This is How Many Cups & Grams Of Chickpeas are in A Can!

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Measurement is one factor that’s prevalent in all aspects of life, including food substances like chickpeas. 

Knowing the right quantity of chickpeas can enable you to use them for different purposes.

However, there are different units of measurement that give you the quantity you desire. 

On that note, how many cups and grams of chickpeas are in a can? This article will supply crucial information and clear any lingering confusion. 

There are 1½ cups and 245 grams of chickpeas in a can. This measurement depends on the size of the can you purchase from a supermarket or superstore. You can have a can containing 2 cups and 250 grams of chickpeas. Also, you can purchase dry chickpeas and cook them in the comfort of your home. 

How Many Grams of Chickpeas In a Can? 

How Many Cups and Grams of Chickpeas In a Can

You can get 245 grams of chickpeas in a can. However, this depends on the size of the can you purchase.

Chickpeas cans come in different sizes small, medium, and large. Admittedly, every chickpea can contain explicit information about its properties.

These properties include weight, manufacture date, expiry date, nutritional values, and many more. 

Unfortunately, many consumers tend to ignore these properties and focus on the content of the can. 

Notwithstanding, weight is one factor some consumers consider as it gives them the quantity of the chickpeas in grams. 

Most chickpeas cans weigh 445 grams. But is this the actual quantity of the chickpeas in grams? The answer to this is pretty simple! 

445 grams usually represents the total weight and quantity of the content in the can. Let me accentuate this point further! 

The can contains cooked chickpeas with aquafaba. Now, what is aquafaba? Aquafaba is the liquid that comes out of chickpeas. 

The liquid is thick and preserves the chickpeas in the long run. Hence,  manufacturers package the can chickpeas with aquafaba. 

Other manufacturers still proceed to add preservatives to the can chickpeas. Since aquafaba is thick, it increases the weight and quantity of chickpeas. 

So, you end up with 445 grams of chickpeas instead of 245 grams in a can. In other words, the aquafaba holds at least 49% of the total quantity in a chickpea can. 

Meanwhile, the chickpeas hold a 51% portion of the total quantity. Nonetheless, you can purchase dry chickpeas from the market if you don’t want can chickpeas. 

Note that dry/raw chickpeas are strong and difficult to cook. Hence, you must cook them for a long time to give you the right texture and taste. 

How Many Cups of Chickpeas In a Can? 

You can obtain 1½ cups of chickpeas in a 15-ounce can. The chickpeas in the 15-ounce can are already cooked and contain aquafaba. 

The aquafaba increases the cups of chickpeas in the can. Thereby, it gives 1½ cups of chickpeas and ½ cup of aquafaba.

You can also get the chickpea aquafaba in 200 milliliters. However, that’s not the case for dry chickpeas.

Dry chickpeas don’t contain aquafaba. Hence, you can get ½ cup of chickpeas in a 15-ounce can

Dry chickpeas usually give you twice the quantity of the chickpeas. The chickpea aquafaba comes out when you cook or soak the chickpeas. 

You can purchase bigger sizes if you want to settle for can chickpeas. For instance, you can opt for a 19 fl oz which will give you 2.38 cups of chickpeas. 

On the other hand, you can also get 28 fl oz, giving you 3 cups of chickpeas. Note that these can-sized chickpeas contain aquafaba, which contributes to their quantity. 

Alternatively, you can purchase dry chickpeas in the quantity you want in the market. You can measure them or purchase them in cans. Plus, you can always cook the chickpeas to your taste.

Below are some steps to cook chickpeas until it becomes soft. 

#1. Step 1:

Measure the number of dry chickpeas you want to cook and pour them into a pot. 

#2. Step 2:

Pour enough water into the chickpeas. Ensure the water surpasses the level of the chickpeas.

#3. Step 3:

Cover the pot and soak the chickpeas overnight for 8-12 hours

#4. Step 4:

After 8-12 hours, drain the water and wash the chickpeas thoroughly. This process makes cooking easier. 

#5. Step 5:

Pour the chickpeas into a clean pot and add enough fresh water. Note that the water must surpass the level of the chickpeas by 1-2 inches

#6. Step 6:

Cover the pot and put the pot of chickpeas on a stove or cooker. Allow it to boil for 1-2 hours until it becomes soft. 

How Many Servings of Chickpeas In a Can? 

15-ounce chickpeas can give you a maximum of three servings. Other big chickpeas can give you four to five servings. 

One serving of chickpeas usually contains 269 calories. Chickpeas are rich in dietary fiber and protein. Hence, you can eat them regularly to enhance weight loss. 

Chickpeas contain other nutritional properties that make them beneficial to the human body. 

Without further ado, I’ll outline some nutritional properties and their quantities in chickpeas in the table below. 

Nutritional Properties (Amount Per 100 Grams)Quantities (% of Daily Value) 
17 grams of dietary fiber68%
61 grams of carbohydrate20% 
19 grams of protein 38% 
6 grams of fat 6% 
875 milligrams of potassium 25% 
24 milligrams of sodium 1% 
0.14 milligrams of vitamin B625% 
2.89 milligrams of iron 34%
1.3 milligrams of vitamin C6% 

Chickpeas are highly nutritional; hence you can use them to make mouth-watering delicacies. You can make chickpeas dishes at home using simple ingredients. 

These ingredients include olive oil, paprika, cumin powder, chili powder, and salt. Furthermore, you can add chickpeas dishes to the menu in your restaurant. 

Notwithstanding, I’ll highlight some dishes where chickpeas come in handy. 

#1. In Stews and Soups

Chickpeas can serve as a great addition to your stew or soup. It brings out an extra taste and aroma to your stew/soup.

Chickpeas also make your stew/soup thick without you adding cream. 

#2. In Sandwiches

Chickpeas are your best bet for a vegetarian sandwich. You can mash the chickpeas and throw in some veggies to make a delicious plate of sandwiches. 

You can use veggies such as tomatoes, sprouts, spinach, and cucumber. 

#3. In Rice and Pastas 

Chickpeas make an excellent addition to your rice bowl and pasta plate. It enhances the appearance of your dish, making it colorful and tasty. 

How Many Chickpeas Can I Eat In a Day? 

You can eat 70 grams (2½ servings) of chickpeas daily. However, you must not exceed 70 grams of chickpeas as it harbors unpleasant side effects. 

Excessive consumption of chickpeas in a day causes bloating, gas and nausea. Hence, you must only eat a specific amount to boost good health. 

Nonetheless, chickpeas contain many health benefits. Since chickpeas have high dietary fiber, so they aid in the proper digestion of food substances. 

Chickpeas have amylose and glycemic index, which helps to control blood sugar. Thus, chickpeas are good for individuals that have diabetes. 

They also contain magnesium and calcium, which boost the development of strong bones.

Furthermore, consuming chickpeas lessens the chances of developing cancer cells.  Lastly, chickpeas possess choline which improves mental health. 


Although chickpeas can come in different sizes, an average can will give you 245 grams and 1½ cups.

You can always settle for dry chickpeas if you don’t fancy can chickpeas. Furthermore, you can use chickpeas in any dish of your choice. 


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