Where Is The Expiration Date On The 7UP Bottle?

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Different products carry their expiration dates on different parts of the packaging.

For instance, different 7UP bottles may have expiration dates engraved on different parts of the bottle.

Therefore, it is hard for many customers to pick the exact spot. So, many of them wonder where exactly this piece of information is printed.

The expiration date soda of 7UP is easy to find when you inspect the bottle. It is spread across the different parts of the bottle body. It is often situated at the base of the bottle or can of the 7UP soda. Sometimes, you can find it at the bottle’s neck or shoulder. 

Does 7UP Have An Expiration Date?

Where Is The Expiration Date on The 7UP Bottle

Yes! The 7UP cans or bottles do come with an expiration date. Unfortunately, so many fail to realize that.

For the Pepsi and coke brands, their expiration dates are written in a clear and easy-to-understand way which is why discovering the expiration dates of soda becomes easy.

However, few of the 7UP manufacturers stamp an expiration date or sell-by date (a term used to indicate the date you should sell a perishable product ultimately), while others just stamp a born-on date (an indication for the date, month, and year of the manufacturing of a product). 

Regardless, check the lid of the product bottle or the base to find the expiration date. Though, expiration dates on 7UP are usually printed in codes.

And that is the essence of this article, to put you through your and give you an optimum understanding of 7UP.

How To Read Expiration Date on 7UP Bottle?

As stated initially, you can pick up a coke bottle and swiftly identify its expiration date.

But for 7UP cans or bottles, these expiration dates are usually written in codes.

So even when you come across it, you may fail to note that you saw the expiration date unless someone tells you about it.

Though most people do not see it as crucial, you must know how to read the expiration date of soda.

The following are steps that you could follow to identify a sell-by date on your 7UP can.

  • Take up the 7UP can and turn the bottle to see the bottom area of the can. Then, you would find a print or label in this format; Date/Month/Year.
  • Looking closely, you will find that the code written on it has five digits. Now, the first two digits are the year. While the three other digits are the year’s date, indicating the product’s manufacturing.

Here is what it looks like; January 1st = 001, and December 31st= 365 or 366 days, depending on the year’s status.

Nonetheless, the last five digits read the MM/DD/Y on the product print for more extended codes.

Do you now see where 7UP expiration date locations are labeled? Here you go again, the lid or bottom of the 7UP can or bottle.

The only issue with reading the expiration dates on 7UP is calculating those codes to get the apt day and year as intended by the manufacturer.

Where Is The Expiration Date on 7UP Can?

The expiration date on 7UP can be either on the bottom side of the can or at the neck of the can.

Usually, the manufacturer arranges the manufacture date in this format, MM DD Y. You must note the shelf life months for 7UP soda. 

The expiration date for the regular soda that is produced traditionally is nine months. Then, diet soda has three months.

It is less sugary. Remember that seeing the print or label does not guarantee your comprehension of what is written on it. 

That is more of a reason why you should read this piece and understand how better you can grasp the codes on 7UP can or bottle.

Generally, you can always locate the sell-by date or born-on date on the bottom of the product. 

And that the first two digits imply the year, whereas the remaining 3 imply the day of the year to which the soda would expire.

If you have no idea about the 7UP beverage, you can barely even think about where the 7UP expiration date is, right?

7UP can remain active and suitable for drinking for six to nine months after the expiration date you see on the container if appropriately stored and unopened.

But once open and drunk, it’s a race against time to have it consumed. It will for sure become flat and nasty tasting after some time. 

The shelf life relies entirely on several factors, such as selling with the shelf life months in mind and how the Coke was stored.

So it is pertinent that you know the expiration date of your 7UP as a seller or consumer to get optimum value for your buck.

Why Are There No Expiration Dates on 7UP?

First, you should debunk the belief that there are no expiration dates on 7UP because they are. However, these expiration dates on sodas are encoded.

But, of course, you and I know that not everyone would understand coding, which makes it automatically a problem.

So many times, you have seen these codes on 7UP cans and bottles but neglected them because you were clueless about where and how 7UP codes are.

Without much ado, there is an expiration date soda on these cans. You can locate these codes on the bottom part of the can or bottle. 

These codes are time, date, batch, location, and when to throw away the 7UP products.

Sometimes, it could be labeled or stamped on the top of the product or the base of the 7UP can.

Unfortunately, most of these carbonated drinks have their expiration date on the bottom of the aluminum.

Moreover, you could wonder if these bad soft drinks can become harmful to your health when you take them in after the said sell-by date by the manufacturer.

Even if there is a thing as bad soft drinks, they don’t go extremely bad to the extent of causing damage to your health.

After all, soda ingredients are; water, sugar, and some chemicals that are not considered detrimental to health.

What Is The Code on This 7UP Two-Liter?

Just as the regular 7UP bottle size, the codes are written on it are the same as those written on the 7UP 2 liters.

What differs is the size. One is for just one person and the bigger one for probably, family and friends.

So to note the codes on the 7UP 2 liters, you should check the bottom of the can, bottle, or lid and identify the codes.

The codes come in 5 digits. The first two digits display the expiration year, while the other three display the day of the year when the 7UP soda would expire. 

Here are 7UP bottle types and the location of their codes:

7UP BottlesTheir Codes
7UP Zero sugarThe bottom side of the can or at the neck of the can. 
7UP LimeThe neck of the can. 
7UP Cherry(UK)The bottom side of the can or at the neck of the can.
7UP MojitoBottom side of the can.


For any 7UP bottle or can, you can easily find the expiration date below the bottle.

And when you do, try to decode the digits mentioned in this article.

I believe by now, you are more informed about how to read expiration dates and where to find them on these bottles.

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