Is Xxtra Hot Cheetos Hotter? (Things You Should Know)

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Cheetos are well known to be spicy snacks you can grab anytime. If you like it a lot hotter, then there is a brand for you. 

You may ask, how hot can the Xxtra Hot Cheetos be? Are they any different from the other types of Cheetos in the market? 

As you read through, you will find out how hot the xxtra hot Cheetos are when you compare them to the other Cheetos on sale.

Xxtra hot Cheetos are spicier than other Cheetos. The xxtra hot Cheetos are the hottest Cheetos made by Frito- Lay. When you compare flaming hot snacks, the xxtra hot Cheetos is hotter than the Cheetos flavor shots, the flamin hot lemon cheese, and the flamin hot crunchy. 

How Hot Are Xxtra Hot Cheetos On the Scoville Scale?

Is Xxtra Hot Cheetos Hotter

The xxtra hot Cheetos have about 50,000 units on the Scoville scale.

This figure places the xxtra hot Cheetos on the highest point for a chip on the Scoville scale.

The xxtra hot Cheetos are the standard in comparing other chips on the Scoville scale. These chips are hot, but the xxtra hot Cheetos are hotter than them.

The Scoville scale is a measurement of the pungency or spiciness of food when compared to chili peppers.

This scale gives you an idea of how hot any food is on a scale. These scales have units, and the units are represented in figures.

The Scoville scale allocates the figures to these units in ascending order of hotness.

Chili peppers are hot and form the standard measurement for most hot foods. The xxtra hot Cheetos are compared to a known substance. 

The active ingredient is 50,000 times as hot as the chili pepper. The Scoville scale base these measurements on the dry weight of that substance standardized by the dry weight of chili peppers.

The xxtra hot Cheetos are 50,000 times as hot on the Scoville scale. This rating makes the xxtra hot Cheetos one of the hottest snacks.

The xxtra hot Cheetos marks 50,000 units on the Scoville scale. This rating is more comparable to the cayenne pepper.

The cayenne pepper is a moderately hot type of chili pepper that is native to South America.

This pepper falls within the range of the 50,000 Scoville pepper rating.

The cayenne pepper is the closest natural food you can compare to the xxtra hot Cheetos whenever you want to describe how hot you feel after eating the xxtra hot Cheetos.

You can say that the xxtra hot Cheetos is as hot as the cayenne pepper. Every other hot snack has food that The chili pepper can compare with on the Scoville scale.

What Makes Xxtra Hot Cheetos Hotter?

Cheetos Xxtra Flamin' Hot Crunchy - 9.75 Oz (6pk) by Cheetos

Capsaicin is the most active ingredient in the xxtra hot Cheetos. This substance is responsible for the spicy taste of the xxtra hot Cheetos.

Capsaicin is a substance present in pepper responsible for making peppers feel hot.

The hot and spicy feeling of peppers and peppery foods spark when you eat them because of their capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a compound element that belongs to a group of compounds called alkaloids.

You can refer to these compounds as alkaloids. They are naturally occurring substances.

The compound is a secondary metabolite of chili pepper, and all mammals can recognize it in their stomach.

You can find capsaicin written in other names like capsaicin or capsaicin. 

Capsaicin’s pure form is hydrophobic, colorless, and easily noticed because of its intense and crystalline structure.

It appears in a white crystalline powder and easily dissolves in organic solutions. Capsaicin hardly dissolves in water.

When you try to dissolve capsaicin in water, it forms an uneven solution. When you eat the xxtra hot Cheetos, you feel a burning sensation in your mouth.

This sensation occurs due to the interactions of capsaicin and the taste buds on your tongue.

Capsaicin binds with some receptors, which signals your brain to recognize such feelings as spicy. 

Whenever you feel that hot spicy sensation after you eat xxtra hot Cheetos, know that capsaicin is at work.

Another substance that contributes to the spiciness of the xxtra hot Cheetos is the powdered chili pepper.

Chili pepper is grounded, dried, and made into a powder to blend well in the Cheetos.

Chili powder is purely natural. They add extra spice and color to the hot Cheetos.

Although capsaicin is spicy, it is a white crystalline solid and cannot add to the color you see on the hot Cheetos. The addition of the chili powder achieves that bright red color. 

What Flavor Is Xxtra Hot Cheetos?

Xxtra hot Cheetos have a cheesy flavor. Aside from being hot, it also tastes like cheese.

This taste combines with the spicy feeling of xxtra hot Cheetos to give you great delight.

The cheese flavor in the xxtra hot Cheetos gives a sweet and oily sensation.

This taste does not only give you the hot So that all you feel when you eat the xxtra hot Cheetos.

The cheese in the xxtra hot Cheetos is responsible for the mild and milky taste you enjoy when you eat the xxtra hot Cheetos.

The cheese in the xxtra hot Cheetos gives off an oily sensation that lubricates the mouth when you chew and swallow the xxtra hot Cheetos.

What Do Xxtra Hot Cheetos Taste Like?

The xxtra hot Cheetos tastes like cheese puffs. The crunchy taste that the xxtra hot Cheetos have makes them a delight.

When chewed, the xxtra hot Cheetos are light and airy. The xxtra hot Cheetos have a pop sound when crushed between your teeth as you chew them.

Once they are in your mouth, you immediately have this hot sensation. The spice in each bite immediately strikes your tongue while you continue to enjoy every bite.

Aside from the spicy taste, xxtra hot Cheetos taste like cheese. The cheesy taste wraps around the hot Cheetos serving as a lubricant in your mouth.

There is also that corn-like taste from the enriched corn meal. The enriched corn meal makes the xxtra hot Cheetos crispy and forms grains when you begin to chew them.

Most of the energy of the xxtra hot Cheetos is obtained from the enriched corn meal as the meal is rich in carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the primary source of energy in our body. It is a little bit sweet you can taste when you eat xxtra hot Cheetos.

This sweetness you feel is because sweeteners are added to xxtra hot Cheetos.

A little salt is added to xxtra hot Cheetos to create balance in the taste. This salt improves the taste of xxtra Cheetos by providing some saltiness. 

Other natural sweeteners are used to make the xxtra hot Cheetos that sweet taste. Glutamate is an amino acid and a natural sweetener that makes Cheetos sweet.

Here is a summary of some ingredients and how they add to the taste of the xxtra hot Cheetos.

IngredientsTaste In Xxtra Cheetos
CheeseOily lubricates the mouth when chewing.
CapsaicinSpicy, hot, and peppery
SaltSalty balances the taste.
CarbohydratesCrispy and grain-like when chewed.

Final Thoughts

Xxtra hot Cheetos are significantly hotter than other Cheetos. They have about 50,000 units of the Scoville scale. 

The capsaicin alkaloid is the substance that makes the xxtra hot Cheetos hotter. Cheese is the main stay flavor of the xxtra hot Cheetos. 

Many other ingredients aggregate to produce the nice taste of the xxtra hot Cheetos.

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