Ooni Pro Gas Burner Problems? (4 Common Issues) 2022

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:11 pm

Ooni Pro pizza oven is one of the best and most reliable Ooni pizza ovens that run smoothly with gas as their main fuel source.

Your gas burner, which you attach to your oven, uses the gas and generates the flame you need to bake your pizzas.

However, your gas burner may begin to malfunction and burn your pizzas unexpectedly. On that note, what exactly are the problems with your Ooni Pro gas burner?

A clogged burner is a major problem with your Ooni Pro gas burner. Other issues include gas odor, weak gas flame, and greasy burner surface. The problems mentioned above affect the aroma and outcome of your pizzas. Therefore, it is best to identify these problems and provide solutions immediately before it becomes too late to salvage the situation.

Most Common Problems of Gas Burner?

Ooni Pro Gas Burner Problems

Your gas burner usually forms an integral part of your pizza oven as it is solely responsible for igniting the flame necessary for baking your pizzas.

Unfortunately, more often than not, people neglect their gas burner, and this becomes a problem when the gas burner fails to perform its function.

Your gas burner may fail to supply heat completely, produce a low flame, produce a very offensive odor, and so on.

All these problems negatively affect your gas burner, especially when you ignore it for a very long time. As a result, your pizzas become bland, burnt, and produce a bad odor.

Plus, if you own a big restaurant, you might lose a lot of customers, which will slow down your business and reduce profits.

Nevertheless, you can evade these unfortunate occurrences by following the right steps to care for your gas burner.

Well, I’ll extensively explain your gas burner’s four most common problems and how you can easily identify them.

#1. Clogged Burner

A clogged burner is one of the most common problems of gas burners.

This happens when tiny particles or debris obstruct the little holes that release the flame necessary for baking.

Due to this fact, your gas burner will produce a small flame that will not be sufficient to heat your oven.

Furthermore, your oven will take a very long time to heat up. And this will only slow down the rate of baking your pizzas.

For instance, you will not bake many pizzas within a small time. So instead of baking ten pizzas within six minutes, you might only bake three pizzas within six minutes or more.

Well, you can easily identify this problem and solve it instantly before it gets out of hand.

When you begin to notice the slow flame, your gas burner is producing, then there’s something wrong somewhere.

You can do justice to your gas burner by removing the debris and cleaning it thoroughly.

#2. Gas Odor

Your Ooni pro pizza oven uses the propane gas you supply to your gas burner. Read more to the difference between gas vs wood which one is cost effective.

The gas produces an odor that doesn’t smell and spreads in your environment. However, if you begin to perceive a foul smell, you have to check your gas burner.

The smell could penetrate your oven and contaminate your pizzas. Unfortunately, people often do not notice this until it worsens and completely ruins their pizzas.

For example, if you host a little get-together in your garden and serve your guests the pizzas, they might suffer from diarrhea.

Plus, they might suffer from serious stomach aches. So, it is best to observe the smell your gas burner produces to avoid such unpleasant circumstances.

It is important to note that the problem might come from your propane tank. So it is advisable to make sure that you fill your propane tank with the right gas.

#3. Weak Gas Flame

Many homeowners and pizza enthusiasts often complain about this problem as they face many difficulties baking pizzas.

When you notice that your gas burner is producing a weak flame, you need to immediately find a solution.

The weak flame reduces the rate of pizza production and minimizes profits. Therefore, you need to check your gas burner regularly to detect the main source of the problem.

The production of weak flame often arises when your gas burner is old and worn out. In this case, you have to replace it or take it for repairs.

#4. Greasy Burner Surface

This is also one of the major problems with your gas burner.

Your gas burner often produces a blue flame, enabling your pizzas to bake completely, releasing an aromatic fragrance.

Unfortunately, when you leave your gas burner surface greasy, your gas burner begins to produce a golden-yellow flame. And this flame ruins your pizzas, and it comes out with a smoky or burnt smell.

Unfortunately, this also triggers your gas burner to circulate a lot of smoke which will only cause difficulty in breathing.

Well, you can avoid this by cleaning your gas burner with cloth and water.

Solutions to Gas Burner Problems?

There’s always a solution to every problem, and the same hypothesis applies to your gas burner.

Your gas burner is just as important as your pizza oven, and as such, you need to handle it with much care and observation.

You can follow simple procedures to avoid damage to your gas burner.

You can adopt sanitary practices regularly, which will keep your gas burner and your oven clean at all times.

Without further ado, I’ll highlight the basic solutions to your gas burner problems.

#1. Clean your gas burner regularly.

You can not overlook the importance of cleaning up your gas burner as it prevents many disastrous problems.

First, you need to remove the debris in your gas burner and clean it with soapy water and a clean cloth.

This will enable your gas burner to produce the blue and fast flame you need to bake your pizzas anytime you desire.

Furthermore, it lessens the possibility of your gas burner producing a weak flame.

#2. Check your gas burner regularly.

It is important to check your gas burner regularly to prevent problems such as foul gas odor, leakages, and yellow flame.

These problems only weigh down the production and baking speed of your pizzas.

For instance, if you leave your gas burner without regular and proper checkups for a long time, you might not notice the problem on time.

And it might be too late when you discover the source of your problem.

So it is best to check your gas burner at least twice every week to avoid unnecessary problems.

#3. Replace your gas burner or take it for repairs

Gas burners can last for ten years and still maintain that piping hot flame. However, you need to take your gas burner for appropriate repairs when it begins to malfunction.

Notwithstanding, you can simply purchase a new gas burner to replace the old gas burner if it is damaged beyond repair.

This will give your oven a fresh look and, at the same time, produce a mouth-watering outlook to maximize profits.


Ooni pro pizza oven is one of the best pizza ovens to exist, but you may experience some problems with the gas burner.

Issues include a clogged burner, gas odor, weak flame, and greasy burner.

Regardless of these problems, you can easily prevent and solve them by cleaning up your gas burner.

In addition, you can take your gas burner for repairs.

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