Can You Get A Chipotle Bowl Without Meat & Rice?

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Over time, there have been many health concerns arising from food consumption.

Thus, many people opt for plant-based diets to increase their vegetable intake. 

As more people adopt such dietary preferences, they’ll explore them in fast food chains like Chipotle. 

Hence, many seek to enjoy these Chipotle bowls without high-carb foods like rice and stick to vegan food, avoiding meat.

But can one get a bowl at Chipotle without rice and meat?

You can get a Chipotle bowl without meat & rice, as you have plenty of options. Moreover, you can customize the standard bowls without rice and meat or get the salad and lifestyle bowls. This customization option is best for a vegan or a low-carb eater because they choose what to add. Lastly, the alternatives for replacing those items are tasty.

The omission of certain food items in Chipotle bowls for health reasons can be a question in people’s minds, especially if they’re new customers. 

By the end of this article, you’ll understand how food customization in Chipotle bowls works. And you’ll learn the calorie count in such meals.

Can You Get a Chipotle bowl With No Meat?

Can You Get a Chipotle Bowl Without Meat & Rice

You can get a Chipotle bowl without meat by customizing your food and replacing the meat with another protein like tofu or sofritas. 

Or you can go for the vegetarian option that excludes meat.

You can select from various ingredients to create a meat-free Chipotle bowl for customization and meat alternatives.

#1. Sofritas

Chipotle’s sofritas are a tasty and flavourful tofu meal that excellently replaces meat.

It is organic and made with nice spices and peppers to taste sweet. Furthermore, it is protein-packed.

#2. Beans

Beans are an excellent protein-packed meal. And Chipotle offers both black and pinto beans, which are vegan-friendly. 

According to Consumerist, the pinto beans contained bacon until 2013, when they eliminated it to accommodate more vegans.

And for pre-made vegan bowls, you can go for plant-based lifestyle bowls as they spare you the hassle of building a meat-free meal. 

In addition, customers can go for other items like salsas and guacamoles, queso blanco, quesadillas,etc. 

You can find many more options, so you can rest assured knowing Chipotle has vegans in mind and provides suitable meals for them.

Can You Get a Bowl at Chipotle Without Rice?

You can also get a Chipotle bowl without rice. Customization is a favorable option to achieve it. 

This process entails building your preferred meal with all ingredients without rice. 

For example, you can choose a burrito bowl instead of a rice base and opt for black beans, pinto beans, or both bean types. 

This combination gives protein and fiber. Then, you can choose a protein-packed option with meat, spicy tofu, or sofritas. 

You can also choose a salad bowl and make your base with greens and vinaigrette before adding proteins and flavorful toppings.

Furthermore, add salsas and sauces to make your bowl tastier, or even guacamole, for a creamy and delicious touch. 

Lastly, the lifestyle bowl is a great option, especially the Whole 30-to low-carb and keto diets.

These bowls are available with meat-based options and no rice so you can choose those. 

In conclusion, they include many veggies and healthy fats to fill the bowl. 

So you need not worry about rice-free meals as Chipotle has healthy meal options to prioritize your dietary preferences and nutrition.

Is Chipotle Cheaper With No Meat?  

Chipotle food items and bowls are generally cheaper without meat. Thus, this implies that the cost of your bowl or burrito depends on the protein type. 

Animal meat causes a price increase, while its absence reduces it. Here’s an article that’ll help you build a vegan bowl.

So, if you’re looking to reduce the price of your items but still want protein, below are excellent meat alternatives and their nutritional and taste value.

Meat AlternativesTaste ValuesNutritional Value (Calories)
Sofritas (Shredded tofu. Popular protein.)It has a smoky and mildly spicy taste.150 calories
Black beans (vegan protein option also rich in fiber.)It has a hearty and earthy taste.130 calories
Pinto beans (vegan protein option that is creamy.)It is somewhat delicious with a nutty taste.130 calories
Fajita vegetables Flavorful and crunchy20 calories
QuesoIt has a rich and indulgent flavor.120 calories
Guacamole (not a traditional protein, but a good addition.)It has a creamy and flavorful element.230 calories.

How Many Calories Is a Chipotle Bowl With No Rice?  

