Did Starbucks Discontinue Guava & Peach Juice?

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:18 pm

Going around different stores without finding any guava and peach juice will make you wonder whether Starbucks is halting its production. 

You might also be wondering if Starbucks is halting the production of those juices because the fruits are seasonal.

I will use this article to tell you if Starbucks is stopping the production of guava juice and peach juice or not, and many more. Now let’s get into the matter.

Just recently, Starbucks halted the production of guava juice and peach juice because the production of the fruits is waning. That decision also ensures that Starbucks can focus on producing newer products for variety. However, discontinuing the guava and peach juice would create difficulty finding these juices at any store, especially if they’re your favorites.

Did Starbucks Discontinue Peach Juice?

Did Starbucks Discontinue Guava Juice and Peach Juice

Starbucks is announcing the discontinuation of its peach juice. So, you’ll find it difficult to get guava and peach juice in stores.

That can be a concern for you, especially if guava and peach juice are your favorites. 

However, Starbucks has assured you that the discontinuation isn’t going to be for a long time as it plans on bringing the juice types back.

But, the guava juice and peach juice would have to give way to other juice types since guavas and peaches are seasonal fruits.

Although the discontinuation isn’t pleasing to you, you must understand that Starbucks has difficulty keeping up with the great demand for guava and peach juice.

Guavas and peaches are seasonal fruits, so using them to make fruits would have to be during the periods when the fruits are still growing.

One good thing about Starbucks is that it strives to make all its juice from viable fruits so that it can taste fresh for you as its consumer.

That would be at the expense of you having to experience scarcity of the guava and peach juice during the periods of their discontinuation.

However, when guava and peach can still grow on trees, Starbucks would still be able to produce your favorite drinks but not just all-year round.

Hence, I can tell you with all confidence that Starbucks still plans on resuming its guava and peach juice after the period of its discontinuation.

Therefore, you’ll need to exercise a little patience with Starbucks and try to find other alternative juice to the guava and peach juice temporarily.

But that option may seem difficult, especially if you don’t know how to take other fruit juice types.

In such a scenario, you can get your guava and peach juice from other brands.

However, those brands would keep up the production of their guava and peach juice by storing and preserving guava and peaches.

Guava and peach juice are my favorite types of fruit juice, so I try not to heighten my expectations so much.

That reduces the pain you’d feel during their discontinuation. Guava and peach juice aren’t the only ones getting on the sacrificial stand.

Starbucks would be halting other fruit juice like berry hibiscus refreshers and inclusions.

Why Was Guava Juice Discontinued at Starbucks?

Starbucks is discontinuing its guava juice production because of a decline in guava availability. This news is sad but true.

The reason for the discontinuation is that guava is a seasonal fruit, so Starbucks won’t be able to keep up its juice production since its presently out of season.

One strong pillar Starbucks stands on is that it tries to make juice from fruits that are still fresh and available so that it maintains its products’ quality. 

Though this policy may be a hard blow in the face of consumers, it is necessary.

However, during the periods of all these Starbucks discontinuations of guava juice, you can try checking for other fruit juices that aren’t seasonal. 

If you keep an open mind, you’ll find a nice substitute. I don’t joke with my Starbucks guava juice because they’re my favorites anytime.

However, I always try to remind myself that guava fruit grows seasonally. 

Thus, I would effectively prepare for its eventual discontinuation during the periods when the fruit stops growing. 

You can try stocking up a reserve of fresh guava to make your juice whenever it’s discontinued.

Another simple alternative is that you try looking around to start enjoying other fruit juice.

A lot of fruits that Starbucks uses for its juice, aside from guava, are seasonal and eventually go away for a while.

Another alternative is that you’d have to get your guava juice from companies that aren’t halting production. That way, you won’t necessarily miss guava juice.

You can do that temporarily during the periods when Starbucks is discontinuing the production of its guava juice. However, You’ll get to resume when Starbucks resumes production.

When you do that, it’d be at the expense of losing the usual taste of Starbucks guava juice, replacing it with a taste that might seem foreign to your taste buds.

Are Guava and Peach Juice Seasonal?

Guava and peaches are fruits that don’t grow all year round because they’re seasonal.

Therefore, when you plan on making juice from them, it has to be only during their production periods.

Because of that, you can consider guava and peach juices as strict seasonal fruit juices.

Guava and peach juice are loved by many. However, due to their decline in production, it becomes increasingly difficult to find them in stores.

Other seasonal fruits, aside from guava and peaches, also suffer discontinuation in the production of their juices.

Now, I’ll take you into the individual seasons of guava and peach.

#1. Is Guava Juice Seasonal?

Guava juice is seasonal, so finding it in a store would become increasingly difficult, especially during the periods when it stops growing.

Guava juice production comes from a unique fruit; the guava fruit has a distinct flavor with a mixture of a fruity smell that pleases you whenever you consume its juice.

Those qualities are a major reason I get attracted to guava whenever I see it.

Another interesting fact about guava fruit is that you can eat it raw or in the form of juice.

Aside from making juice from guava, you can also make jellies and use them in your salad.

So, I can understand the pain of letting go of guava juice during the seasons when it doesn’t grow.

In any case, I’ll advise that you get alternative juice from fruits that aren’t seasonal.

#2. Is Peach Juice Seasonal?

Although peach fruit juice can be available all year, the fruit doesn’t grow on trees continuously; officially, peach juice is seasonal.  

Peach is a beautiful fruit that grows from May to September; getting its fruits outside of those periods will be difficult.

During peach fruit production, you can make juice from ripe peaches.

However, if the peaches aren’t so ripe, you can store them at room temperature to ripen them.

This table quickly summarizes the seasonal fruits as against the seasons they grow.

Seasonal Fruits The seasons they grow.
ChestnutWinter periods
LemonsWinter periods
AppleFall season
ApricotsSpring season
OrangesWinter season
RhubarbSpring season
MangoesSpring season
PeachesSummer season
BlackberriesSummer season
GrapesFall season

Is Starbucks out of Refreshers?

Although Starbucks is out of some refreshers, some energy drinks can still serve as refreshers.

So we can’t say that Starbucks is totally out of refreshers. There will always be varieties of refreshers on the Starbucks menu.


Starbucks is discontinuing the production of its guava and peach juice because of decreasing production of these fruits.

If Starbucks guava and peach juice are your favorites, you’ll have issues adjusting to the discontinuation process.

However, you can find guava and peach juice from other brands or change to another Starbucks fruit juice.

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