Do Pizza Hut Workers Have To Wear Gloves? (Explained)

Maintaining a proper hygiene level is one of the most standard practices in pizza hut restaurants and every food outlet.

Pizza hut maintains food safety by using different equipment and food-making appliances during preparation.

Wearing gloves while making pizza is a great way to reduce or eliminate the possible contact of the handlers with the pizza, but do pizza hut workers have to wear gloves?

As a pizza hut worker, wearing gloves depends on the worker’s function. However, it is not mandatory to wear gloves. Generally, pizza makers do not wear gloves because it is much easier and safer to wash and sanitize your hands when not wearing gloves constantly. On the other hand, wearing gloves gives you a sensation of security while you handle food.

In this article, I will explain the general usage of gloves while preparing pizza and how it applies to pizza hut workers. 

By the end, you will understand why it is optional for pizza hut workers to wear gloves.

Do Pizza Hut Workers Need to Use Gloves?

Do Pizza Hut Workers Have to Wear Gloves

It is not compulsory to wear gloves as a pizza hut worker, especially when making pizza.

However, certain states in America mandate the use of specific clothes with gloves included.

The idea that gloves help reduce or prevent the risk of food contamination is a mere illusion.

On the contrary, wearing gloves increases the risk of spreading germs, leading to food poisoning.

However, the degree of the contamination will depend on the misuse of gloves which will invariably deteriorate the situation.

As such, it is only proper to educate workers on the best ways to use gloves and when they are required to do so.

Generally, there is no absolute rule that compels food employees to wear gloves when dealing with food. 

However, the food and drug administration recommends that dealing with food with bare hands has a greater chance of contaminating the food.

Also, certain states in the US have regulations that mandate ready-to-eat foods to be strictly made without bare-hand contact.

And the primary reason is to deter food contamination by viruses and germs on your hands

 because poor food treatment is the leading cause of foodborne diseases. 

Such a situation warrants gloves, and workers must apply all the essential safety food principles, such as proper washing and sanitizing hands before wearing gloves.

Do Pizza Hut Workers Usually Wear Gloves?

Yes, pizza hut workers usually wear gloves when appropriate for the role. However, aside from wearing gloves, they also ensure to sanitize them properly.

The rules guiding the usage of gloves vary. However, when dealing with foods that do not require cooking in the oven, you must wear gloves. 

For instance, if you request tomato toppings for your pizza since the tomatoes won’t be heated, the person preparing the pizza must handle the tomatoes with gloves.

Although, most of the preparatory phase can be carried out nicely with sterile bare hands.  

It would help to understand that gloves are not a substitute for proper general sanitation.

If a situation warrants the use of gloves, the worker must change the gloves before embarking on another operation.

Also, any slight damage on the gloves calls for a change.

There is no doubt that, to a certain level, gloves play a crucial role in protecting against germs when properly used. 

And the table below contains some of the advantages and disadvantages of using gloves while cooking.

Advantages Disadvantages 
Wearing gloves gives customers a sense of reassurance.Gloves can become contaminated and cause bridged contamination.
Gloves protect sensitive hands.Using the wrong size of gloves could lead to a puncture exposing food to the bare hands.
Wearing gloves improves the hand’s grip.The user may change gloves infrequently, as is supposed to be the case.
Gloves act as an extra layer that protects against germs and bacteria.Wearing gloves sometimes creates a false sense of security.

Why Do Pizza Workers Not Wear Gloves?

Pizza workers did not wear gloves because of the food safety and bridged contamination motives.

Wearing gloves leaves workers with the mindset that gloves will keep everything healthy.

Making pizza without gloves compels the workers to wash and sanitize their hands more often, which is generally a more hygienic practice.

Also, pizza workers do not wear gloves because it is easier to shape the dough with bare hands than when you put on gloves.

Generally, there are a bunch of things you can not do when preparing food if you put on gloves. 

When pressing out the dough while making pizza, you need the best tactile feeling, which will not be likely when putting on gloves.

Depending on the type of gloves, it would help to know that some gloves will melt when exposed to heat. As such, you might end up poisoning the pizza at the end of the day.

While many employees of pizza outlets do not wear gloves, they indulge in regular washing and sanitation of hands during the preparatory process.

With the pizza prepared at a high temperature, you can be sure that the heat kills the bacteria and germs.

Although it is not mandated to use gloves while dealing with pizza, workers should wear gloves to protect their hands when necessary.

Because failure to use gloves in the right circumstance generally increases the risk of food contamination and the chance of causing widespread foodborne diseases. 

What Does the Pizza Hut Uniform Policy Stipulate?

Over the past years, pizza hut has conserved its high standards making it one of the most popular pizza chains on the globe.

Depending on your role, pizza hut has specific dress codes for its workers. For example, in some states in America, workers wear hats, aprons, gloves, work shirts, and sneakers.

Workers serving food in pizza hut restaurants are not permitted to wear sweatpants or ripped jeans, while girls usually wear Capri shorts instead of jeans.

Different workers of pizza hut restaurants wear uniforms according to their functions.

For instance, some of the dress codes for various workers include the following.

#1. Dress Code for Chefs 

Chefs usually wear hats, aprons, uniform shirts, non-slip shoes, black pants, and nametags.

#2. Dress Code for Waiters 

The servers usually wear hats, uniform shirts, non-slip shoes, black pants, and nametags.

#3. Dress Code for Drivers 

Drivers usually wear a red shirt, black pants, a uniform cap, non-slip shoes, and a nametag.

#4. Dress Code for Office Employers 

Office employers wear business attire on a routine basis and a  formal dress code during meetings.

Generally, pizza hut restaurants do not allow their workers to wear leggings or tight jeans, no long nails, and no fainted jeans.

Aside from having specific uniforms for workers, they are other criteria that enable you to work with pizza hut restaurants.

  • You must always have a neat and clean appearance.
  • Only petite nose piercing is allowed.
  • There is no chewing or smoking while you are at work.
  • Pizza hut does not allow offensive tattoos.
  • Pizza hut does not allow other piercings of any kind.  


Are You Supposed to Wear Gloves When Serving Food?

It is optional to wear gloves when serving food, especially since servers do not touch the food directly. However, servers must constantly wash and sanitize their hands.

How Long Should a Food Worker Wear a Pair of Gloves?

It would be best if you used a pair of gloves for a minimum of 2 hours, within which the gloves must be sanitized appropriately and replaced in case of any damage.

How Many Times Can You Use Disposable Gloves?

You can only use disposable gloves once. It would help to know that you should never wash disposable gloves for reuse.

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