These Are The Best Onions For Pizza!

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:13 pm

Choosing the right onion type for your Pizza might sometimes seem difficult. Y

You must decide between the sweet, tangy taste of white onions and the succulent, sometimes strong, taste of red onions.

Especially when you consider the flavor you want your friends and family to remember after taking a bite of the Pizza. It is not an easy choice, but there is a right answer.  

Yellow onion is the best for Pizza because of its powerful, spicy, and delectable taste. It tastes better when you cut it down into edible slices for all types of pizza toppings. However, yellow onions are versatile for any pizza requirements. 

Which Onions Give the Most Flavor to Pizza?

What’s the Best Onion for Pizza

The flavor of the onion depends on your preference. The red onions might be too spicy for lovers of yellow onions.

But if you have somehow avoided using onions till now, try a yellow onion first to get your palate set for the spiciness of red onions.

Onions don’t contribute much. Your Pizza would still taste fantastic if you took them out.

However, the vitamins and minerals contained in broccoli can prove a worthy complement, especially because they are common in our diets.

What time of the year you get your onion also determines its tastiness. According to the National Onion Association, May-August onions are usually the most intense.

Further proof that all onions are not equal, and there is the right onion for everything you make, including Pizza.

Can I Use Yellow Onions on Pizza?

You can use yellow onion on Pizza. However, it tastes better when you caramelize the onions than when you use them raw.

The moisture content of raw onion is high, so it won’t cook properly on raw pizza dough. There is nothing better than caramelized yellow onions on Pizza.

When cooked, the flavor mellows. A red onion, for example, can become burnt or mushy if heated too long.

When you caramelize yellow onion, it tastes sweet and its texture better. The taste of yellow onions is sharp and strong when they are raw.

With caramelized yellow onions, a pizza does not have to compete for dominant flavor with a sweet tomato-based sauce.

Yellow onions perform particularly well in meals that need to be cooked for a long time or as the foundation for stocks and soups. They also go wonderfully well with steak diets.

What Kind of Onion Does Pizza Hut Use?

Since 2005, Pizza Hut has used red onions on its Pizza. They chose red onions, not majorly because of taste, but out of a desire for the visual satisfaction that red onions provide to Pizza eaters. 

Recently, Subway also started to use red onions on its products. It started using it, claiming that most customers preferred the red coloring flavor to the almost bland-looking yellow onions. 

However, Domino’s Pizza stuck with its yellow onions for years. First, it felt it couldn’t keep the quality consistency of red onion, and also because of its scarcity and high cost. 

Yellow onions take about 88% of the market share of US onions. While other onions, including red onions, take up the remaining 12%.

There is a division among popular restaurants on whether to let Pizza have red or yellow onions.

To know what kind of onions your favorite business uses, check the toppings carefully for a red thingy piece or slight brown slice. 

Can I Use Raw Onion on My Pizza Topping?

Yes, you can use raw onion on your pizza toppings. But because raw onions have a lot of moisture, which, when cooked on top of raw pizza dough, would not cook uniformly.

The taste wouldn’t be as good. Other pizza toppings like mushrooms, meats, and vegetables taste best if they have been pre-cooked. It is far better to fry them in olive oil until tender and caramelized.

Caramelizing or slow cooking yellow onions until softened and fragrant over low heat will smooth out their sharp, spicy bite.

Then char them for a smoky-sweet flavor. Their rich brown color and intoxicating sweetness make them a delicious topping for almost anything.

How Do Red Onions and Yellow Onions Differ?

While red onions appear purple on the outside and have reddish flesh inside, are they different in taste from yellow onions? Served raw, they are slightly milder than yellow onions.

Adding them to salads and other foods for presentation is attractive due to their deep color.

Let’s examine the various kinds of onion.

Yellow OnionsSweet Onions.Red Onions White Onions 
Strongest taste.Strong taste.Mild tasteStrong taste
Excellent in soups, stews, roasting, and saucesExcellent for roasting and frying.The best onion for raw useExcellent for cooking and raw usage.
Suitable for extensive cooking durations.Excellent for caramelizing and cooking.Excellent for pickling and grillingBecause they have less sugar and sulfur, they are less suitable for caramelizing.
Yellow onions are the most popular onion. They have high water content and short shelf life.Excellent for slicing thin and adding to salads or sandwiches. Crisper onion layers, thinner onion layers.
Yellow onions are the most versatile.They have a high sugar content but less sulfur than yellow onions.They are very pungent.The most delicious pizza topping

Does Pizza Sauce Contain Onion?

Americans love Pizza. And a good sauce makes the Pizza tastier. Yes, Pizza sauce contains onions.

Suppose you want to get a good sauce. While everyone makes pizza sauce differently, you can certainly come up with your own.

You only need a few ingredients, you can easily blend them or use a food processor, and it takes no time to make. 

It is important to note that pizza sauce acts as a complement to the other ingredients of the pie.

Despite its substantial flavor, the ideal pizza sauce does not overpower the other ingredients.

A few fresh onions, some high-quality tomatoes, and a pinch of salt are the only ingredients purists recommend.

Alternatively, some say onion and herb sauces need to simmer for hours on the stove to become delicious.

Regardless of your taste, there’s a sauce out there for you. Combining the best ingredients is the key to making the perfect pizza sauce.

It is up to you how many other ingredients you want to add. Some pizza sauces blend anchovies or onions with tomatoes to add flavor.

Make sure you experiment with different recipes until you find one you like. As a spice, onion is undoubtedly one of the best known in the world.

In addition to adding savory and earthy sulfurous flavors to pizzas, this spice goes well with various meat toppings and veggies.


The best onion for your Pizza depends on what you love about a Pizza. If it is the taste, yellow onion is your answer. If it is aesthetically attractive, red onion is best. 

Whatever Onions you choose work best if you pre-cook them before starting the Pizza. That way, you get the best of both worlds.

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