Are Pizza Express Gluten Free? (Read This First)

A gluten-free diet is one way to eat healthy to prevent diseases or their escalation and lose weight. However, this takes a lot of discipline since you’ll have to cut out a lot of food options. 

What about pizza? Can you have their people’s favorite food when on a gluten-free diet? 

Naturally, Pizza is a top source of gluten in popular American diets. However, many pizzerias now offer gluten-free options to accommodate all food preferences. 

How about Pizza Express? Do they provide gluten-free options? Find out below. 

Pizza Express offers many gluten-free options, from Pizza to pasta, dough balls, and even desserts and beers. Many wheat products at Pizza Express are completely gluten-free. If you desire some pizza slices, you’ll enjoy several toppings that do not compromise your gluten-free diet.  

This article combs through the gluten-free Pizza Express options. You’ll also find allergen information and details of celiac-friendly meals at Pizza Express to help you find healthy pizzas. 

The article also sheds some light on their vegan pizzas and dough balls. Read on as we dig into the nutritional facts about Pizza Express dishes!

Relishing Gluten-Free Options at Pizza Express

Are Pizza Express Gluten Free

Are you craving a delightful pizza, but the gluten content puts you off? Don’t worry; we’ve got some exciting news for all the gluten-intolerant food lovers. 

Pizza Express, your favorite pizza corner, now offers a wide spectrum of gluten-free options.

A Glance at the Menu

Pizza Express has made healthy pizzas more enjoyable by introducing gluten-free flour in their preparations across all branches. 

From starters to desserts and even beers – they have it all covered!

Here’s what you might find interesting:

  • Dough balls: This signature Pizza Express treat is absolutely gluten-free. You can enjoy these mouth-watering wheat balls without worrying about gluten content. 
  • Pizzas: The restaurant provides a diverse range of pizza toppings that are completely wheat-free.
  • Pasta: You can also enjoy pasta dishes with a gluten-free substitute.
  • Desserts and Beers: The menu boasts an extensive list of 33 items prepared without wheat or gluten-containing ingredients.

Note: Always communicate your allergies or dietary requirements during your visit.

Those seeking vegan and celiac-friendly meals at Pizza Express will find vegan pizzas with a base made from maize flour (corn) and vegan cheese made from rice. 

Knowing that such inclusive efforts make this pizzeria popular among health-conscious customers is heartening.

At Pizza Express, you can choose healthy options like GF doughballs, halloumi bites, or chicken wings and still enjoy a tantalizing meal!

So why wait? Indulge in these delicious servings by availing of the gluten-free Pizza Express dietary options. After all, being healthy shouldn’t mean compromising on taste. 

Is There a Risk of Cross-Contamination at Pizza Express?

At Pizza Express, customers’ safety and satisfaction are paramount, especially for those who follow a gluten-free diet. 

Given this, they’ve taken significant steps to ensure safety against cross-contamination. 

Some of these steps include: 

Special Training for Staff

The staff at Pizza Express have undergone specific training on handling gluten-free food. 

They’re well-educated about gluten intolerance and know how crucial it is to avoid cross-contamination when preparing meals.

Usage of Gluten-Free Flour in All Branches

Pizza Express has incorporated gluten-free flour in all its branches. Everything is possible with this alternative ingredient, from dough balls to pizzas. 

This pattern fosters a safer environment for serving gluten-intolerant customers.

While dining at Pizza Express, highlighting your dietary needs to your server is always worthwhile. 

Whether you’re ordering a celiac-friendly meal or any wheat-free options, communicating your requirements can further assist in ensuring a safe dining experience.

While not all kitchens may be fully gluten-free spaces, various locations follow strict procedures to minimize the risk of contamination. 

However, those with severe sensitivities or allergies should exercise caution as minimal risk factors might exist due to shared kitchen facilities.

For example, always ask about the allergen information for any meal before ordering it.   

Remember, it’s all about enjoying healthy pizzas at Pizza Express without worrying about gluten! 

With these safety measures in place, you can relish various dishes from the gluten-free menu at Pizza Express.

Nutritional Content of Pizza Express’s Gluten-Free Foods

When choosing a meal at Pizza Express, it is not only about finding something delicious. 

