Does Arby’s Have Ice Cream? (Ice Cream, Cones & More)

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Arby’s fast food is a popular American fast-food chain specializing in tasty sandwiches and dairy desserts.

Generally, many consider sandwiches comfort food as it is rich and satisfying and can be eaten anytime and anywhere.

And one unique thing about Arby’s is that they only serve fresh food.

It is habitual for most people to eat their food with beverages just like they’d want to eat sandwiches with dairy dessert so you may wonder: does Arby’s have ice cream?

Arby’s does have ice cream, but it isn’t outrightly sold. They only use soft serve ice cream to make milkshakes, their famous, lovable dessert. But their shakes have different flavors, making them perfect for any ice cream lover. It goes well with their cookies and various types of sandwiches.

Does Arby’s Have Real Ice Cream? 

Does Arby's Have Ice Cream

Yes. Arby has real ice cream, and they serve their ice cream with milkshakes and the recent Dr. Pepper Vanilla float.

After the combination, they cover the shakes with a massive swirl of whipped cream and chocolate, depending on your preference.

That is the one thing about Arby’s menu, all items listed are made with original products.

The secret of a good milkshake is its thickness. Arby’s provides a straw alongside the cup.

This means that it won’t be so thick you can’t get anything out through the straws.

That aside, soft-serve ice cream is the main content of rich, thick ice cream with the addition of milk. 

However, many believe you can use blended ice cubes, heavy-creamed milk, sugar, and vanilla extract.

But it isn’t just thickness that makes a milkshake rich but the quality of ingredients used. 

The real ice cream Arby’s fast-food uses consist of sufficient condensed and sweetened milk, overrun air, butter fat, and other necessary ingredients. 

This ice cream is made with a soft-serve machine, reducing its thickness and making it easier to blend.

And if after making a milkshake you find it runny, you should know by now that a lack of ice cream is the culprit, and you’ll need to add more.

The table below shows the content of rich ice cream and how it affects its quality. 

Quality Ice cream IngredientsFunctions
MilkEnhancing density and providing an overall richness 
CreamLubricates ice cream crystals and improves the ice cream’s texture on the tongue
ButterfatAdds a rich taste and enhances the melting resistance and texture
Sweetened condensed milkThe syrupy condensed milk sweetens and softens the ice cream.
SugarActs as a sweetener. It enhances viscosity and makes the ice cream palatable.
Total solids (Fat, MSNF, stabilizers, etc.)Improves texture and overrun. 
WaterA solvent
Overrun airImproves ice cream quality and increases the volume
StabilizersPrevent any resistance when the ice cream is melting. It deters coarse texture and improves the ice cream’s thickness
Emulsifier(primarily egg yolks)It improves texture, enhances even distribution of aeration throughout the ice cream, and preserves it further from instant melting.

Does Arby’s Have Ice Cream Cones?

Anyone wondering if Arby’s has ice cream cones should know they don’t. They don’t serve ice cream as a standalone dairy dessert, so they don’t need ice cream cones.

Instead, they use their ice cream for shakes and Soda ice cream float. They have a famous shake called the Arby’s Jamocha shake and chocolate and vanilla shake. 

The table below highlights the content of each shake and soda vanilla float.

Arby’s dairy dessert shakesContent
The Jamocha shake (a frozen coffee drink)Cold coffeeMilkSugar3 cups of vanilla ice cream chocolate/ Jamocha syrup sweet wheyCaramelChocolate drizzle
Chocolate shakeReal, premium Ghiradelli chocolate whipped cream vanilla ice cream chocolate drizzleMilkSugarCocoaVanilla shake mix
Vanilla handcrafted shakeVanilla shake mix whole milkSugarSweet cream vanilla ice cream vanilla flavorWhipped topping
Orange cream shakeVanilla ice cream sweet whey range cream flavors range juiceMilkSugarVanilla flavorWhipped topping
Arby’s Dr. Pepper, Braq’s root beer, and coke vanilla floatSoda (Dr. Pepper, Barq’s root, or coke)Vanilla ice cream

A noticeable ingredient that appears in all the shakes is ice cream, real ice cream.

This ice cream addition adds that original, rich flavor to your milkshake or vanilla float and is one of the best drinks you should try this summer.

Does Arby’s Have Soft Serve Ice Cream?

Arby’s has soft-serve ice cream made from the soft serve machine. This type of ice cream differs from the hard one in texture and aeration.

The soft ice cream is lighter, contains less fat, and is served at a lower temperature. 

But of course, they’re also ice cream, so they’ll be cold, and a bit frozen, but the stark contrast between it and hard ice cream is that it instantly dissolves in your mouth. 

Also, it doesn’t need to be scooped as it comes directly from the machine into a container.

This type of ice cream is fluffier and easier to make, and the results are always consistent, provided you use the same ice cream mix. 

If you’re wondering why Arby’s uses soft ice cream, here’s why. Soft ice cream, as its name implies, is soft.

This means it is perfect for serving as a milkshake base or a combination for soda vanilla floats.

Also, they’re simple and easy to work with and swirl to make soda floats; you don’t need ice cream that is too cold for a milkshake as it could ruin its texture. 

Hard serve ice cream is around 10 degrees Fahrenheit, while soft ice cream is approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a better option.

If Arby’s uses hard ice cream, they’ll have to wait for it to soften before use, and this process is time-consuming as the customers are already in the drive-through waiting for their orders. 

Even if you let the hard ice cream soften before waiting for a customer’s order, it could become too warm, way past the needed temperature.

It also makes blending the milkshake more challenging but having a soft-serve machine eases the burden of going through that stress.

The soft ice cream has a perfect temperature, so you only need to blend and add whatever toppings, and you’re all done.

What Kind of Ice Cream Does Arby’s Have?

Arby’s has different ice cream flavors and extracts they use for their desserts. They are vanilla, strawberry syrup, chocolate, and mint chocolate.

And they only use these real, premium ice cream in their frozen dairy desserts to give you the best swirl floats and shakes.

Of all these ice cream flavors, vanilla is the most used as it prevents a highly sweetened milkshake.

Arby’s uses it to make the famous Arby’s Jamocha shake by adding coffee and chocolate. 

They also use vanilla to make the base for strawberry, orange shake chocolate, and mint chocolate; the vanilla is just like a canvas for painting.

After using the vanilla, they add the original flavor like orange juice for orange shakes, coffee, mint chocolate, etc.

And other toppings like whipped cream and chocolate drizzle or cookie crumbles for the Oreo shakes. 

Does Arby’s Sell Bags of Ice?

Arby’s sells bags of ice you can buy for beverage cooling during outdoor hangouts like picnics.

And the best news is that they sell it for as low as $1. While you may expect to only find food, dessert, and beverages at such a place, it is unsurprising.

Arby’s restaurant group isn’t the only fast-food selling bags of ice; many other popular American fast food also does

Final Thoughts

It’s no secret that ice creams are almost everyone’s favorite desserts, but recently there’s been a shift to something different but still as tasty: ice cream milkshakes.

And that’s precisely one of the many things Arby’s restaurant group sells.

They’re tasty, rich, and available in different flavors in small, medium, and large sizes; it’s something you’ll undoubtedly love to taste.

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