A chipotle bowl with no rice contains around 300 to 900 calories. However, this number can depend on the precise ingredients in the bowl. 

Generally, a plate of rice ranges between 300 to 400 calories, and its addition to a food bowl increases it. 

But don’t forget the specific calorie count can vary based on the protein choice, toppings, and dressings you add to your bowl. 

Many people seek to eliminate rice from their meals and Chipotle bowls because it has high carbs.

And even health providers and dieticians advise eating high-carb meals occasionally. 

Hence, low-carb meals are more beneficial, and we’ve listed such benefits below.

It’s best to choose low-carb meals as they help with weight management.

When one consumes fewer carbs, their body burns them quickly because it needs energy through fat.

In addition, low-carb meals aid in stabilizing blood sugar levels. And that makes them excellent for diabetic patients and those with insulin resistance.

In conclusion, they can help minimize cravings and encourage a feeling of fullness, which helps one manage their appetite better.

Anyone wishing to reduce their calorie intake should opt for a ketogenic diet, and we’ll discuss that below.

Ketogenic Diet, Potential Benefits, And Risks

A keto diet switches how your body uses food. It relies mostly on carbohydrates in your diet to energize you. 

And it reduces the number of carbs you consume, and your body learns how to burn stored fat.

Generally, you eat more high-fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrates. 

And you’ll need to maintain under 50g of carbs daily to maintain your ketogenic diet.

Fortunately, Chipotle has keto-friendly options, and below are some of the best keto-friendly meal options.

  • Burrito bowls without tortillas and rice or regular rice
  • Salads with romaine lettuce and green salsa
  • The Chipotle ketogenic diet from the lifestyle bowls

Aside from these options, you can customize the Chipotle bowl without rice to meet your diet.

To begin, select the protein (low-carb proteins like chicken, steak, etc.) 

Then, choose salsas with less sugar and fewer carbs. Tomatillo green chili and similar items in moderate quantities are a good option.

Further, pick only low-carb toppings like lettuce, guac, and sour cream, and finally, choose water and diet soda and avoid sugary drinks or sweetened liquids.

Click here for a complete ordering guide on Chipotle’s keto-friendly meal options.

Although this may seem challenging, it has benefits that’ll encourage you to practice it.

  • It helps in averting seizures in epileptic patients
  • Research proves that it helps with neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s.
  • It also helps type 2 diabetic patients control their blood sugar levels and lose weight.
  • It also helps to curb the risk of heart disease and metabolic syndromes.

However, it has its side effects too.

  • It may cause a keto flu with symptoms like head and stomach ache and tiredness. 
  • It can also cause constipation.
  • It may result in insomnia, dehydration, high cholesterol, and kidney stones.

How Many Calories Is a Chipotle Bowl Without Meat?

A Chipotle bowl without meat typically contains 400 to 500 calories, depending on the items in your bowl. 

Chipotle offers various vegan options that you can mix and match to match your dietary needs.

 For example, you can mix Chipotle’s black beans, pinto beans, fajita vegetables, sofritas, and different toppings for a meat-free meal. 

But it still has enough protein to provide a balanced diet. There has been an ongoing debate about the overall healthiness of plant-based and animal protein. 

But in fact, both plant and animal-based proteins have their good and bad sides. For example, plant-based protein is good when eaten raw and arguably healthier. 

But when processed to look and taste like protein, it has a lot of unhealthy sodium. 

Although animal protein is better in providing the highest protein sources, some studies report excess consumption of red meat has a role in heart diseases.

Summarily, it’s best to be careful of what we consume and avoid overly processed protein alternatives. 


Is Chipotle a Healthier Option?

Compared to many other fast food restaurants, Chipotle bowls are healthy, and their customization option makes it easier to reduce calories and maintain diet plans.

Can I Get a Filling Meal at Chipotle Without Rice And Meat?

Of course you can! The several meal items available offer you the choice of satisfying food bowls. Combining beans, sofritas, dressings, and toppings works well.

Are the Vegetarian Options at Chipotle Vegan-friendly?

Most vegan-friendly meals at Chipotle are safe for consumption. They also work to provide the customer with their diet plans but confirm with the staff to avoid mistakes

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