Does Pizza Hut Tracker Work? (All You Need To Know)

Technology is taking over the world, as every organization wants to go digital and use technology to reduce stress and workload.

Pizza hut is also in the digital world. Pizza hut created a tracker that could track your pizza orders and give you necessary information till it reaches your doorstep.

But the question is, does it work as Pizza hut says? We’ll find out if the tracker works in this article.

Pizza Hut’s tracker works. You can order freshly made pizza in the comfort of your home monitor when it’s ready and the entire delivery process through the driver’s location. With information from the tracker, you can request an explanation for a delay from the driver with your pizza.

This article further reviews how accurate and reliable Pizza Hut trackers are, giving insight into bumped orders. Read on to learn more.

Is The Pizza Hut Tracker Accurate?

Does Pizza Hut Tracker Work

Yes, the pizza hut tracker can accurately trace the location and movement of your pizza during delivery until it reaches your doorstep.

The tracker gives the customers assurance of when their pizza will arrive and allows them to plan before time.

The introduction of the pizza tracker by Pizza hut increased the trust customers have for the company since they can see the location of the pizza.

Below are the three major times the pizza hut tracker updates

Number of timesUpdate
FirstOrder received successfully
SecondWhen the restaurant is making the pizza
ThirdSuccessfully out for delivery

These three major tracker updates enable the customer to know when the pizza is made and can receive freshly made pizza at their doorstep.

There are a few things you can do with your pizza hut tracker, including;

  • Identify the driver with your delivery
  • Track the location of the driver
  • Order your pizza
  • Contact the driver directly in the case of delayed delivery
  • Contact pizza hut customer service in the case of delayed delivery.

Although before you can successfully track your pizza on the tracker, you must have your tracking ID.

The tracking ID is a particular code or number immediately after your order is successfully received.

You can only use this number to track down your delivery from the point of making to the point of delivery.

You can also use your tracking ID to check the status of your delivery by calling pizza hut customer service in the case of an error.

Does the Pizza Hut Tracker Work on the App?

Before successfully tracking your pizza or delivery, you must have the Pizza hut app on your Android or iOS.

The following are steps to get the pizza hut application

  • Using your Android or iOS, go to your app store and search for “pizza hut.”
  • Install the app on your device.
  • Login to your account, and if you don’t have any, create an account
  • Use all your necessary information to create your account
  • Then you can place your order.

After having the app on your device, there are some notable features.

#1. The Order Button (tab)

Using this app, you can order pizza from the nearest Pizza hut restaurant from the comfort of your home. 

All you have to do is

  • Login to your Pizza hut app
  • Go to the order app and tap
  • Then select the type and size of pizza 
  • You can also select the toppings you want for your pizza.

This app has allowed people to select any toppings they want for their pizza.

Sometimes you can combine more than one topping for an individual pizza and order your special type of topping or pizza.

Some people even order new toppings or up to 3 different toppings for one pizza, and Pizza hut will deliver whatever you order.

#2. The Tracker Tab

Using your Pizza hut app, you can also keep track of your pizza’s location. So every move of your pizza can be dictated using this tracker.

You must go to your Pizza hut app and search for the tracker Tab; then, you can input your tracker ID to track your pizza successfully.

If you ordered more than one pizza, you must input both IDs to track both pizzas since they all have different tracking IDs.

The Pizza hut tracker is convenient and time-saving.

Using the tracker, you can view your order history, track your monthly expenses, and manage your budget.

You can also view your previous order, the price, date, and delivery time. In addition, since you can view your order history, you can reorder a customized order you’ve ordered.

It will enable you to order a customized pizza you’ve ordered before rather than stating your pizza toppings once again.

#3. Customer Service

Through this app, you can also contact customer service in case of any delay or error in your order.

You can also contact the Pizza Hut restaurant you’re ordering from to check the status of your order while you wait.

It can also help you complain about an order to the company to look into, saving a lot of time.

Does the Pizza Hut Tracker Notify When the Order is Delivered?

The Pizza hut tracker works the same way a GPS tracker works. You can track the location of your package till it reaches your doorstep.

Once your delivery is at the collection location, the tracker will show your location. Once your pizza has been delivered, the tracker stops at its destination.

There may be an error in the delivered item, or you have received your delivery even when it shows that you have received it on the tracker.

In the case of an error in your order, the package wasn’t what you ordered for, or there’s a mistake in your toppings.

You can contact pizza hut customer service or contact the pizza restaurant you ordered from to log a complaint.

If the delivery has yet to reach you, but the tracker is showing otherwise, you can contact pizza hut customer service or the driver in charge of your package.

However, if you ordered more than one pizza, you could receive them at different time intervals since they have different tracking IDs.

What Does a Bumped Order Mean?

A bumped order or an order bump is a marketing strategy used by e-commerce websites to advertise and generate more sales for their products.

An order bump displays a different product on your checkout or order page when you order another product.

These order bumps usually have an order now button you can use to order the item easily and add them to your shopping cart.

Unlike an upsell, where the product is displayed after you’ve ordered your desired package, order bumps appear before you order your package.

It is a very good marketing strategy as customers can click and add the displayed product to their shopping cart.

Pizza hut uses this technique as a very good way of advertising other products to customers shopping in their online store.

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