount of cheese.

To get the delicacy, you’ll have to find a specialty store or order them online if you want to try these rare treats.

Reasons Why Ravioli Was Discontinued?

Ravioli production wound up because parts of horse meat were found in it. However, the ravioli collapse was also the result of a combination of other factors.

They include the ravioli companies’ desire to maximize profits, poor government oversight, and consumers’ changing perceptions about food safety.

Let’s see.

#1. Profitability 

One of the main reasons behind the discontinuation of ravioli production was the ravioli companies’ desire to maximize profits.

The overhead cost of getting ravioli beef, processing it, and packaging was too much for them to bear.

Therefore, in an attempt to save money, ravioli production was reduced. Companies that made Ravioli used to make Ravioli from scratch.

But as demand for their product decreased, they switched to pre-made dough and fillers that sometimes lacked quality.

#2. Poor Government Oversight

The ravioli companies played the long game because the government failed to exercise proper management for some time.

So, Ravioli factories were mass-producing low-quality ravioli sauce that would spoil quickly.

But when regulations came, they hit hard, and things like horse meat that made up Ravioli were banned. Consumers’ Changing Perceptions About Food Safety 

This factor was significant in the ravioli collapse. Consumers are increasingly worried about food safety, especially after discovering or hearing about contaminated canned foods.

Unfortunately, the ravioli companies failed to enlighten people on how to keep it safe, especially after opening.

Health concerns about preservatives and additives in canned Ravioli also contributed to the decline in popularity of this food.

In addition, the bacteriologists of the day found that it was frequently contaminated. 

#3. Lawsuit

The case between Campbell and Chef Boyardee wreaked havoc on the ravioli beef production industry.

And after the landmark over-ruling, Chef Boyardee didn’t make Ravioli for some time. Only a few industry players were ready to make Ravioli on an industrial scale.

Recently, the FDA has been considering banning the sale of natural meat.

However, the announcement has made Campbell, PennMann, and Kruger start processes of diverging into other sectors. Especially because artificial meat is patented and more expensive.

Does Campbell Still Make Ravioli?

Yes, Campbell makes Ravioli. Their Ravioli is a tasty, thick, and delicious full pasta meal.

When you take a serving of Campbell’s Ravioli, your tongue notes the distinct flavor each Ravioli contains.

And if served with just the proper sauce, it is perfect for binge-eating or even after-school snacks.

In most grocery stores, you would find ravioli meat sauce canned and full of processed cheese and beef served in a tasty sauce.

The canned Ravioli has different flavors, including some only available in some regions of the world!

Campbell’s Ravioli is an excellent choice compared to Rana Ravioli, Kroger Cheese Ravioli, or Pasta Prima Cheese Ravioli.

Campbell’s has also made the product more affordable by reducing the price per container from $1.49 in 1999 (when they first introduced it) to $0.79 today — a savings of over 50%!

And now you can even buy them frozen, so you don’t have to prepare them yourself! Another benefit?

You can store this soup in your freezer for up to one month without adversely affecting quality or taste.”

Where Can I Buy Campbell’s RavioliOs?

You can now purchase Campbell’s Ravioli again; head to the nearest supermarket to pick up a bag.

The best place to buy them is on Amazon. Here, you will find boxes of them for sale. You can also search for “Campbell’s Ravioli” on Google or Bing to find them.

You can also visit websites like eBay and Craigslist, where you will find people selling these online.

Campbell ravioli beef is available all over the country. But they are most times only available in online stores.

Their scarcity has made their demand high due to stockpiling. So if you have plans of binging on RavioliOs for quite some time.

Buy as many as you can from any of these stores:

#1. Foodsco net

Foodsco.net sells the 15 oz Campbell’s RavioliOs Beef Ravioli at $1.79. The website provides front door delivery and shipping at an extra cost.

And preferably in bulk quantity. Though their price is higher than Amazon’s, they are rarely out of stock.

#2. Amazon

Suppose you buy 15 oz Campbell’s RavioliOs Beef Ravioli with Meat Sauce (pack of 12) at Amazon.

It is about thirteen pounds, and you need a can opener to open it. Keep in mind that you are ordering by the case and not individually.

#3. Walmart

Walmart offers their Campbell ravioli at $0.98. And there is a warning about the can’s sharp edges.

They also offer different delivery plans depending on whether you are a WalmartPlus member.

#4. Memorial Concierge

On the Memorial Concierge website, it is sold at $1.96. The pasta meal is ordered individually but often out of stock on their website. So, you might not want to rely on them as your last hope.

Below is a Price List of Campbell’s RavioliOs at various stores.

Memorial Concierge1.96


Ravioli has evolved over the years. But it is now making a comeback! Ravioli is now made with higher-quality ingredients and has more versatility than before!

If you’ve tried Ravioli before, it may be the perfect time to try it! If you love pasta, you are sure to love Ravioli too.

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