How Many Oz Is A Large At Dutch Bros? (Must Know)

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When getting yourself some coffee, you wouldn’t want to order a little cup, especially if you’re feeling out of energy.

So instead, you’d go for the large cup, but at what fluid ounce, knowing the number of dollars that’d cost you.

Whichever way, Dutch Bros makes a lot of room for as much coffee as you’d need in different cup sizes.

Hence, I’ll use this article to explain the different Dutch Bros sizes and their varying ounces.

The large at Dutch Bros contains approximately 32 fluid ounces (oz) or a hot cup of 20 ounces. This oz could come in different temperate preferences, such as cold or hot, that you can choose when ordering. However, if you’re a lover of taking coffee in the blend form, then Dutch Bros isn’t going to disappoint.

How Many Ounces Is a Large Drink at Dutch Bros?

How Many Oz Is a Large at Dutch Bros

The extensive drink at Dutch Bros mostly comes as 32 fluid ounces in hot, cold, or blend form.

However, there’s an option of the hot cup of 20 oz (fluid ounces) that comes in the large cup.

Aside from the different temperate preferences of the Dutch Bros, you’d also find the coffee in different flavors.

When comparing the number of ounces of the cups at Dutch Bros with other coffee spots, they are usually bigger.

For example, when you go to Starbucks for a large coffee cup, the most ounce you’ll get is 24 oz. That is lower than the large cup size of 32 fluid ounces at Dutch Bros.

One common thing is that you’d compare Starbucks coffee with Dutch Bros. That is because, at any cost, you’d want to ensure you get the better coffee quality that works for your body.

However, if you aren’t familiar with Starbucks coffee, I’ll share a few differences between Dutch Bros coffee and Starbucks.

FactorsDutch Bros CoffeeStarbucks Coffee
CostBuying any cup size at Dutch Bros is relatively cheaper than at Starbucks. For example, a medium cup of coffee would cost $3.5, but at Starbucks, it’d be $4 to $4.5.Starbucks coffee costs a couple of cents higher than when you buy your coffee from Dutch Bros.
Cup SizeAt Dutch Bros, the coffee cups are larger in ounces than at Starbucks.Starbucks cup sizes are smaller than at Dutch Bros. 
Customer ServiceYou’ll get everything you need at Dutch Bros when placing an order, irrespective of the customer load.You wouldn’t get the kind of attention Dutch Bros offers at Starbucks. However, the customer service here isn’t so bad.
Coffee Strength The coffee at Dutch Bros is relatively strong.Starbucks’ higher cost can be pardonable because its coffee can last longer than Dutch Bros.
VarietiesDutch Bros is the right place to go when you’re only tasty. That’s because it offers a variety of drinks to quench your thirst.Starbucks offers a lot of different food varieties. You will get different drinks and food on display if you go there. So, you can head on to Starbucks with hunger and be sure to come out happy.

How Many Ounces Is a Large Dutch Bros Cup?

Dutch Bros offers different coffee beverages in small, medium, and large coffee cups.

However, these all come in ice, hot, or blend forms. For example, a large Dutch Bros cup would give you 32 ounces, whether in cold, hot, or as a blend. 

When looking for a coffee house that can give you options of beverages to choose from, Dutch Bros won’t disappoint.

The beverages are inexhaustible, and you can choose to order one in its pure form or in combination with another.

Here are a couple of beverages alongside their weight for a large cup size of Dutch Bros.

BeveragesLarge Size Cup in milligrams
All Flavors of Breve except 911 and chocolate flavor187 mg large
Breve (911)280 mg
Cappuccino 93 mg
Double Torture Energy Drink280 mg
Americano Coffee185 mg
Chai Latte Drink65 mg
Dutch Latte Drink185 mg
Dutch Mocha Drink195 mg
Espresso140 mg
Cafe Au Lait185 mg

You must understand that those beverages don’t end the list because many others are available.

The good thing about these beverages is that they come in any temperature, hot or cold.

Also, you can make your unique flavor of coffee just by mixing two or more flavors. 

You can order your coffee by simply following the order of cup size, temperature (cold, hot, or blend), and beverage.

For example, “I’d like to place an order for a large, hot, Dutch Mocha coffee.” Dutch Bros also makes toppings available for you if you love coffee with toppings. 

Also, Dutch Bros take great pride in having unique flavors such as Espresso Bean.

At this point, you’d be thinking about the cost of a large Dutch Bros Cup in any beverage variety? 

#1. Cost of Large Dutch Bros Cup

You’ll be spending around $4 if you’re considering buying the large Dutch Bros coffee cup.

However, this price is relatively low and reasonable if you consider how large the cup size from Dutch Bros is.

Also, aside from the cup size, you’ll have various beverages when ordering the Dutch Bros coffee.

The Dutch Bros is the right go-to place when looking for just the proper coffee to give you a happy day.

The prices of the large cup are relatively the same for any coffee flavor you want to order. It also comes with exemplary customer service.

What Are the Sizes at Dutch Bros?

Dutch Bros offer sizes in varying degrees, from cup sizes mainly for your kids to adult sizes.

The Dutch Bros smoothies are primarily for kids, so your child doesn’t feel out of place.

However, you must understand that Dutch Bros doesn’t support kids’ consumption of coffee, so it makes other options for kids.

Each coffee cup at Dutch Bros comes with beverages in two to four shots depending on the one you choose.

Also, the adult sizes have different degrees starting from small, medium, then large.

Hence, you’d find these cup sizes at Dutch Bros coffee house.

  • Kids’ cup size 
  • Small cup size; two shots of hot 12 fluid ounces or 16 ounces (cold or blend)
  • Medium cup size; two shots of 16 or 24 fluid ounces
  • Large cup size; four shots of 20 or 32 fluid ounces. 
  • An alternative size 

Of all these different sizes, the small coffee cup costs the least. However, the kids’ cup sizes cost the same as the small ones or even less.

On average, small coffee cups cost about $3, medium cost $3.5, and large cups cost $4.

Dutch Bros is sensitive when producing coffee cups because it offers adult sizes and kids’.

It may seem as though they are persistent in ensuring that nobody is irrelevant to them.

However, I don’t see it that way but that they think about kids when picking out the sizes.

How to Measure Ounces in a Large Dutch Bros?

Fluid ounce measurement is a measure of volume and not weight. You can measure ounces in a large Dutch Bros by using measuring cylinders that come with calibrations.

Here are some steps you can follow to achieve this.

  • Get a measuring cylinder with calibrations for measuring the volume of liquids. This cup or cylinder must come with calibrations that only measure liquids. However, in the absence of this cylinder, get one whose reading would give you ounces when you convert. 
  • Place it on a flat surface for balance. Don’t hold the cup in your hands.
  • Pour in the Dutch Bros coffee while bending down to see the mark you want it to reach. Then, use the base of the liquid meniscus to read your mark.


The good thing that excites me about Dutch Bros is their customer friendliness and cheaper coffee prices.

In addition, Dutch Bros offer coffee in different flavors depending on the one you choose for your coffee thirst.

Also, this coffee house’s cup sizes are relatively more considerable than other coffee brands like Starbucks.

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