Can Pizza Hut Deliver in The Rain? (Read First Before Ordering)

Last updated on September 11th, 2023 at 02:12 pm

Pizza and rain are a great combination while lounging in the comfort of your home. However, will your pizza still make it to your doorstep, or will it turn into a soggy mess?

The thought of a ruined pizza delivery from Pizza Hut on a rainy day is enough to bring tears to any pizza lover’s eyes. 

In this article, we’ll find out if you can still savor a piping-hot pizza even on a rainy day.

Yes, Pizza Hut can deliver in the rain. However, delivery times may be longer than usual due to the weather condition. In the end, the safety of both the customer and the delivery personnel is the top priority, so the management might postpone the delivery if conditions are deemed too dangerous.

Though ordering pizza from Pizza Hut may seem difficult due to the weather, you can receive pizza delivery whenever you crave it (especially when it is raining). 

In this article, I will explain the cost of ordering on a rainy day and how long it takes to arrive.

Is it Easy to Make a Delivery Order From Pizza Hut When it Rains?

Can Pizza Hut Deliver in the Rain

Making a delivery order from Pizza Hut during a rainstorm is just as easy as making an order on a sunny day. 

Pizza Hut offers a variety of convenient options for placing delivery orders, including online ordering through their website or mobile app over the phone.

Pizza Hut Online ordering is a quick and simple option that allows customers to choose their favorite pizza, sides, and drinks from their homes. 

After heavy rain, it is more likely for food delivery to increase when it gets available. Anybody who is held at home with small quantities of food may call a nearby restaurant to get a meal.

Moreover, the ordering process is straightforward and user-friendly, and customers can track their delivery status in real time.

For those who prefer to place their orders over the phone, Pizza Hut has a dedicated phone line for delivery orders. 

The customer service representative will assist you in placing your order and provide an estimated delivery time.

On the other hand, you can also place in-person orders at a Pizza Hut restaurant. Then, visit the restaurant and place your delivery order with a team member.

However, in-person orders might not be convenient during rainy days. In this case, you can order online or via phone calls.

Contrarily, ordering pizza online from Pizza Hut is a quick and convenient process. 

Here are the steps to follow:

#1. Visit Pizza Hut’s Website

Go to Pizza Hut’s official website and select your country or region to ensure you order from the correct location.

#2. Create an account and Browse the Menu

If you don’t already have a Pizza Hut account, you’ll need to create one to place your order. 

Once logged in, you can browse Pizza Hut’s menu and choose from various pizzas to select the items you want.

#3. Customize your order 

Pizza Hut allows you to customize your order, including selecting the size of your pizza and choosing your toppings.

#4. Select a delivery or pick-up option 

Choose whether you would like your order delivered to your doorstep or pick up at a nearby Pizza Hut location. 

If you choose delivery, you’ll need to enter your delivery address and select a time that works best for you.

Once you’ve completed your order, you can add it and proceed to checkout. 

Below are some of the available pizza options you can order on a rainy day and their varying prices.

Pizza Hut MenuPrices
Pepperoni Pizza $15.99
Cheese Pizza$13.99
Supreme Pizza$18.99
Hawaiian Luau Pizza$18.99
Fiesta Taco Beef Pizza$18.99

With a variety of convenient ordering options, you can enjoy hot, fresh, and delicious pizzas, no matter the weather conditions.

Does Pizza Hut Charge Extra Deliver in the Rain?

No, Pizza Hut does not charge extra to deliver in the rain. Instead, factors like the delivery location, distance, and the size of the order determine the delivery cost. 

The weather conditions, including rain, don’t affect the delivery fee.

Pizza Hut strives to give its customers the best possible experience, including delivering hot, fresh, and delicious pizzas regardless of the weather. 

The delivery fee covers the costs associated with delivering the food to the customer, such as fuel and labor costs.

However, the weather conditions do not play a role in determining the delivery fee.

It is important to note that in severe weather conditions, delivery times may be longer than usual. 

Consequently, the delivery person may take extra precautions to ensure that the pizza stays protected during transit. 

In such cases, the delivery fee may not be the only factor affecting the cost of the order, but the weather conditions themselves will not result in an extra charge. 

How Long Does It Take Pizza Hut to Deliver in the Rain?

The time it takes for Pizza Hut to deliver in the rain depends on factors like the distance of the location from the nearest Pizza Hut restaurant, the size of the order, and the traffic conditions.

Typically, Pizza Hut strives to deliver orders as quickly as possible, with most deliveries between 30 and 60 minutes

However, in inclement weather conditions, such as rain, delivery times may be longer due to road conditions and other weather-related issues.

For example, heavy rain can make the roads slick and increase the risk of accidents, leading to slower travel times for delivery personnel. 

Additionally, traffic may be heavier than usual, further delaying delivery times. 

In severe weather conditions, delivery personnel may also take extra precautions to ensure the safety of both the customer and themselves, further extending delivery times.

Moreover, Pizza Hut may prioritize the safety of its customers and delivery personnel during severe weather conditions. It may delay or cancel delivery services until it is safe.

Does the Pizza Hut ‘30-Minute or Free’ Rule Apply for Deliveries When It Rains?

The validity of the “30-Minute or Free” rule during rainy weather depends on the specific Pizza Hut location’s policy.

The “30-Minute or Free” rule is a policy offered by some Pizza Hut locations. 

However, the policy states that a customer can receive a free pizza if their delivery takes longer than 30 minutes from when they place the order. 

Whether this rule applies during inclement weather, such as rain, depends on the location’s policy.

In general, Pizza Hut aims to deliver orders as quickly as possible, regardless of the weather conditions. 

However, during rainy weather, such as heavy rain, delivery times may be longer due to road conditions, traffic, and other weather-related issues. 

The “30-Minute or Free” rule may not apply in such cases, as delivery times may be outside the restaurant’s control.

It is important to note that the “30-Minute or Free” rule reflects Pizza Hut’s commitment to delivering orders quickly and efficiently.

Therefore, rainy weather may be considered an exception. In addition, some locations may have specific policies for such conditions, while others may exempt rainy weather from the rule.

You should check with the specific Pizza Hut location to determine whether the “30-Minute or Free” rule applies when it rains. 

You can also contact the restaurant directly or check the delivery policies on the Pizza Hut website or mobile app when placing an online order.

In short, whether the “30-Minute or Free” rule applies during inclement weather, such as rain, depends on the specific location’s policy

Some locations may exempt severe rainy weather from the rule, while others may have specific policies in place. 

It is best to check with the restaurant directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Can I Modify/ Cancel My Online Order?

Yes, you can modify or cancel your online order, but the available options may depend on the stage of your order and the location’s policies.

What Is the Busiest Time for Pizza Delivery?

The busiest time for Pizza Hut pizza delivery can vary depending on the day of the week, the time of year, and the location.

Is the 30 Minutes or Free Offer Applicable Every Day?

The “30 minutes or free” offer may not be applicable daily, and its availability can depend on local laws, company policies, and operational considerations.

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