Do You Get Dips With Pizza Hut? (Read This First)

Pizza Hut delivers one of the crispest pizzas. You can have a variety of flavors at any pizza Hut near you.

A great way to enjoy your pizza is with a dip. Dips add extra taste to your pizzas and give you an exciting experience.

Have you ever wondered if you get a free dip when purchasing your pizza from Pizza Hut? 

Depending on your location, you get a free dip whenever you purchase pizza from Pizza Hut. However, not all Pizza Huts give you free dips whenever you buy pizza. You can check with the local Pizza Hut store to know if you do not have to pay an extra fee for a dip.

In this article, I will tell you everything about Pizza Hut dip. You will find out if they are free or if you pay for them. You’ll also see if you can order extra dip sauce from Pizza Hut. 

Does Pizza Hut Come with Free Dips?

Do You Get Dips with Pizza Hut

You can have free dips at Pizza Hut. However, this depends on the type of pizza you are ordering and your location.

In most locations, Pizza Hut offers free dips once you purchase a pizza. 

In this case, the price of the Pizza may be slightly different from another pizza outlet. This change in pricing is because Pizza Hut charges for the dipping sauce with the Pizza.

Before you order your favorite Pizza from Pizza Hut, check with the management to be sure about their dip policies.

This change in services is only constant across some Pizza Hut locations. In some of these locations, you can find a menu handed out to you without a dip sauce price.

In this case, the dip cost is included in the overall cost of the Pizza. You might be required to pay separately for the dip in other Pizza Hut locations.

Whatever the case, the menu is always your surest guide to knowing what is available at that location.

Depending on the type of Pizza you order, you can get a free dip alongside. When you purchase an expensive pizza, you automatically get a free dip with it. 

What Dips Does Pizza Hut Have?

Pizza Hut has a variety of dips. Here are some dips you can have whenever you purchase from pizza Hut:

  • Garlic dip
  • Sour cream and chive dip
  • BBQ dip
  • Sweet chili dip
  • Hot dip 

#1. Garlic Dip

The garlic deep is a tasty sauce you would like to try out. So try this dip when you order Pizza from Pizza Hut or dine in.

The garlic deep is made of simple ingredients like unsalted butter, fine sea salt, and garlic powder. Therefore, a significant component of this sauce is garlic powder.

The garlic dip is best for any pizza type you enjoy. This dip gives you that smooth taste of butter and a sharp taste from the garlic.

For optimal taste, find a garlic dip that uses butter instead of margarine. Most garlic dips do not have fresh garlic in the dip.

You can have a freshly made garlic dip in Pizza Hut whenever you order a pizza. You can rest assured that the garlic dip from Pizza Hut is fresh and crispy.

If you prefer some modifications to your Pizza, you can add a pinch of chili flakes to your garlic deep. However, these modifications are not available in a dine-in setting.

You can always have these added flavors when you make these orders from a Pizza Hut store. At your comfort, you can add these chili flakes to improve the taste.

#2. Sour Cream and Chive Dip

The sour cream and chive dip is a favorite amongst many pizza fans. Many customers have described this dip as addictive and very delicious.

It has become not just an option; many customers now make sure they have a sour cream and chive dip.  

Sour cream and chive dip is made of sour cream, mayo, chives, and sea salt. All these ingredients are gluten-free and good for your health.

You can have this delicious dip when you purchase Pizza from Pizza Hut. First, however, you should check with your local Pizza Hut to know if this delicious dip is served for free.

You can also look at the menu at your table to know if you would be charged separately for the sour cream and chive dip.

Many customers enjoy the sour cream and chive dip with the crust of the Pizza. However, others would like to spread it on the Pizza as they enjoy every bite.

Whichever form you want, sour cream and chive dip is a delicious serving for your Pizza. You can find this dip at Pizza Hut.

You can order this dip and the Pizza or dine at Pizza Hut.

#3. BBQ Dip

The BBQ dip is a diverse dipping sauce served with Pizza. This dip has great flavors you would love to have with Pizza any day.

Whether you love having your Pizza delivered to you or want a dine-in session at a Pizza Hut near you, this dip is highly recommended.

The BBQ dip consists majorly of ketchup, vinegar, and onion powders. These ingredients can vary a whole lot.

The variations in the ingredients make the BBQ dip a popular sauce and a delicious serving that goes with Pizza.

At Pizza Hut, you can make an order for this dip as you order your Pizza. Check the menu to know if this dip is served for free.

Depending on your location, you might be required to pay separately for the Pizza. However, other variations of this sauce make it a customer’s delight.

In other variations of the BBQ dip, you can find sugar, black pepper spices, and mustard. Other persons prefer their BBQ dip in liquid smoke

The BBQ dip you order from Pizza Hut is the traditional flavor. This flavor does not contain any spice.

#4. Sweet Chili Dip

The sweet chili dip is another serving in Pizza Hut. These servings come with a pizza, or you might have to pay for them.

The sweet chili dip is made of chilis, ginger, garlic cloves, and sugar. This dip’s characteristic bright red look makes it a special delight among customers.

You can make orders from the store and have a pizza, and the sweet chili dip delivered. When you have this delivery, you can modify the traditional flavor.

Some people would add spices and other sweeteners to achieve a different taste and flavor. In other cases, spoonfuls of vinegar are added for that optimal taste.

Look up the restaurant’s menu when you order the dip alongside a pizza.

#5. Hot Dip 

The hot dip is a variant flavor of garlic dip. This dipping sauce has other flavors and sweeteners unavailable in the garlic dip.

Other ingredients in the hot dip include vinegar, cloves, dried pepper flakes, and salt.

The table below shows the constituting ingredients of the dipping sauce you can find. 

S/NPizza Dipping SauceMajor Ingredients
1Garlic dipunsalted butter, fine sea salt, garlic powder
2Sour cream and chive dipsour cream mayo chives, sea salt
3BBQ dipKetchupVinegaronion powders
4Sweet chili deepChiliGingergarlic cloves sugar
5Hot deepVinegarClovesdried pepper flakes salt.

How Much Does Pizza Hut Dipping Sauce Cost?

You can purchase dipping sauce from $3 – $5 at Pizza Hut. This price range may vary from one location to another.

Some Pizza hut locations add extra flavors to give a crispy taste. These extra flavors alter the prices of some of the dipping sauces.

The garlic dip in its traditional flavor does not have any spice added to it. It is only made up of garlic, fine sea salt, and butter.

Some extra flavors like chili peppers and ginger are added to it. In this instance, the dipping price might be slightly different from the unflavored garlic dipping sauce.

You might not need to pay for the dip in some other instances. The dip is charged alongside the Pizza you purchase. When you make an order for Pizza, the same charges apply.

Can You Order Extra Dip Sauce from Pizza Hut?

You can order an extra dip sauce when you buy a pizza at Pizza Hut. You will be charged for the extra dip sauce when you make this extra order.

You can ask for an extra dipping sauce if you have exhausted the one you were given. The dipping sauce usually comes in a small container and may easily finish.

In some instances, you may not like the traditional dipping sauce, or you prefer another flavor. You could order another dipping sauce.

When you order an extra deep source, you will be charged an extra amount for the sauce.

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