Does Trader Joe’s Have Worcestershire Sauce? (Explained)

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Trader Joe’s Worcestershire sauce is world renowned as an excellent food condiment that tastes great in almost every meal. 

The retail chain owns a long line of stores that sell top-quality products. 

However, knowing specific stores that sell this amazing sauce, in what quality, and where to find them within the store is a helpful hack that can save you time, money, and stress. 

Hence, this leads to the question this article answers: does Trader Joe’s have Worcestershire sauce?

Trader Joe’s does have Worcestershire sauce. The brand produces a variety of signature sauces. However, their Worcestershire sauce is very popular and has won many awards and competitions. Worcestershire sauce boasts many recipes and can easily be made at home. If you’re a vegan, you can either buy or make your own special vegan Worcestershire sauce.

What Aisle Is Worcestershire Sauce At Trader Joe’s?

Does Trader Joe's Have Worcestershire Sauce

You will find the Worcestershire sauce on the condiment aisle at Trader Joe’s.

The products line in rows on shelves, so ensure to go through the labels to search for what you want. 

You can also find vegan variety under this aisle. However, some stores arrange the different varieties separately but usually within eye distance. 

If you have no luck searching in the condiment aisle, you could try the “Natural Food” section

Again, go through the labels and ensure you are purchasing the right Trader Joe’s Worcestershire sauce you need. 

Trader Joe’s Worcestershire sauce is very much sought after and prone to scarcity during certain seasons. 

You could make homemade Worcestershire sauce to save yourself from frantically searching different stores or buying the products at exorbitant prices when you find them. 

The steps are very easy, and the ingredients can sell in local stores around you. 

#1. Ingredients 

  • 1 Cup of apple cider vinegar
  • 3 tablespoons of soy
  • ½ teaspoon of garlic powder
  • ½ teaspoon of onion powder
  • ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon powder
  • 1 teaspoon of mustard
  • ¼ teaspoon of pepper powder
  • 1 ½ tablespoon of brown sugar
  • 3 tablespoons of water

You could use bigger or smaller measurements depending on the amount of sauce you want to make.

Below are the instructions to follow when making homemade Worcestershire sauce:

  • Place a saucepan on the stove at medium heat.
  • Pour the water, cinnamon powder, pepper powder, onion powder, and garlic powder mustard powder into the saucepan. Allow it to boil for a few minutes.
  • Reduce the heat and stir the mixture. 
  • Allow it to cool to room temperature before serving or storing it in the fridge.

Trader Joe’s offers a vegan Worcestershire sauce option. However, it is not gluten-free. 

Other stores also offer a range of vegan Worcestershire sauce but to be on the safer side, you could make your own homemade vegan Worcestershire sauce. 

It will serve as a fresher alternative to store-bought sauce. Aside from Trader Joe’s, other big stores sell great Worcestershire sauce. 

Although Trader Joe’s sauce does have a signature taste that most customers might prefer.

You could look through their online store here if you didn’t find any in retail stores around you. 

However, if you have no luck, here are a few stores that sell different brands of Worcestershire sauce:

#2. Amazon

Amazon offers a wide selection of Worcestershire sauce products and even has different vegan varieties for vegans. Here is a link to their online store.

#3. Safeway

Check out the condiment aisle whenever you shop at Safeway. You can find different varieties of Worcestershire sauce or even shop for ingredients to make your homemade sauce.

#4. Walmart

This superstore also offers a wide selection of Worcestershire sauce. They sell both vegan and non-vegan organic Worcestershire sauces. Here is a link to their online store 

Why Is Worcestershire Sauce So Good?

Worcestershire sauce’s unique taste is a product of its rich ingredients and flavors. The sauce has a tangy, savory, sweet, and salty taste

The balance of all these flavors is what makes it so irresistible. Surprisingly, the ingredients and recipe can differ in some countries.

The sauce sold in America is a much sweeter and saltier variety than the ones sold in Britain.

Worcestershire sauce can be applied in so many different ways when cooking. 

It can serve as an excellent condiment when marinating chicken, fish, or beef. It tastes amazing when added to stews or as a seasoning in salads and sandwiches. 

You can also add your specialty spices or seasonings when making your own homemade Worcestershire sauce. 

You must store Worcestershire properly after use. To preserve the sauce’s flavor and shelf life, keep it refrigerated always. 

Worcestershire sauce comes in different varieties and recipes. Most countries have a unique way of making their own Worcestershire sauce.

Below is a table that lists a few you could try.

Types of sauce Properties 
Annie’s Organic Worcestershire sauceMade with soy sauce, sea salt, and molasses.
Lea and Perrins Worcestershire sauceCompletely gluten-free and is considered one of the best.
French’s Worcestershire sauceFit for restaurants and large families
The Wizard’s Worcestershire sauceBest for vegetarians. Also, gluten-free.

Where Does Worcestershire Sauce Come From?

Worcestershire sauce originated in Worcestershire, England. The sauce has roots in India but was created by accident in Worcestershire. 

It was forgotten for two years in the cellar of the British Lord. He commissioned chemists to replicate a mixture of his favorite Bengalese sauce. 

The sauce was later rediscovered, bottled, and sold. It became an instant hit with customers and, over time, was exported to different countries. 

Worcestershire sauce was mainly a sauce applied on steaks, but slowly, with more innovations to the recipe, it has grown to become a staple sauce for diverse meals. 

Worcestershire sauce contains the following ingredients:

  • Malt vinegar or white vinegar (Depending on the country)
  • Molasses
  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Anchovies
  • Tamarind extract
  • Soy sauce
  • Garlic powder
  • Water

The process of making Worcestershire sauce is an age-old recipe. The sauce is made from anchovies and fermented in vinegar for roughly 18 months. 

After this period, the aged paste-like sauce is added to water, bottled, and sold. 

Worcestershire Sauce Alternatives?

Worcestershire sauce has many alternatives you can substitute it with if you don’t have the sauce.

These substitutes may not taste like the original Worcestershire sauce. However, they come very close and are quite healthy.

Below are some of the best Worcestershire sauce alternatives:

#1. Soy Sauce and Apple Juice

This substitute is a blend of one of the two major ingredients that make up an original Worcestershire sauce: Soy and Apple vinegar. 

It tastes Salty-sweet with base umami notes. It’s an excellent choice for fish and stews. If you dislike the taste of apple juice, you can use apple vinegar instead. 

#2. Soy Sauce and Ketchup

Soy sauce plus ketchup is an easy recipe to whip up whenever you run out of Worcestershire sauce.

The soy sauce blends perfectly with the ketchup and thins out the ketchup’s thickness. 

The mixture has that tangy-sweet taste but is also a bit sour. You can eat this sauce with burgers, soups, or stews.


Trader Joe’s Worcestershire sauce is usually found on the condiment aisle in retail stores. The brand’s vegan varieties taste just as great as the non-vegan ones. 

You can substitute Worcestershire sauce with either soy sauce plus Ketchup or Soy sauce plus Apple Juice. 

Always keep the bottle of Worcestershire sauce refrigerated to preserve its flavor and shelf life.

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