Is Monster Rehab Bad For You? (Must Read This)

Last updated on April 25th, 2023 at 11:11 pm

Having an instant source of energy after a stressful day can be refreshing. Alternatively, a tasty energy drink comes in handy after an intense workout. 

One brand that readily comes to mind is the Monster Rehab energy drink. However, it is essential to be intentional about what you consume. 

Hence, curiosity leads to a basic question. Is Monster Rehab Bad for You? Is it okay to have this drink every day? What are the side effects, if there are any?

Yes! Monster Rehab is bad for you. While it contains energy-giving solutions, it also contains elements and additions that are bad for your health. Irrespective of your daily lifestyle, the drink can affect your daily productivity. The flavors only offer a difference in taste but the same health risk. 

This article explains the health risk in detail. It also explains the content of the drink and its effect. 

Is Monster Rehab Bad for You 2022?

Is Monster Rehab Bad for You?

Monster Rehab is bad for you when taken in high quantities. Monster Rehab is a brand of energy drink meant to supply you with energy and keep you active throughout the day. 

It has different flavors. These varieties include tea lemonade, tea peach, and fruit punch flavors. 

While these flavors are tasty and refreshing, they also contain additions that make them unsafe for consumption. 

A lawsuit against the brand for the use of unhealthy additives is a highlight of 2022. This action shows the health opinion of the drinks. 

It is important to understand how this drink affects your health.

Is Monster Rehab Tea Bad for You?

Monster Rehab tea is one of the flavors of this type of energy drink. Like the other flavors, it is bad for your health

Although it gives you a refreshing taste, it also increases the average activity of the body. One of the results is the need to hydrate the body constantly. 

Frequent urination due to increased kidney activity means you have to drink a lot of water to balance the effect of the drink. 

Is Monster Energy Drink Rehab Bad for You?

This flavor of the energy drink could be better for you. Studies show that the drink contains an unknown amount of Epigallocatechin Gallate. 

The name is less important; the focus should be on its effect. This substance is a toxic supplement to the liver and kidneys. 

So not only does the drink increase kidney activity, but it also releases toxic substances into the kidney. The damage can be life-threatening if you continue to consume this drink.

Is Monster Rehab Tea Lemonade Bad for You?

The Monster Rehab tea lemonade is also bad for you. There is no difference compared to the other unhealthy flavors; only the taste is different. 

However, this difference is due to changes in certain chemicals and additives.

Like the other flavors in the discussion, the content and effect of this drink are bad for your health. 

Here are reasons why Monster Rehab tea lemonade is bad for you:

High Carb Levels

Monster Rehab lea lemonade’s high carb content is a vital reason to reduce its consumption. Depending on the type of lifestyle and or work life, daily minimum carb requirement varies. 

However, it is safer to reduce intake. A single can contain about 7g of carbs. This level is not close to the daily recommended average of 20g of carbs. 

Because there are many other sources of carbs in a daily meal, it is necessary to cut down on consumption. 

Contains Artificial Sweeteners

The taste of rehab tea lemonade might be addictive, as some consumers love to say. However, there is more to the taste than your bargain. 

The use of artificial sweeteners or flavors makes the drink an unhealthy choice. For one, it doesn’t add any nutritional value to the drink. 

Also, it can initiate allergic reactions in some people. The artificial sweeteners in this flavor include acesulfame K and sucralose.

High-Calorie Content

Each can of Monster Rehab gives you 160g of calories, irrespective of the flavor. This high-calorie content is a setback for anyone trying to work on their diet or weight. 

Imagine how it feels working up your exercise routine in the morning, only to end up consuming high-calorie content immediately. It can lead to the storage of fat in unwanted places. 

The high-calorie content is equally bad if you are not trying to lose weight. It disturbs your digestive system and leads to the accumulation of more in the body. 

It is important to note that the drink does not contain fat. However, this does not indicate that it doesn’t add fat to your system. 

The action of the drink can directly affect your fat-burning system. Hence, while it doesn’t contain fat as advertised, it can accumulate fat in the body. 

Is Monster Rehab Peach Tea Bad for You?

Monster Rehab peach tea is also bad for you if there is regular consumption. This energy drink is meant to help you recover after rigorous activities, including morning exercise. 

While it provides instant energy, it also has dangerous side effects. The Monster Rehab peach tea contains a food additive called Sodium Benzoate. 

This additive and other artificial sweeteners affect your gut activity during cardio activities such as exercise. This reaction leads to dehydration due to frequent urination. 

Dehydration affects your gain-loss plan. So for someone trying to lose weight, Monster Rehab peach tea affects your weight. The high-calorie content also adds to the weight. 

It is best to avoid Monster Rehab peach tea, especially frequent consumption. 

This table shows some ingredients in a Monster Rehab drink.

IngredientsQuantity or Type (Per Can)
Calories121 grams
Caffeine161 mg
AdditivesTaurin, Guarana
Carbs29 mg

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Monster Every Day?

Daily consumption of the Monster energy drink can have its toll on the body. Like every other drink, moderate consumption is necessary even when it doesn’t pose health risks. 

However, this drink has its daily effects; thus, it is safe to assume daily consumption is also unhealthy. 

However, if you need more convincing, here are the effects of daily consumption of Monster Rehab. 

High Blood Pressure

The action of the Monster drink on the heart leads to elevated blood pressure. If you engage in cardio activities, this puts your health at immediate risk. 

According to research by the University of California, consuming 100 mg of caffeine daily is a serious health risk. Compare that to the 160 mg of caffeine in a can of Monster. That is going way above the limit.

It is important to mention that the drink is not the only source of caffeine in daily diet. Hence, having one drink go beyond the daily recommended limit is unhealthy. 

What’s more? High blood pressure or Hypertension doesn’t just affect the heart. It slowly eats away other internal organs. High pressure affects the kidney, Lungs, Liver, and other organs.


Arrhythmia is another health risk related to the heart, and you can develop it when you drink Monster Rehab flavors daily. 

Sometimes, arrhythmia is confused with high blood pressure because they are both related to the heart. However, it is different. 

This condition includes a sudden and rapid heartbeat. Restlessness, shortness of breath for a short period, and chest pain are all arrhythmia indicators. 

Drinking Monster Rehab daily can lead to this in people of different age groups, especially adults. 

Lack of Sleep

The high sugar content of this energy drink is popular. When you combine that with elevated caffeine levels, you have hyperactivity. 

This hyperactivity can keep you awake beyond bed hours. While this might be good for someone looking to work more hours, it can also be dangerous. 

After a while, the hyperactive condition becomes systemic. The disruption affects the regular sleeping pattern. This systemic change makes the drink addictive. 

It also affects your fluid balance throughout the day. Adequate sleep is vital for proper mental and bodily functions. 

Lack of focus, dysregulation, and other imbalance is often due to lack of sleep. Hence, taking energy drinks to stay awake for a few hours will cost you more the next day. 

In the long run, it reduces net productivity.

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