Is Monster Rehab Bad For You? (Must Read This)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

The regular Monster Energy drink was one of the most popular energy drinks before the improved version, monster rehab.

This is one drink you’d love to take before an exercise or after sports; it keeps you active and improves focus. 

Many have fallen in love with Monster Rehab Energy and its many flavors.

And they believe it is what they truly need after energy-consuming physical activities, but should you be drinking the monster rehab?

While Monster Energy provides drinks like the Rehab green tea, making you believe you’ve got something healthy, it isn’t so. Studies have shown that the Rehab Monster contains an unknown quantity of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), a toxic supplement to the liver and kidney. And it contains excess caffeine, which is unhealthy and can cause death.

Is Monster Rehab Bad for You 2022?

Is Monster Rehab Bad for You?

The Monster Rehab drink isn’t as healthy as you may believe. The advertisements show something entirely different from what it offers.

It comes in energy iced teas and has flavors with no tea addition. Also, it is paraded as a sports recovery and hangover aid.

In truth, energy drinks help athletes and non-athletes during workouts. It boosts their performance and makes them more attentive.

Now, that is a practical benefit, but what happens when these athletes get addicted to taking these energy drinks?

Consider the table below to find out the ingredients of this famous Monster drink and what could make Monster Rehab bad for consumption.

Monster Rehab:

Calories121 grams
Thiamine7% of the DV
Caffeine85 mg (161 mg per can)
Taurine1000 mg
GuaranaRanges between 1.4mg to 300 mg

The table above displays some ingredients in a Monster Rehab drink. We’ll focus on the contents that make it unhealthy.

  • It contains 121 grams of calories, and anyone trying to work on their diet should know that high-calorie consumption results in a quick calorie build-up. And the AHA, a reliable health source, advises taking no more than 100 calories daily. Excess calorie intake causes excess body fat and can severely affect your digestive system.
  • 27 grams of carbs is equivalent to 100 grams of sugar, and high sugar content is dangerous to health.
  • And the caffeine is worse. A regular energy drink is an 8-ounce serving, but Monster Energy has 16 oz cans available in 13 oz, 16 oz, 24 oz, and 32 oz. Many might finish the 16-ounce serving in a go, meaning they consumed 160 or 161 mg of caffeine. Dangerous.
  • It contains other stimulants like guarana, which has high caffeine content and is risky in large quantity consumption.

Is Monster Rehab Tea Bad for You?

You may think the Monster Rehab tea isn’t that bad. It is an iced drink that sates thirst, energizes you, and is suitable for hangover recovery.

But that is the problem. Monster Energy is an iced drink containing stimulants and high sugar content, so how does it help with hangovers? 

The significant dosage of caffeine has zero benefits to hangover aid, as Monster Energy claims. And if anyone did believe that, they put themselves at risk.

The idea that Monster Energy ice tea provides hangover relief is far-fetched. The 160 mg of caffeine is equivalent to or even more than a cup of coffee.

It is synonymous with taking coffee after a hard-drinking night that resulted in a painful hangover.

Also, caffeine induces urine like alcohol, dehydrating your body more and even deteriorating the situation.

Caffeine and high sugar content won’t be kind to you in that dreadful situation.

The sugar causes a blood spike, and the caffeine narrows your blood vessels, increases your blood pressure, and amplifies that awful pounding in your head. 

Monster Energy’s advertisement is quite compelling, but they don’t entirely provide accurate information, which could cause severe damage and health issues to most consumers.

Is Monster Energy Drink Rehab Bad for You?

Monster Rehab  Energy isn’t outrightly bad for you. It serves some useful purposes but also has its disadvantages.

As its name implies, energy drinks provide athletes, gymnasts, and sportsmen/women with enhanced ability to perform well, improving their endurance and agility.

This drink included many flavor variations, including the Monster Rehab green tea.

And while you may think the tea’s content and health-promoting ingredients make it a great addition, it doesn’t completely elude the fact that it contains other harmful components.

Is Monster Rehab Tea Lemonade Bad for You?

The Rehab tea lemonade might pose lesser risks than its counterparts.

But it contains artificial flavors alongside the ice energy drink, and these synthetic flavors aren’t healthy and do not provide any nutritional advantages to you. 

Also, these synthetic flavors in the Rehab tea lemonade are made in a chemical lab and may contain some additives that can cause allergic reactions in consumers.

Is Monster Rehab Peach Tea Bad for You?

The Rehab peach tea shouldn’t be a favorite either. It contains high carbs and unhealthy ingredients.

It also contains artificial sweeteners that can affect your gut when taken frequently. Contents like high glucose and a food additive like Sodium Benzoate don’t help either.

If there’s anything one who’d love to be healthy should avoid, it’s food additives, synthetic flavors, caffeine, and high calories.

Unfortunately, these ingredients are all found in Monster peach tea, other Monster Rehab tea, and energy drinks.

What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Monster Every day?

While many may argue that Monster Rehab tea and energy drink are beneficial, regular drinking can cause many health problems.

Remember that this Rehab green tea drink may come in different flavors but still contains similar contents. It has 13 oz, 15.5 oz, 16 oz, and more.

Daily drinking of these cans can cause addiction, and you may even begin drinking up to 3 in a day.  

This energy drink creates damaging effects on your liver and kidney.

And regular consumption could cause stomach inflammation (Gastritis) which has symptoms like stomach pain, nausea, and vomiting. 

The high caffeine affects your blood vessels and nervous system.

When you drink too much of this stimulant, your blood vessels become narrower, making it challenging for the blood to pump.

And while caffeine may improve alertness, excessive intake causes insomnia (lack of sleep).

Depriving your body of sleep is harmful and could result in: 

  • Hypertension
  • Heart attacks
  • Stroke
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Declined brain function
  • Memory loss
  • Deteriorated immune system
  • Psychiatric problems, etc.

And let’s not get started with the high calorie and sugar.

High-calorie consumption isn’t healthy, especially for people struggling with shedding weight, and sugar doesn’t help.

Eating controlled amounts of carbs is fine as it gives your body the needed glucose for your blood. 

But the carbs in a Monster rehab energy are often doubled, tripled, or quadrupled depending on your ounce serving.

Drinking such high-carb content drives your blood glucose levels to an instant increase.

This abnormal blood sugar increase can adversely affect your blood vessels, crucial organs, and cells.


Drinking the Monster Rehab is one of the favorite things of sports people due to its performance-enhancing ability.

The monster Rehab isn’t bad in that aspect, but it is harmful considering all its ingredients, especially the stimulants and sugar content.

The best thing for anyone who loves this drink is limiting their intake to just one daily.


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