Did Redbull Discontinue Tangerine? (Explained)

Many people are displeased with the Red Bull Tangerine shortage in the market.

Nonetheless, like every other business, the drink market runs on innovation, so there’s no unbeaten brand or flavor on the market; it is a competitive business. 

However, due to the prolonged shortage of the orange flavor, a question comes to mind: did Red Bull discontinue the Tangerine?

Yes, Red Bull discontinued their orange-flavored energy drink, Tangerine. The manufacturers discontinued the orange Edition because of how it declined in popularity. The company also mentioned that the tangerine flavor was no longer selling out like other flavors.

This article contains well-detailed information about the discontinuation of Red Bull. So, read further to learn more. 

When Did Red Bull Discontinue Tangerine?

Did Redbull Discontinue Tangerine

Red Bull discontinued Tangerine in 2016, fifteen years after its introduction to the market. 

Although Red Bull discontinued the orange-flavored energy drink, the company still sells tangerine flavors.

Red Bull is a popular drink, spanning over 20 years now. And for all these years, its impact on the market has been commendable.

The company’s decision to discontinue Tangerine did not reveal the folding up of Red Bull because the company has not stopped releasing new flavors. 

On February 1, 2019, Redbull released another flavor, “Red Bull Lime”; it is available in stores and will continue to be; you can also get it online.

Red Bull has launched new editions since they discontinued Tangerine. They launched kiwi-apple and açaí berry flavors.

The new Red Bull editions include Red Bull Purple, Red Bull Lime, and Red Bull Green, and they are available in stores and online.

#1. Nutritional Information

The table below represents the nutritional information of Red Bull Tangerine.

The drink had many nutrients that could serve us well, but the manufacturer knows best.

Here’s a table showing the nutritional value of the red bull tangerine;

NutrientAmount % Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate40g13.33%
Sodium100 mg4.17%
Total Fat0g0%
Dietary Fiber0g0%
Saturated Fat0g0%
Trans Fat0g0%
Vitamin A0mg0%
Vitamin C1.2mg2%

Why Did Red Bull Discontinue Tangerine?

Among other reasons, Red Bull discontinued Tangerine because the orange-flavored energy drink was not selling well.

Several people express displeasure with the company; they’re displeased that their favorite orange-flavored energy drink is now nowhere. 

People grow to love what they often indulge in unless the food is bad in the first place.

However, in business, it goes beyond a particular group of people loving a product.

What the producer expects is a high generation of sales. In times of turbulence, most manufacturers offer room for constructive criticism, as did Red Bull.

People criticized Red Bull Tangerine, and the criticism resulted in a sudden shortage of flavor in convenience stores. 

When people felt Red Bull would look into their reviews and changes would follow, Red Bull decided to discontinue Tangerine.

In every business, if a product isn’t selling well or stops selling well for a long time, the producer might be left with no choice but to discontinue the product.

Like other business sectors, the drink business is competitive, so no drink lasts forever on the market. 

Consumers appreciate innovation, so producers commit to offering consumers variations of delightful flavors.

Most times, consumers don’t stop patronizing products because they are bad but because they tend to be fascinated with newer ones. Red Bull Tangerine is the example to set on this assertion.

#1. Why Didn’t Tangerine Sell Well?

Tangerine was a good energy drink with a commendable taste, yet it wasn’t selling well until Red Bull discontinued it.

Red Bull justifies discontinuing Tangerine with the claim that the orange flavor was not selling well.

But then it’s confusing that such a drink didn’t sell well. Therefore, one may wonder why Red Bull Tangerine didn’t sell well.

Below are some reasons why the red bull tangerine did not sell well; 

#1. Tangerine Lacked Popularity

The orange flavor was not as popular as other brands. And if a product lacks popularity, there’s no way it can sell well. 

People need to be aware of products before trying them, yet only a small fraction of people know about Tangerine.

The main reason manufacturers advertise their products is for their popularity.

It is when a product becomes popular it begins to generate actual sales. Red Bull was right to discontinue the production of the Red Bull Tangerine. 

#2. Only a Few People Loved It

Although Tangerine wasn’t too bad an energy drink, few people loved it. That little amount of love could generate sales as other flavors did.

Some people loved the orange flavor, but others did not. There were a higher number of people who disliked the drink.

Some people who did not like Tangerine hated it because of its color and other reasons best known to them.

The primary aim of a producer is to make good products that the consumers will love, and Red Bull was no exception. 

But the world did not receive Red Bull Tangerine with the same excitement as it did other of its flavors.

There’s no way Red Bull would continue incurring more expenses to keep the orange Edition. 

Every other producer would have done the same, so you can’t discredit Red Bull because it discontinued one of your favorites.

Regardless, Red has released other editions after it discontinued Tangerine, and the world has embraced these products heartily.

#2. Red Bull Tangerine Pros and Cons

The table below outlines the pros and cons of the discontinued Red Bull energy drink in no specific order. 

1.Boosts mental performance in the body.Increases blood pressure.
2.Provides energy to the body.Increases diabetes risk.
3.The drink is convenient.Causes damage to the teeth.
4.Maintains body weight.It affects the kidney negatively.
5.Better sleep quality.Increases high-risk behavior.

Will Red Bull Return the Tangerine Flavor?

There’s no guarantee that Red Bull will return to Tangerine. The company has discontinued Tangerine because the flavor could not generate good sales.

However, Red Bull launched other flavors with a hint of Tangerine, such as the Orange Red Bull.

The orange Red Bull flavor combines orange and lemon with a touch of Tangerine.

Red Bull has expanded its Editions line, and the expansion shows how Red Bull is committed to offering consumers different kinds of flavors.

Red Bull Tangerine Alternatives

There’s no other flavor that tastes like Red Bull Tangerine. Red Bull discontinued Tangerine alongside its unique taste.

It’s too sad there may not be an energy drink that will ever taste like Tangerine.

Red Bull offers a variety of flavors of energy drinks such that whether you’re studying, playing, traveling, or engaged in one way or the other, you can enjoy it.

These flavors include Blue Edition Blueberry, Arctic Berry Red Edition, Original Red Bull, Coconut Berry Summer Edition, Peach Edition – Peach-Nectarine, and Cranberry, Red Bull Zero.

Red Bull sells in countries such as Canada, the United States,  Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

Final Thoughts

Red Bull discontinued Tangerine as far back as 2016. The company discontinued the orange-flavored energy drink because the flavor was not selling well.

The tangerine flavor had no popularity, which was bad for business. However, Red Bull has other interesting flavors for its customers.

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