Does Pizza Hut Make Their Own Bases? (Read This First)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:13 pm

Over the years, Pizza has claimed the ranks as its daily demand continually rises. Pizza Hut turns out to be among the top-ranking largest suppliers of pizza. 

Today’s high demand for pizzas makes for a variety of Pizzas that come with different flavors, tastes, and crust bases. 

With the continuous high daily demand for Pizza for various occasions, you may want to wonder how Pizza Hut manages to supply. 

Hence, the pending question is, does Pizza Hut make its bases?  

Yes, Pizza Hut makes its daily base for every pizza crust topping. All Pizza orders that hail from Pizza Hut, ready for delivery, are made from scratch. The making process includes putting together the ‘fresh’ dough for the Pizza crust base. 

Are you wondering if Pizza Hut makes its Pizza crust base or how they source its Pizza crust base? You’re at the next step of getting your answer. 

This article suggests that Pizza Hut typically makes their Pizza base crust fresh from scratch. Let’s take a review of Pizza Hut crust bases.

What is Pizza Hut’s Traditional Base?

Does Pizza Hut Make Their Own Bases

The pan crust base is the most traditional Pizza Hut crust base. The simple reason is that the Pizza Hut pan crust-base is the first crust-base type of Pizza Hut. 

Every other Pizza crust style comes in line after the Pizza Hut pan base. The Pizza Hut pan base is also called the deep-dish Pizza crust base. 

To this day, the pan crust base stands tall in the file of the most prominent Pizza Hut crust base. 

Generally, Pizza that uniquely comes with a thick crust base is a traditional form of Pizza. For example, the pan crust base is the traditional crust base for Pizza Hut.

As it goes, the crust is usually deep-fried in a shallow pan, making for its name. So, you have a deep-dish Pizza crust base rather than the normal baked or grilled one.

The Pizza Hut pan crust has a sharp signature taste and a deep golden-brown color.

Unlike some Pizza base crust styles, the pan crust base is seemingly doughy, chewy, and thick. 

Therefore, the pan crust is a complete choice for many customers. Also, the pan crust base best serves most customers as it comes in different crust sizes. 

As it is true that every good Pizza starts with a perfect base, the pan crust base is Pizza Hut’s signature traditional base.

How Many Bases Does Pizza Hut Have?

There are four major styles of Pizza crust base that you can associate with Pizza Hut. However, there are certainly other numerous seasonal Pizza base crust styles that serve well.

Of every base crust, you meet a distinctive taste and experience to the previous, enriching your pizza choice. 

Here are the four prominent Pizza base crust that is readily available at Pizza Hut:

#1. Pan Crust Base

The pan crust base is one of the most traditional crust base styles at Pizza Hut. As a matter of fact, it is Pizza Hut’s first-ever crust base style.

Pizza Hut pan base is the Pizza crust style that is usually thick and chewy with a deep golden color. 

The pan crust base style is still on Pizza Hut’s favorite list despite the numerous pizza crust base styles that have come along over the years.

#2. Hand-Tossed Crust Base

Hand-tossed crust base is another style of Pizza Hut crust base. Its making process is the traditional hand-tossing of the Pizza dough, just as the name implies. 

However, technological innovations have brought about the use of specially designed machines for tossing Pizza dough

Hand-tossed Pizza crust bases are usually lighter and fluffier. In all its entirety, the hand-tossed Pizza base crust is remarkably different from the pan crust base and the other styles.

#3. Stuffed Crust Base

The stuffed crust Pizza base style is another prominent Pizza Hut base style. The early days of Pizza Hut offered this cheesy and stretchy Pizza dough. 

When you come across a warm, melty cheese dough base, your best bet is the stuffed crust base Pizza. 

Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust base has since been a hit as it has unique signature tastes to woo customers repeatedly.

Well, to a great degree, the stuffed crust base Pizza has become common homemade Pizza.

#4. Thin Crust Base

As the name implies, the thin crust base is one of the Pizza Hut crust styles that serve customers who prefer more toppings. 

The thin crust base is even lighter and flatter than the hand-tossed crust base.

With the thin crust Pizza base style, you will surely get that crispy bite that isn’t available on other dough base styles.

The above listing is not in any form of hierarchy as it may appear. Every crust base style comes with its signature taste and uniqueness. 

The table below details the most prominent properties of the four major Pizza Hut dough bases. 

Pizza Crust BaseProperties
Pan crust basePan crust base is dense, thick, and chewy with a deep golden-brown color.
Hand-tossed crust baseThinner and flatter dough with some good crunch.
Stuffed crust baseThe stuffed crust dough base is cheesier and stretchy to the taste.
Thin crust baseA light base with a better crispy bite.

Are Pizza Hut Doughs Pre-Made?

Yes, the Pizza crust base dough is usually pre-made in most Pizza Hut unit stores. Pre-made in the sense that the working staff usually prepares the dough for use beforehand.

The practice of processing the pre-made Pizza dough is the secret behind Pizza Hut’s dough not coming out soggy and flavorless. 

Everyone loves that which is good, so there’s preferential treatment when it comes to Pizza crust. To maintain its signature crust, Pizza Hut dough is pre-made and frozen.

Although that is the case with Pizza Hut dough bases, we cannot say that 100 percent of Pizza Hut doughs are pre-made. 

So, while most are pre-made, other Pizza Hut units sort every dough from a fresh start. But regardless of the approach, one thing is sure; Pizza Hut makes its dough crust by itself.

It is possible to have a Pizza Hut unit store that also works with sourced frozen dough. There are a plethora of factors that affect effective production. 

Hence, some reasons warrant that approach, as it is usually not the norm with Pizza Hut.

What Is Pizza Hut’s Best Base?

The best Pizza Hut crust base is the thin crust base that comes in different varieties. The reason is that it contains fewer calories and is deemed healthier compared to other crust bases. 

Added to the above reason, the thin crust base isn’t missing anything when it comes to Pizza’s signature taste and experience.

Pizza Hut’s thin base crust also receives preferential treatment because it allows for more toppings.

However, there are a variety of other quality traditional as well as seasonal Pizza Hut bases that spoil customers’ choices. 

You are picking one of the numerous options to stand as the best is a tough decision most of the time. Nonetheless, it is better to make a pick on the basis of your preferences. 

Of the numerous Pizza Hut base styles, four major crust base styles have gotten more popular among customers. Indeed, every good Pizza depends mainly on the crust base styling. 

So, since the base crust affects the experience of every good pizza, the best Pizza crust base will vary from person to person.

After all, everyone’s taste is indeed highly individualistic. So, the best Pizza Hut base crust depends on your desire for the Pizza crust base.

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