Are There Any Non-Spicy Takis? (All You Need To Know)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:19 pm

Many snacks no longer match spicy chips like Takis because Takis has dominated the snack market in quite a new way.

America honors the innovative Ideas of Takis producer Barcel. Its rolled tortilla chip shrewdly mixed with chili pepper and a taste of lime is worth some bites.

Although Takis comes in assorted flavors, most fans prefer the extremely spicy flavors. This article is knowledgeable about the spiciest to the least spicy Takis.

All the Takis are spicy—Fuego is the spiciest with a heat component to round it off. Flare has a duller taste with chili pepper lime flavor. In comparison, Smokin’ Lime has the dullest taste with a chipotle and a touch of lime.

Are All Takis Spicy?

Are There Any Non-Spicy Takis

Of course, all the Takis flavors are known for their super spiciness. But they also come in less spicy flavors to compliment their invention.

Takis do not overrule others’ interest in less spicy chips. To this effect, they come in mild varieties like Flare and Smokin’ Lime.

Takis commits to winning more snacking fans with innovative spicy chips since our generation seeks to try more flavorful and spicy products.

Takis Flavors

Takis come in diverse flavors and get everyone captivated by them. Interestingly, all the flavors are great products.

Snacks Food & Whole Bakery awarded Barcel USA, Takis Producer as 2020 Snack producer of the year.

Below is a comprehensive list of Taki’s numerous flavors, but it’s not limited to these.

They include:

  • Fuego is the spiciest variety of Takis. The purple package of hot chili pepper with lime is worth some bites. You can Buy Takis Fuego on Amazon.
  • A study shows that  Takis Angry Burger combines hamburger and dill pickle flavors. It has some heat but is very mild and comes in green packaging.
  • Studies reveal that the Takis Authentic Taco has the usual shape of rolled-up taco shells. It contains a hot taco flavor defining it and a green sealing.
  • Nitro is an amazing habanero chile flavor, and it has a black-red sealing
  • Blue Heat is known for its intense hotness. The blue package chili pepper flavor is delicious and spicy. 
  • Takis Crunchy Fajitas is a chicken fajita flavor. Crunchy Fajitas has a green sealing and appears yellow on the inside.
  • Guacamole is a spicy snack that combines the taste of salsa guacamole. The Guacamole has a white sealing.
  • The Original taki is a little spicy and has a green sealing. 
  • Taki Flare is a mixture of chili pepper and a taste of lime peanuts. The snack comes with a slight heat.
  • Xplosion Taki is a spicy mixture of cheese and chili pepper with orange sealing.
  • Outlaw is also a spicy barbecue flavor with a dark-red sealing.
  • Smokin’ Lime; Takis Hot Nut is another name for it. It is a chipotle peanut flavor with a purple and green sealing.
  • Scorpion BBQ is a spicy barbecue flavor with brown and purple sealing.
  • Xtra Hot, Like Fuego, is a hot flavor; however, it’s less spicy. It has a black-purple sealing. 
  • Titan is a snack that combines chipotle and lime flavors. It has a dark-red sealing.
  • Wild is a buffalo flavor, and it has a sky blue sealing. It is also one of the hot Takis flavors.

How Spicy Are Takis?

Takis has a Scoville rating between 30,000 and 50,000 SHU. Several flavors come in at different Scoville Heat Units.

Scoville Heat Unit is the unit of measurement of the spiciness and flavor heat of chili peppers on a Scoville scale. 

How Do You Make Takis Less Spicy?

You could use specific acidic ingredients to make Takis less spicy. Assessing the intensity, and spiciness of Takis, do not use ordinary water to make them less spicy.

Go for ingredients like lemon, tomatoes, vinegar, pineapple, and lime juice. Acidic ingredients will balance the pH levels and spiciness of the spicy Takis. 

Butter, sweetness, and dairy can also help reduce the spiciness. I insist you shouldn’t seek remedies from water or Alcohol because they are not good enough.

After collecting the necessary ingredients you want to use, let’s say you have a lemon or pineapple. Squeeze out the lemon juice or pineapple juice, and drink it for relief. 

What Takis Flavor Is The Least Spicy?

The Takis Hot But Smokin’ Lime is the least spicy Takis. It has the mildest taste. The Taki that is close to it is Takis Flare.

Barcel is interested in satisfying Takis fans with more innovations. The less spicy Takis are for those with a limit to spicy foods.

Is Takis Good For You?

Takis are not bad for you because they are rich in calories and contain certain food nutrients. You will likely gain more fat, carbs, and sodium by indulging Takis.

Takis also contain a small amount of calcium and iron. Some people choose Takis, especially when they feel nauseous and might easily throw up.

However, Takis lack many vital nutrients and are also processed foods. Regularly eating Takis places Takis’s downsides above the benefits. 

Processed foods are cancerous and diabetic and can even cause heart diseases (USA TODAY).

So when it comes to eating Takis, moderation is key. So, let’s explore the nutritional content of Takis.

NutrientsAmount (g)% Daily Value
Total Fat1232
Total Carbohydrate1613
Vitamin A
Vitamin C

What Drink Can You Pair With Takis?

Pairing the rolled tortilla chip with wine displays prestige and excitement and paves the way for health benefits.

You can pair some drinks with the chili pepper: chilled yogurt or juice.

Nevertheless, chilled wines like the Skin Contact White Wines can be a perfect pair. What other wines can go well?

#1. Riesling

Riesling goes perfectly with almost all the Takis flavors. The automatic grape species is known for its perfect match for most spicy foods.

The Fuego’s super spiciness will pair with the sharp, cool taste of the Riesling.

Therefore, the combination sets a mutual relationship, allowing the passage of an extraordinary taste and feel.

Taking Riesling with Takis Fuego earns you a place at the high table. The pairing relieves you of all anxieties and momentarily characterizes you as a happy man.

#2. Albariño

The energetic Spanish Albariño makes a wonderful pair with the Mexican brand of spicy snacks. Albarino combines with Takis to produce a zippy-zesty unique taste.

To enjoy this innovative pair, you should first take your bath and prepare for the heavenly feeling.

The Albarino goes very well with Takis flavors and leaves no traces behind.

#3. Dolcetto

The black wine grape variety, Dolcetto, with a Takis Guacamole, reassures you, making you forget your worries.

The Italian wine knows how to lessen the spiciness without overshadowing its zesty taste.

However, you can replace a Dolcetto with Barbera and still have a similar result.


Most people prefer greatly spicy snacks. So Takis is nothing but a response to their craving.

However, they risk cancer and diabetes when regularly indulging in the super spicy Takis. 

That’s why Takis also come in less spicy varieties. Nevertheless, Takis are good foods and only lack a few essential nutrients.

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