Kraft Parmesan Cheese Left Out Overnight

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Cheese is generally a delicate food, and how you preserve it dramatically impacts the quality of the product.

Perhaps, you mistakenly forgot your Kraft Parmesan cheese outside, and you’re disturbed if it’s still safe to be consumed. Worry no more because this article will explain it all.

Kraft parmesan cheese is hard, contains a lot of salt, and has a very low moisture level. With these features, it can be left overnight after opening it without getting contaminated. In addition, the cheese has spent a long time before it gets to you, so spending another day outside won’t do anything bad.

What Will Happen if a Kraft Parmesan Cheese is Left Out Overnight?

Kraft Parmesan Cheese Left out Overnight

If a kraft wedge of parmesan cheese is left out overnight, nothing will happen to it.

However, if this cheese has been opened, you can even leave it at room temperature, which will last for a few days.

Even shredded or grated cheese with a lesser shelf life than the hard cheese parmesan will last 5-6 days if opened. Therefore, a hard Kraft parmesan cheese will last way longer. 

Is It Good to Eat a Kraft Parmesan Cheese That’s Left Overnight?

Yes, it’s good and safe to consume a Kraft Parmesan cheese that’s left overnight.

However, as I mentioned above, nothing will happen to an opened Kraft parmesan cheese left overnight. 

The cheese will maintain its freshness and nutritional qualities; therefore, it’s healthy to eat the cheese.

If you consume this cheese, you won’t get sick. Kraft parmesan cheese has a long shelf life.

Does Kraft Parmesan Cheese Go Bad if Not Refrigerated?

Yes, it does, but this circumstance is infrequent. The Kraft parmesan cheese is hard in texture and has a very low water content. Therefore, there is a very slim chance for mold to grow on it.

Even if mold eventually grows after leaving it open for a long time, you can easily use a knife to scrape off the moldy area, and you are good to consume it.

However, to prevent the cheese from producing mold, you can refrigerate it to extend its shelf life.

Therefore, refrigerating an opened Kraft Parmesan cheese is necessary to maintain its quality and shelf life.

Note that you do not need to store a sealed hard cheese Parmesan in a refrigerator.

Hard cheese Parmesan naturally lasts for a long time and should last for about 12-18 months at normal room temperature

But if it’s shredded or grated Parmesan cheese that’s always sold refrigerated, what you need to do is to check its contents.

The best before date is always written on the bottle, and you can store it for a week more.

Shredded or grated Parmesan cheese’s shelf life is smaller than the hard one because it has been processed; this reduces the quality and shelf life of the cheese faster. 

Can You Leave Kraft Parmesan Cheese Overnight?

Yes, you can leave Kraft Parmesan cheese overnight. This is because Parmesan cheese has a long shelf life and doesn’t go rancid easily compared to other types of cheese.

So if, after opening it, you forgot it on the counter outside without refrigerating it, be rest assured that your cheese is still good and safe to be consumed.

Kraft Parmesan cheese contains a lot of salt. Salt is a good preservative, and it helps to dehydrate microbes. More so, salt stops the growth of bacteria in foods.

Hence, your Kraft parmesan cheese is safe because it contains a lot of it.

However, refrigerating your cheese is also a good idea because of the cheese’s flavor. If the cheese stays out for so long, it may lose its full flavor.

Though this does not affect the nutritional value of the cheese, it makes the cheese smell nice. 

Can You Eat Kraft Parmesan Cheese That’s Not Refrigerated?

The fact is that an unopened Kraft parmesan cheese that isn’t refrigerated is safe to be consumed even some days after it expires. It doesn’t expire easily, though, and you would have finished it before 12 months. 

This cheese is hard enough; it has low water content and doesn’t require refrigeration for safety.

But refrigerating it won’t be a bad idea, hence! It’s a reasonable safety precaution and can extend the shelf life of the cheese longer.

However, if the kraft parmesan cheese has been opened, you should store it in a refrigerator to maintain its freshness and nutritional values.

An appropriately stored Kraft Parmesan cheese will last long and won’t contaminate easily. However, it may not go well if left unrefrigerated for many days.

Meanwhile, if you left the cheese unrefrigerated for a while, you are now ready to consume it.

However, seeing the cheese, you notice some changes in it, and if you are curious if you can still use the cheese, then you should note this. 

Once a Kraft parmesan cheese becomes rancid, it’s easily noticeable and doesn’t require any particular test.

However, if it’s the hard cheese Parmesan, you will spot mold on it, and the cheese’s color will also change.

You can get rid of the mold if it’s not much, and you can still consume it; however, if you spot molds that produce harmful mycotoxins such as Listeria, Brucella, Salmonella, and so on.

Then it would help if you disposed of it because it’s no longer safe and can cause food poisoning.

But, if the cheese has been shredded or grated, its texture, color, and odor are the common signs.

If it has gone bad, the cheese will be wet to the touch, it will give off an unpleasant odor, and the color will change from white to yellow or darker beige. Meanwhile, its original color is white or beige. 

If you notice any of the signs mentioned above, you need to get rid of the cheese because it has spoiled and is no longer healthy for consumption.

In addition, eating it may cause food poisoning such as diarrhea, vomiting, stomach pain, etc.

How to Store Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese?

Storing grated parmesan cheese is simple. All you need to do is to follow these instructions.

  • If it is unopened, the best thing is to store Parmesan cheese according to how it was stored where you purchased it from. For example, if You took out the grated Parmesan cheese from the fridge where you got it, then you should also store it by refrigerating it. And if You took the grated cheese from a shelf, you should put it in your pantry.
  • However, if you have it opened after getting home and can’t use it all at once, then the best way to preserve it is to refrigerate it. When refrigerating it, you should place it in an airtight, sealed container. Meanwhile, you can also place the bottle it came with directly into the refrigerator. The bottle is also airtight. 
  • But you should note that the preservation technique of the hard cheese parmesan or wedge parmesan cheese is slightly different from the shredded or grated cheese, which may be helpful. Therefore, if it’s unopened, you can either keep it at room temperature or store parmesan cheese inside the refrigerator. It’s your choice because an unopened one can’t spoil easily.
  • If the wedge parmesan cheese is opened, store it in the refrigerator. Place the cheese on wax paper, cheese paper, or parchment paper, wrap it and store it inside the refrigerator. Suppose you do not wish to use this method. In that case, you can either place the hard cheese parmesan with its package on an aluminum foil and wrap it or take the cheese out from the package, use aluminum paper to wrap it, and then place it inside the refrigerator.


Kraft parmesan cheese, also known as Parmigiano-Reggiano, is an Italian cheese with unique features and nutritional values.

This product is different from other cheeses because it’s hard and has a low water content compared to others.

If it’s unopened, it lasts for a long time, even without refrigeration. Of course, you can consume it if it’s left overnight.

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