What is ⅔ Cup of Butter in Sticks? (Read This First)

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The measurement unit differs for different substances. Sticks are the measurement unit for butter.

You might have to make something from a recipe that includes butter as an ingredient.

Let’s say you were to measure ⅔ cup of butter in the sticks and put it in a bowl. 

This request may seem odd and leave you in question because butter is sold and measured in the sticks, so why are cups being brought into the equation? Don’t worry; I’ve got you covered.

⅔ cup of butter is equivalent to 1 ⅓ stick of butter. Therefore, ⅔ cup of butter is 151.2 grams, 5 in pounds, and 10 in tablespoons. Making these measurements can get confusing, but it’s not hard.

How Many Sticks Are in ⅔ Cup of Butter?

What Is ⅔ Cup of Butter in Sticks

There is one ⅓ stick in ⅔ cup of butter. This measurement translates to ⅔ cup of butter being 151.2 in grams and 11 tablespoons.

Knowing how these measurements work is necessary because even though producers sell butter in sticks (or blocks), some situations might require you to measure it in other units. 

Some of these units include grams, tablespoons, ounces, and pounds.

After using butter at room temperature for a while, it is best to freeze it before keeping it away. 

To freeze butter, put it back in the package wrap it came in when you initially bought it.

Wrap it with a plastic wrap or freezer bag, then keep it in a freezer at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Let’s say you had to freeze your butter and put it back into storage, and then you decide to use it again but don’t know how to measure the sticks correctly.

There is no right way to cut butter but not cutting it properly can damage your recipe’s outcome. 

The best thing to do is to know your recipe properly to determine how you’d need to cut your butter. 

Once you’ve done that, get your clean measuring and cutting tools ready and work.

How Much is One Cup of Butter in Sticks?

One cup of butter is equal to two sticks. One stick equals half a cup (½) or eight tablespoons.

Producers sell butter as quarter-pound sticks in most countries. Therefore, one cup, which is half a cup (one stick) plus another half (one stick), is two. 

In some other countries, they sell butter in a ½ pound rectangular block of 16 tablespoons or one cup.

One pound rectangular block equals two sticks which is the same measurement when using a quarter pound as a unit.

How Much is One Stick of Butter in Cups?

Butter is usually sold in sticks because it is easier to manage, package, and sell.

One stick of butter is equal to half a cup or eight tablespoons. The primary unit for measuring butter is the sticks.

Even though producers sell butter on sticks, recipe books mostly use cups, tablespoons, or pounds as the unit of measurement for butter. 

Doing the conversion might seem complicated at first because butter is not even liquid, so why would cups or tablespoons be used as a unit for its measurement?

It’s very easy to measure butter in other units other than sticks. Once you’ve got the hang of the measurement conversion chart, you’re good to go.

Below is a chart to easily make measurements of butter in different units when needed:

1 stick½ cup8 tablespoons¼ pounds
½ stick¼ cup4 tablespoons⅛ pounds
¼ stick⅛ cup2 tablespoons1/16 pounds
1 ½ ¾ cup12 tablespoons⅜ pounds
2 sticks1 cup16 tablespoons½ pounds
2 ½ sticks 1 ¼ cup20 tablespoons⅝ pounds
3 sticks1 ½ cup24 tablespoons¾ pounds
3 ½ sticks1 ¾ cups28 tablespoons⅞ pounds
4 sticks2 cups32 tablespoons1 pound

Sometimes you might get tired of all the numbers and having to check the measurements all the time, so you choose an easy way out of melting the butter.

Melting butter to make measurements easier might seem right, but it’s not. Hard butter in the sticks is very different from butter in melted form.

Instead of doing that, you can always measure in weights. If you have any doubts about your measurements, you can always take out your kitchen scales to check for accuracy.

If a recipe requests you to measure in the sticks and you decide to melt the butter, it’ll change the outcome.

You sure don’t want your biscuits and cake to not look like biscuits and cake.

How Much Butter is in Two Sticks?

Two sticks of butter are the same as one cup, 16 tablespoons, ½ pounds, 226.80 grams, and 8 ounces. It is necessary to know some of these measurements.

As butter’s primary measurement unit sticks, you might be asked to measure it in other units like pounds, ounces, cups, grams, etcetera.

To convert from sticks to other units like pounds and grams, you first have to get the amount in cups which I listed in the measurement chart.

Once you’ve got the measurement in cups, you can do the further measurements in ounces and grams. 

To get cups of butter in ounces, all you have to do is to multiply the number of cups by 8. 

For example; one cup of butter is equal to one multiplied by 8, which is 8 oz (oz is the unit of ounces)

Getting cups of butter in grams is somewhat complicated. You’d have to multiply the volume of the butter by 23236.588236 times the density of the butter. 

I’d agree if you said that it is too hard to comprehend. You can ditch having to do all those math and check from the measurement chart below:

⅛ cup of butter28.4 grams1 oz
¼ cup of butter56.7 grams2 oz
⅓ cup of butter75.6 grams2.7 oz
⅜ cup of butter85 grams3 oz
½ cup of butter113.4 grams4 oz
⅝ cup of butter141.8 grams5 oz
⅔ cup of butter151.2 grams5.3 oz
¾ cup of butter170.1 grams6 oz
⅞ cup of butter198.5 grams7 oz
1 cup of butter226.8 grams8 oz


Butter is primarily measured and sold as sticks. Although butter might be measured and sold on the sticks, recipes would usually require you to measure butter in other units.

Some of these units include tablespoons, cups, ounces, and pounds.

You can always check the measurement chart whenever you have difficulty with those measurements.

For further accuracy, you have to pull out your kitchen scale to make your measurements redone.

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