Can You Leave Roccbox Outside? (Things You Should Know) 2022

Last updated on October 26th, 2022 at 05:20 pm

Convenience is a word that truly fits the Gozney Roccbox.

Being wooden and gas-powered, this oven makes an ideal outdoor pizza oven like its counterpart, Ooni.

But, how much can you stretch the convenience of Roccbox? Can you leave one outside?

You can not and must not leave a Gozney Roccbox outside. That is if you care about your oven’s durability and continuous functionality. Although it is an outdoor oven, it needs to be as dry as possible to function and not crack. So, I recommend that you store the oven indoors when not in use.

Can Roccbox Get Wet?

It cannot get wet as long as you use the protective covering that comes with a Gozney Roccbox.

An outdoor pizza oven means you can use it under any weather condition, but water must not get inside, lest it cracks.

So, technically your Roccbox can not get wet when it is covered, but water can enter into it and cause a crack.

That is why I recommend using it outdoors under favorable weather conditions and storing it when not in use.

They were being made solely for outdoor use.

The manufacturers made sure to use appropriate materials to give the pizza usability of about five years, give or take, under unpleasant weather conditions.

Anyone could get caught in a bad weather condition while using it without a protective covering handy.

Just as every piece of equipment comes with an operational manual, Gozney Roccbox comes with its where it states that it must be dry always.

So, although used outdoors, you must store it indoors—garage or storage room—to last longer.

And the protective covering must always be used to keep it safe from outside elements.

Is Roccbox Weatherproof?

Yes, Gozney Roccbox is weatherproof.

Therefore, it can be used under any weather condition and not get damaged due to the covering and the kind of materials used in making the body of the pizza oven.

Although placed in extremely hot or rainy weather consistently, it begins to affect the oven’s functionality.

Other than that, it can be placed outside every once in a while, even under the most extreme weather conditions—given that the protective covering is in use!

Even indoors, in storage, the protective covering must be used to prevent the oven from being clogged with dust and other elements that tend to accumulate on a piece of equipment when left for a long time.

Is Roccbox Waterproof?

Gozney Roccbox, on its own, is not waterproof. That’s why I advise that the protective covering be gotten along with it.

The protective covering, being waterproof and made with polyester, waterproof material protects the Gozney Roccbox from weather elements that would otherwise damage the pizza oven.

The protective covering is a must-have for those who would love to enjoy their ovens under any weather condition all year round. Especially picnickers and vacationers.

The waterproof covering saves the interior of the Roccbox from cracking and ruining its usability.

It also aids in the movement of the Roccbox from one point to another as a result of its handle and drawstrings.

The following are the other characteristics of the Gozney Roccbox and the reasons you should consider using them for a lively pizza-making experience:

#1. Gas and/or Wood Fueled

Gozney Roccbox pizza oven is a multi-fuelled oven using a gas-powered propane burner and a wood pellet-powered burner.

Like its counterpart, Ooni, it makes it easy to use while using a natural energy source for fuel. As well as an artificial source—propane gas.

Its burners are easy to switch; you can easily use the gas burner to the wood burner.

And it requires little to no supervision while your meal is getting cooked, which means you can leave your pizza on the fire while enjoying the outdoors with your family and friends.

#2. Simplicity

This pizza oven is easy to arrange, and as it comes with a user manual, it more often than not requires people with little to no user experience of it.

Just a little assembly and you’re good to go since most of it has been assembled from its manufacturers.

#3. High Heat Capacity

Roccbox’s heat temperature can get as high as 500°C, and the built-in thermometer is there to tell us when it is ready to be used and when it is too hot to be used.

Because of the high heat capacity, it cooks food in under ten minutes. And cook it thoroughly without it getting burned.

#4. Portability

Roccbox is often easy to transport, disregarding the weightiness and additional equipment like the burners, etc., that is needed to be carted with it.

It has foldable legs, which allows you to conveniently place it in its protective covering without bothering about whether it’s going to contain it or not.

It has a removable burner. So this way, the whole equipment can be split amongst two to three people to ensure easier transportability.

Like when you’re going on a vacation, and you ask your friends to take the burner while taking the other equipment you can carry.

#5. Standardized Cooking

It cooks pizza professionally under little time, ensuring the whole pizza, flatbread, or whatever you prepare on it, you cook thoroughly.

This way, even an amateur cook ends up making professional meals standards.

Even professional cooks make use of this oven to lessen their work.


A Gozney Roccbox, an outdoor pizza oven, can not be left outside unless in use.

Therefore, I advise that you store it inside your garage or a storage room while not in use, with its protective covering safely to protect it from unfavorable elements.

It is waterproof and has a weatherproof pizza oven. Doing this heightens the user experience as most people love making their pizza outdoors, to their convenience while having a great time with friends and family.

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