You also want to ensure it fits within your nutritional needs and goals, especially if you’re looking for gluten-free menu options. 

Pizza Express is an inclusive and tolerant pizzeria, desiring everyone from vegan to gluten-free dieters to have a satisfactory and healthy meal. 

However, this section will explore the nutritional content of gluten-free foods at this pizza corner. 

Pizza Express offers a variety of nutrients in their meals:

  • Carbs: For example, the gluten-free Margherita pizza packs 49.9g total carbs per half pizza serving.
  • Fat content: It contains 14g of fat, making it balanced for those watching their fat intake.
  • Protein: There’s 11g of protein in each serving – great news for physically active people who need protein to rebuild muscles.

Comparing these values to other gluten-free dishes can help you make informed decisions on what to order.

Allergen Information For Pizza Express Dishes

The allergen information also plays an essential role when choosing between the celiac-friendly meals at Pizza Express. 

The staff provides detailed allergen info for all dishes that cater to different dietary needs, including wheat-free options.

Satisfying Gluten Intolerance Food At Pizza Express

Another key focus is on the healthy pizzas at Pizza Express. They provide ample choices that suit various health and dietary requirements, including low-carb or high-protein diets.

The beauty of dining out shouldn’t overshadow your concerns about nutrition or allergies, especially with establishments like Pizza Express. 

They’ve gone out of their way to provide gluten-free dietary options while ensuring they taste delicious.

Vegan and Gluten-Free Choices at Pizza Express

Emphasizing inclusivity, Pizza Express offers vegan and gluten-free options to cater to different dietary needs. 

They’ve made it a breeze for foodies with special diet preferences to enjoy their meals without concern.

Pizza Express is a beacon of hope for those who love pizza but have specific dietary restrictions. Yes, vegan pizzas at Pizza Express are indeed gluten-free. 

Imagine sinking your teeth into a delightful pizza with a base made from maize flour (corn) topped with the tastiest rice-based vegan cheese! Perfect for those on both vegan and gluten-free diets.

Apart from pizzas, they offer pasta dishes too! You can enjoy celiac-friendly meals at Pizza Express while you’re here.

A review showed one main dish listed as vegan, showcasing their commitment to catering to diverse dietary needs.

They also offer delicious GF dough balls that you can enjoy guiltlessly! True, vegan pizza differs from gluten-free ones, but Pizza Express allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds with a single course. 

However, if you need to know the differences between both options, the table below provides further insight. 

FeaturesVegan PizzaGluten-Free Pizza
CheeseUses cheese alternatives or plant-based cheese. Uses gluten-free cheese or is made completely cheese-free. 
CrustDoes not contain animal products.Made with alternative flour rather than wheat.
ToppingsUses lots of vegetables and plant-based toppings.Contains regular pizza topping but is made from gluten-free ingredients. 
SauceUsually have vegan tomato or other plant-based sauce.There are various sauces, but all contain gluten-free ingredients. 

Pizza Express’s Allergen Information & Safety Measures

While enjoying the yummy gluten-free menu options, it is wise to consider certain factors. 

Ensure you inform your server about any allergies or specific dietary needs during your visit – this includes mentioning if you require allergen information for Pizza Express dishes.

PizzaExpress does an excellent job minimizing cross-contamination risks in food preparation. 

However, not all kitchens may be entirely devoid of wheat or other potential allergens, so there could still be some minimal risk, especially for those with severe sensitivities.

Pizza Express’s commitment to offering gluten-free and vegan choices makes it an ideal spot for food lovers with dietary restrictions. 

It is a wonderful haven for anyone seeking pizza express dietary options, gluten intolerance food at Pizza Express or healthy pizzas at Pizza Express. 

Enjoy the delicious range of wheat-free options without compromising your health or taste buds!


Are Dough Balls Gluten-Free At Pizza Express?

Yes! Alongside other delicious items like halloumi bites and chicken wings.

Are Vegan Pizzas At Pizza Express Gluten-Free?

If you’re following veganism and wheat-intolerant diets, they’ve covered you with their maize flour base and rice-made vegan cheese!

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