How Many Slices In A Medium Pizza? (Must Know It)

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

For many people today, pizza has moved from a sensation to a part of their daily diet.

However, many still recognize the need for caution when consuming them, considering their high-calorie content.

Therefore, when ordering pizza for yourself or a group, it is best to get an accurate idea of the size you are ordering to maintain balance while avoiding shortage.

Pizza comes in four sizes, regular/small, medium, large and extralarge. But how many slices should you expect if you opt for a medium pizza?

This article discusses that and more, giving you an idea of how many slices to expect from the most common commercial pizza parlors.

Generally, Medium Pizzas contain eight slices coming off a 12-inch diameter pie. Although this is the standard, it would help to confirm the number of slices when making a delivery, as slight variations have been noted among pizza parlors. Whichever the case, you can rest assured that a medium pizza will be sufficient to feed you and your partner.

How Many Slices In a Dominos Medium Pizza?

How Many Slices In a Medium Pizza

Domino’s medium pizza has eight slices that make up the 12” diameter pie.

At Domino’s, there is a wide variety of pizza with unique crusts and toppings reflecting local delights and international flavors.

Interestingly, whichever Pizza type you desire, you are assured of a sizeable crust that leaves you delighted. 

Moreover, Domino’s has a record of making mouth-watering pizzas, the mainstay of their restaurants that rank their pizza as the leading pizza chain in the USA.

The medium pizza at Domino’s can satisfactorily feed about three adults and two with large appetites. You can get this size for about $15.49.

Further, Domino’s tops the list in trading convenience in the pizza world because of its ease of ordering and timely, free deliveries.

You can order a Domino pizza with a simple SMS message from Facebook, Twitter, Domino’s website, Domino’s app, etc. 

This convenience extends to their pocket-friendly discounts that you can benefit from.

First, Domino’s offers a two-for-one discount where you can get two medium pizzas, in fact, any size and type of pizza for the price of one.

Domino’s also considers students, offering a 35% in-store discount to those with valid identification.

Further, the student discount goes as low as 25% if you order online for a delivery worth above $25, an express ticket for a pizza party!

How Many Slices In a Pizza Hut Medium Pizza?

Medium pizza at Pizza Hut also maintains the 12-inch diameter giving out eight slices. At this time, you can get a medium Pizza Hut pie for about $12.49.

Pizza Hut uses unique recipes to make delectable pizzas that leave you longing for more. Therefore, two adults are enough to crowd for a medium pie to make the meal worthwhile. 

Pizza Hut understands that ‘variety is the spice of life,’ incorporating this into their pizza menu to provide an array of options with different crusts, toppings, and cooking patterns that strikers their customers with option paralysis each time.

Little wonder, Pizza Hut is among the leading pizzeria in the United States (currently in second place).

So, if you are a pizza lover and are sure you’ll get a craving soon after devouring a medium pizza, probably with a friend, you can order more!

Pizza Hut offers good deals for bulk orders, so you can order more than one and freeze the extras.

However, it is best to order the extras as ‘uncut,’ especially if you have a pizza cutter; this would prevent the pizza from getting soggy sooner.

However, if you’re planning a pizza party for a large crowd, Pizza Hut’s medium may not be the ideal size. It would be best to go for the large sizes, even for bulk orders.

Even though the large size is just two inches more than the medium, it would interest you to know that it offers the same amount of pizza as the two mediums

This choice will save you more money and encourage moderation as many guests will be content with a larger 7” radius slice.

Still, Pizza Hut has its way of leaving you longing for more, so always order with a little extra in mind.

How Many Slices In a Medium Pizza Papa John’s?

Papa John’s medium pizza also has eight sizeable slices coming off the 12″ diameter pie. It is two slices more than the small size preceding it and two slices less than the large size.

If moderation is your thing, this size should suffice for two adults. 

While you are assured of the regular pizza types when ordering from Papa John’s, this pizzeria also boasts a variety in menu reflecting local delights.

In addition, pizza from Papa John’s is truly an instant energy refill since they have fairly high calorie and carbohydrate contents. 

Though the price varies according to the pizza type, the medium Papa John’s original cheese crust goes for $13 at this time.

Additionally, Papa John’s remains a unique recipe for their original pizzas hence bragging about better pizza from better ingredients. 

Ordering from Papa John’s has always been spiced up by their rare deserts on the secret menu, which blend with your pizza.

Before now, Papa John’s offered the Cinnapie an utmost delight. Although they no longer offer that, you can still spice up your order with other items like the Bacon cheese sticks. 

Is Medium Pizza Enough for Two?

Medium pizza would be sufficient for two or more adults depending on their appetite and love for pizza.

However, notwithstanding their unmatched love for pizza and their insatiable appetites, a medium pizza can even sufficiently feed three to four children.

People even consider the medium pizza as the ‘couple’s treat’ the same as they consider the small pizza a personal treat.

That is because the 12-inch pie slices evenly to give each party an equal number of moderate slices, leaving both with a filled stomach.

However, to make a more accurate prediction, it is best to consider what meal or part of a meal it would make.

For instance, if you prepare the pizza as a full meal, a medium pizza would be just right for two adults.

But if it is for dessert, then you should increase the crowd as a medium pizza can serve up to four people in this case.

It is also practical to consider the time of the day and the duration of the Pizza-accompanied activity when predicting the amount of pizza you will likely consume.

For example, while you can eat more for lunch, I recommend a light quantity before bed.

Also, the amount of pizza you and your counterpart will consume will differ significantly when you only sit out for a chat and schedule an all-noon activity.

So, take this too under consideration when ordering.

Further, many consider medium pizza slices the ideal size, preferring to order more quantities in mid-size than larger sizes.

They consider the radius of the medium slices and conclude that they are richer than the slices coming off the 14″ larger pie.

Thus, with the medium size pizza, you can allot more slices per individual with more confidence that they will be satisfied.


Pizzerias cook pizzas to be so appealing that you just can’t get enough. However, the strain on our pockets and a close watch on our calorie intake rein our consumption.

For similar reasons, we are careful to make accurate orders when ordering pizzas for a group. Medium pizzas are ideal-sized, giving out eight slices that can satisfy two adults or four children.

However, they are not so cost-effective when pitched against the large size that offers the same quantity as two medium-sized pizzas for less cost.

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