Can You Convert Ooni Fyra to Gas? (Things You Must Know)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:09 pm

Most Ooni ovens today are designed gas-fueled or multi-fueled for customer satisfaction. Making the gas-fueled oven is mainly used today because it’s easy and clean to cook with.

However, Ooni Fyra, an Ooni special, is not a gas-fueled oven, and not everyone is a fan of only a pallet-fueled range.

A Fyra user would like to upgrade to a gas-fuelled Ooni, which entails buying a new Ooni product.

Of course, we all want convenience,  but can you convert your Fyra to gas instead?.

You can convert your Ooni Fyra to a gas-fueled oven by replacing the pellet burner with an Ooni 3 gas burner. Like the Ooni Karu and the old Ooni 3, an adaptable Ooni gas burner fits onto the back of the oven. The oven will produce high heat as other ovens and work just fine.

Is It Possible to Convert Ooni Fyra to Gas?

The idea of converting your Ooni Fyra to an oven that is powered by gas is ideal for oven users.

Thanks to the design of the Ooni Fyra, which makes it possible to attach a gas burner to the oven’s back.

You can easily convert it to a gas oven and get a good performance like other ovens.

Ooni Fyra is the only Ooni oven that uses wood pellets as its power source.

After the old Ooni 3 oven that uses a gas burner for powering, the Ooni Fyra succeeded in quality and portability.

But being a pellet-only pizza oven seems to make the Fyra less efficient.

Sometimes all the soots produced in Ooni Fyra can be uncomfortable. Compared to an oven running on clean propane gas.

Not everyone is ready to go through all the processes of starting a fire on wood pellets to heat an oven.

On the cost side, not everyone has an Ooni 3 gas burner available, and buying a new one is an option.

If you don’t mind the cost of getting a new gas burner, you can get it for $90. To save you stress, you can choose to buy an Ooni that uses gas and keep your Ooni Fyra pellet-based.

How Do I Convert My Ooni Fyra to Gas?

To convert your Ooni Fyra to a gas-powered oven requires some basic Diy knowledge and the use of tools.

Not everyone is used to loosening and fixing parts of equipment, but this doesn’t make it difficult.

Besides, doing something new is also part of learning; turning your Ooni Fyra into gas-based will be exhilarating.

Adding a gas burner to your oven is a way of modification and, as such, should easily be replaced to its original form.

I will be trying to give you methods that will give you the result you wish for. Below are the two methods you can  try out:

  • Method of converting to gas by construction.
  • Method of converting using magnets.

How to convert the Ooni Fyra to a gas-powered oven by construction.

Before going down to the steps on converting the Ooni Fyra, there are things you should know.

First, good things are not always easy, and the process will be a little difficult if you are new to Diy.

If the method I will be given becomes complicated, you can also try the method I will be given after this.

In my honest opinion, this method is the best so far that makes your oven flexible and convenient.

Below are the items and tools you will need for the little construction;

  • An Ooni 3 gas burner is important. However, an Ooni Karu gas burner can also work if you can’t get the Ooni 3.
  • Safety goggles.
  • Two times  m6 bolts and nuts; this depends on the gas burner side holes; this size should fit well.)
  • A screwdriver
  • A power drill and drill bit of at least 8mm.
  • A portable angle grinder with a cutting disk.

#1. Method

  • Safety first, put on your safety goggles and empty the oven of its removable parts before doing anything.
  • Mark the top edge and cut a V-shaped notch at the back opening of the oven where the gas burner is supposed to fit in.

    So you can take measurements to be sure of where to cut; the notches are mostly 12mm in measurement.
  • Major work is done here after getting the easy perfect notches, and the burner can slide in well. Now insert the gas burner in, using the holes on the sides of the burner.

    Mark the holes for drilling. When marking the hole, ensure to do it at the top part of the hole, allowing the burner to sit well inside the oven.
  • Using the drill with the specified drill bit inserted, make a hole at the marked points (remember to lubricate your drill bit to ease the drilling).

    After the drilling and the bolts don’t fit well, you can use the drill to widen it gradually until the screw can fit well.
  • When you get the suitably drilled hole with all the drilling, you should screw the burner with the bolts.

    When tightening the bolts, make sure you don’t tighten them strongly.

This method is quite easy if you follow the steps and understand its logic.

The only difficulty here can be the experience with using the tools mentioned here. And all the cutting and drilling don’t make the change permanent.

As earlier said, when converting the Fyra to gas, the burner attachment should be a modification that you can remove.

You can easily remove the gas burner attached and put your pellet burner back in by losing the bolts.

Then, when converted back to a pellet burner oven, the cut notches and drills won’t alter the oven’s performance, and it will work just fine again.

Let’s see another method that doesn’t require these tools, and this method uses magnets.

How to convert Ooni Fyra to Gas Using Magnets?

You will need your gas burner, two magnets, and a heat shield for this method.

Firstly, you have to remove the pellet burner from the oven and insert the Ooni gas burner into the oven.

Now, place the two magnets on the burner between the oven and the burner.

The magnets hold the burner firm to the oven; without the magnets, the burner won’t fit well to the pizza.

The next step is to add a heat shield to the oven for heat regulation. The shield enables the oven to work for a long period and prevents your pizza from burning fast.

When replacing the burner, the hopper can be left on but should be kept closed at all times to avoid letting out the heat in the oven.

The method is very easy and doesn’t take much time, and many people try it a lot because it is an easy hack.

Things to Know When Converting My Ooni Fyra to a Gas?

Converting your Ooni Fyra to a gas oven makes it quite flexible and convenient, but is it worth the try?.

On the other hand, it can be worth it if you wish to modify your old oven to save you money to buy a new gas oven.

The Ooni 3 gas burner and the wood pellet burner are the same in size. They can both fit onto the back, but the shape of the opening is quite different.

As a result, the gas burner won’t sit firmly as it should; this is where all the Diy and little mechanical knowledge comes in.

When you search for ways to convert your Ooni Fyra to gas, you will find different methods which will work.

Of course, people have different ways of doing the same thing, but its quality matters here.

The construction method will work better if you follow the steps well. That’s the best method I have seen so far that will last for a long time without disappointments.

Although the magnet method works well, people who tried it enjoyed it, but it didn’t last.

After some time using the magnets, too much heat tends to reduce the magnet’s magnetism. So I don’t recommend this method, but it’s still worth the try, though.

Converting your oven to gas can be complicated, but it still is easy and possible.

You can rather buy a new gas-fueled oven to save you from going through all the processes.

The Ooni fire is still great and even cheaper than most Ooni ovens and still does well in high heat production.


While converting your Ooni Fyra to a gas, it should be for a good purpose. You can control the heat by reducing the gas flow with the switch on the burner.

Although the Ooni Fyra is still the only Ooni that uses only wood pellets, it gives that unique woodfire-baked pizza taste.

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