Does Pizza Hut Wear Gloves? (All You Need To Know)

Pizza Hut is famous for making tasty and healthy meals that have kept the business going for years. Usually, for hygiene maintenance, gloves are an essential tool in restaurants.

But, with the current rise in food contamination and poisoning, it is customary to question the use of gloves in Pizza Hut.

You may be unable to answer that question since many customers never know what happens in the kitchen. Well, this article will answer your question and other related ones.

Pizza Hut always wears gloves as part of the food safety requirements. However, only some staff members wear gloves; it only applies to employees handling raw food. Once the pizza comes out of the oven, there is less hand contact. The handler always wears gloves to arrange the ingredients on the dough and other food items.

In this article, I will explain if Pizza Hut workers always wear gloves, if they need gloves, and the dress code for Pizza Hut employees.

By the end, you’ll also know the pros and cons of wearing gloves in Pizza Hut.

Do Pizza Hut Workers Wear Gloves?

Does Pizza Hut Wear Gloves

Pizza Hut workers do wear gloves. Wearing gloves is one requirement workers must follow while touching food.

However, the regulation depends on the employee’s position and job description. For example, this law doesn’t include workers that do not handle food.

For example, employees who handle delivery service have no concern with gloves. But, workers handling food need to wear gloves for safety reasons.  

Although, they may not need gloves when the pizza gets out of the oven. Fresh out-of-the-oven pizza requires little hand contact.

However, raw food such as wings will require the handler to wear gloves. In addition, the handler in charge of raw foods shouldn’t handle ready-to-eat foods.

To maintain proper hygiene among workers who don’t wear gloves, they must constantly wash their hands throughout the day.

The surfaces and ingredients for food production also go through a thorough washing and sanitizing process.        

Do Pizza Hut Workers Need to Put on Gloves?

Pizza Hut workers need to put on gloves because of hygiene rules that govern food handling safety.    

However, it is more hygienic and safe for the workers to make pizza without gloves because many workers tend to abandon the hand washing policy because of gloves.

Using the same glove to handle different food for a whole day is unhygienic because this glove touches different surfaces and items before touching your food.

In this scenario, the glove only protects the person wearing it, but it exposes the consumer.

Hence, it is ideal for maintaining constant hand-washing and sanitizing, irrespective of the presence of gloves.

In addition, unlike the public’s general belief that the workers must wear gloves at all times. It only applies in some cases and food preparation processes.

Firstly, the handler needs thorough hand-washing. Then, wear gloves to apply the sauce and arrange the toppings on the dough.

Then, the pizza cooks in the oven at 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat at this temperature kills any bacteria or viruses lingering on the food.

Once the pizza comes out of the oven, the handler uses a pizza cutter to section it and avoid touching it while transferring it into its box.

Everything from the point of exiting the oven uses utensils such as knives, pizza cutters, boxes, and squares. The handler avoids physical touch as much as possible.

In addition, there are situations when Pizza Hut workers must always wear gloves. For example, the employees need gloves when preparing ready-to-eat food or have a cut or bandage.

No law mandates putting on gloves at all times for food workers. However, they must wash their hands regularly throughout the day.

The law also mandates avoiding bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat food. Due to this law, restaurant workers wear disposable gloves.

Although wearing gloves to handle food has its advantages, some disadvantages make it the least ideal option for food safety.

The table below outlines the pros and cons of Pizza Hut workers putting on gloves.

It protects food from pathogenic organisms.Kneading dough is inconvenient with gloves on.
It serves as a protection for the food handler against accidents.The wrong-sized gloves puncture or tear easily.
It protects workers with sensitive hands.Contaminated gloves can lead to cross-contamination.
The workers get a better hand grip.The food handler tends to ignore other hygiene rules.

What is the Pizza Hut Dress Code?

The dress code for Pizza Hut employees varies according to position and hierarchy. In addition, the workers follow different dress codes depending on their roles.

For example, the delivery driver follows a specific dress code different from the waiters and cooks. The management also follows a different dress code from other staff.

This dress code arrangement helps to identify each employee with their position. It also helps to recognize the staff members in public places.

The dress code for each position at Pizza Hut is as follows.

#1. The Waiter’s Dress Code

As a Pizza Hut waiter, one must always abide by the dress code below.

  • Hat.
  • Uniform shirt.
  • Black pants.
  • Non-slip shoes.
  • Nametag.

#2. Cook’s Dress Code

Cooks working in Pizza Hut also abide by dress code rules. However, the only difference from the waiter’s dress code is the presence of an apron and gloves.

The apron prevents the cook’s cloth from getting dirty. It also protects the person in case of kitchen accidents.

At the same time, the cook needs gloves to minimize contamination from bare hands touching the food. It also protects the cook from sensitivity or kitchen hazards.

#3. Driver’s Dress Code

Pizza Hut drivers follow a different code from the other employees. The driver’s dress code is always lenient and keeps them relaxed.

They need outfits that make them comfortable while transporting orders. 

The Pizza Hut driver’s dress code includes the following:

  • Non-slip shoes.
  • Red shirt and black pants.
  • A uniform cap.
  • Black-colored safety jackets.

#4. Employer’s Dress Code

Just like the employees at Pizza Hut, the employers also have dress codes that they follow. Their dress code follows a uniformity that represents the restaurant properly.

The dress code for employers includes:

  • Uniformed shirt with the restaurant’s logo.
  • A matching belt and uniform apron.
  • Black-colored socks and undershirts.
  • Fray-free bottoms.

#5. Office Employers Dress Code

Office employers in Pizza Hut have a different dress code that distinguishes them from other employers. 

They wear business attire regularly and dress formally for meetings. Office employers look as professional as they can in these outfits.

#6. General Managers and Leader’s Dress Code

This set of people needs to look professional and sophisticated. So, they dress appropriately to fit into the position.

The dress codes they follow include:

  • Professional outfit or management attire.
  • Clean and ironed shirts and pants.
  • Closed-toe shoes.

Furthermore, there are rules that Pizza Hut staff follow apart from the dress code. The rules regulate the general appearance of the person.

These rules are as follows.

  • Avoid wearing jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, watches, and rings.
  • You can only have a petite nose piercing and no other piercings.
  • Avoid using nail polish, gel, or acrylic.
  • You can’t chew, eat, or smoke around the work area.
  • Do not use cell phones in the workplace.
  • The staff member shouldn’t have any offensive tattoos.
  • You can’t wear leggings, skinny jeans, ripped jeans, sweatpants, and fainted jeans.
  • Avoid wearing colored shirts and keeping long nails.

You should note that these rules protect the employees and the restaurant’s image. It also promotes convenience in the workplace.

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